5 Places to Score Cute and Cheap Jewelry.

Sites that sell cute and cheap costume jewlery

Cheap jewelry isn't a dirty word. There are pieces in my collection that didn't break the bank and I wear them proudly every single day. Granted if you're wearing a copper piece you will have some telltale green fingers, but you can easily buy cheap jewelry that looks amazing. Don't overpay for something that you can get at a bargain!

Most of these cheap jewelry purchases come from various online retailers, as I'm not looking to break the bank by investing in bulk wholesale cheap jewelry. Wholesale jewelry is certainly one way to go, but why bother when you can snag that single piece of inexpensive jewelry that catches your eye without a huge monetary investment?

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There are low-cost rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this list that you will love. The best part about them is that you can find some of them for a dollar or less. It sounds too good to be true, but I am 100% serious! I have the links to prove it. Let's unveil some of these well-kept secrets that have blessed the world with gorgeous and economical jewelry.

These sites were handpicked by the author. Simple Shine receives no monetary compensation for featuring them here, and they do not contain affiliate links. They have been recommended solely based on their pricing and selection.

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Budget Boho Jewelry at Shop Dixi

Bohemian style jewelry with a gothic look, this is probably my most visited site. I understand that most people don't share my proclivity for the strange and unorthodox styles found here, but if you're into zodiac signs and moon rings you'll be happily surprised as you dig through their selection. Their forest inspired series is a personal favorite of mine. It captures the mystique of the woods through pieces displaying thorns, mushrooms, and branches. If you identify as an earth-child it might be time to show the world just how close you are to nature by displaying a little piece of the forest everywhere you go.

Dollar Store Fashion Jewelry at Miss A

They've got some decent looking fashion jewelry over at Miss A. Fashion jewelry is a fancy way of saying costume jewelry, which in turn is a roundabout way of saying fake jewelry, so be careful and know exactly what it is that you're buying. Stay far away from sterling silver and copper, particularly if you plan to wear these pieces regularly. Obviously the stones you pick up here are far from precious, but at prices like these? Why not snag something? If I'm headed to the grocery store it feels great to have some cheap jewelry around that looks great, but doesn't actually hold much monetary value. If I lose an earring that I paid a dollar for, I'm not gonna think twice about it. In the more likely case that they make it back home with me? That's great, because I really do enjoy wearing my cheap earrings.

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Inexpensive Animal Jewelry at Dotoly

Calling all animal lovers! This jewelry is for you, not your animals as the picture implies. The offerings at Dotoly will scream to the world that you love your furbabies. Cats and dogs and even snakes or lizards. Of course, they don't just stop at domestic animals. Are you into penguins and hippos? There's plenty available. Maybe you like the thought of mythical creatures? How about dragons and unicorns? They've got it all covered and the prices are quite competitive. Let's be honest with each other in saying that you might not win any fashion awards while wearing these, but what should really matter in the end is whether or not the piece makes you feel happy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a replica of my little pupper hanging off my finger anywhere I go.

Statement Styles at Beck and Boosh

A Canadian company with a name that easily rolls off the tongue. I really like the cheap jewelry offered at Beck and Boosh. There is a ton of variety here, and if you're feeling brave you can spring for a grab bag. The grab bags contain 3 pieces for $15 or 5 pieces for $20. You might end up with nautical styles, geometric jewelry, or a vintage classic. Of course, you can just pay for the piece that catches your attention as well, and all without breaking the bank.

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Real Gold and Legitimate Diamonds at BaubleBar

Are you looking for something with a bit more oomph? Do you refuse anything that lacks the bling? Well, BaubleBar has some of the least expensive real gold and gemstones available. While you might not find wholesale legitimate jewelry prices, it comes surprisingly close. They have fashion jewelry on offer too, if that's more your speed. There's nothing wrong with rocking a piece of costume jewelry, because the vast majority of people you come across will never be able to tell. Either way you go on that front, there is really no way to lose with prices like these. You'll certainly find something worth taking a look at here.

Cute and Cheap Jewelry Conclusion

I definitely won't be the person that judges based on what kind of jewelry that you decide to wear. I've got more important things to worry about than what a certain piece cost the wearer. The only thing that I will judge is how well you care for whatever jewelry you've decided to wear. If you're walking around with a tarnished ring it really doesn't matter what the cost is. The tarnish is all I'm going to be able to notice.

Luckily, Simple Shine has a huge array of products that will keep even cheap jewelry looking beautiful. Our ultrasonic jewelry cleaner kit is easy to use and the results are guaranteed to please! Another all-purpose option is the gentle jewelry cleaning kit, while it is a bit less flashy and definitely more hands-on it will certainly get the job done. Your satisfaction with all Simple Shine products is guaranteed or we will issue a full refund.

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