5 of Our Current Favorite Sterling Silver Necklaces for Fall

What is the best jewelry and necklaces to wear with fall outfits

The leaves are changing, the air is developing a chill. You already know what time of year it is. Summer has taken it's leave. We're headed quickly into my favorite season of all, but for now it's time to enjoy the cool quiet of autumn. Fall is a time for change so we've collected 5 gorgeous sterling silver necklaces to help you celebrate the season!

Whether you're going the traditional route of fallen leaves or the more celebratory route of pumpkins and cornucopias, we've made sure to include something for everyone. While I can accept that we might not all have the same sense of style, I can say without a doubt that these sterling silver necklaces are particularly interesting.

5 of Our Current Favorite Sterling Silver Necklaces for Fall

Keep Your Silver Clean!

No matter which silver necklace for fall you plan on springing for, it's important to keep them looking their best. Sterling silver will tarnish when exposed to air for prolonged periods. While it is one of the more high-maintenance metals, it's hard to argue against the affordable price and amazing look of sterling silver.

If you're looking to reduce your maintenance time then our anti-tarnish cloth storage bags are just the ticket! When the time does come for a cleaning, our silver polish cream and silver cleaning brushes are a combo that can't be beat! Now that that's out of the way... Let's check out some necklaces!!

Full Moon Necklace


You probably wouldn't know this is a moon if it wasn't explicitly spelled out. Abstract pendants are always a favorite of mine. Is it a moon? Is it a cookie? Why not both?? We'll be having a blue moon at the end of this month and autumn always makes me think about the gigantic harvest moon. The nights might be a bit more chilly that usual but you can still find some enjoyment despite the cold!

Handmade Cornucopia Pendant


One of a kind statement pendant. It's by far the most expensive item on this short list, but I couldn't keep myself from including it. The striking detail is truly breathtaking and brings to mind the full bounty of the autumn months. If you're looking for a gorgeous pendant to hang on your silver necklace then you really can't go wrong with this cornucopia pendant.

Pearl Pumpkin Cage


Even if you don't participate in the spookiest time of year, it wouldn't be a list of silver necklaces for fall without including this sterling pumpkin cage. It would look amazing with a black pearl inside of it but you can essentially put anything inside! Why not grab some little felt balls from your chosen craft store and have a new color for each day of the week?

Two Tone Leaf Pendant


One of the things we all love most about fall is the leaves developing their brand new bevy of colors. You don't need to have branches in order to follow suit! Remind everyone around you what makes fall amazing with this leaf filigree pendant. This pendant makes a fantastic statment piece by itself, or you can layer it with other necklaces to really take it to the next level.

Choker Bib Necklace


If you're looking for something that sits a bit higher up, I'd suggest this bib necklace. While it doesn't exhibit the range of colors that you can find in fall, it does do a great job of conveying that natural sense of beauty that we all strive for. I really like chokers and this little beauty can be bought right now in either gold or silver. I prefer silver as it's more muted colors fit fall a bit better.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, there are a plethora of gorgeous silver necklaces that embody the bleak beauty that fall brings along with it. I could've made this list ten or twenty items long, but sometimes I think that short and sweet is the way to go. If you want more then simply let us know through the contact us page and I'd be more than happy to provide plenty more suggestions.

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