Best Sneaker Cleaner! Simple Shine Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit + shoe Deodorizer Review [VIDEO]

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Yo, what is up, everybody. Welcome back to the channel. Thanks for tuning in again. Today, I'm going to be showing you guys this sneaker cleaning company that reached out to me and they asked me to check it out and they sent this over to me to review and test out to see how it works. I just wanted to go ahead and show you guys a couple of different options from the traditional sneaker cleaners that are available on the market.

Many of you guys already know that there are huge sneaker cleaning giants on the market, such as Jason Markk, Reshoevn8r, Crep Protect, and many others. Today I wanted to just sort of experiment a little bit. I'm really glad that they reached out because I personally feel that the sneaker cleaning world has reached its peak. They can only do so much, which is why they are working on different things outside the sneaker cleaner. So more of your deodorizers, making your shoe smell good, or working on different solutions and products that specifically catered towards certain materials, which is really cool. It's always dope.

This company right here called Simple Shine actually has a variety of different and products that you can use on different materials, on different shoes. The company reached out to me. They did send me over for a couple of goodies right here. So shout out too Simple Shine once again. And they sent me their basic cleaning kit. Right here, this is this big box right here. They also sent me this cleaner, which is, I believe the actual like cleaning solution using their brush. I'm saying the usual way of cleaning your shoes.

And they also sent me this conditioner right here. This one caters more towards your more delicate leathers. And I told the owner, I believe, I believe it's the owner. I told him that I have some Gucci loafers that I've been struggling to clean effectively, and I used Jason Markk on them. I don't know why I did that. And it completely messed up the leather. Now I have to restore them. I will go ahead and show you guys that in a different video, but in this video, I wanted to test out the sneaker cleaner and see how affective it is. Lastly is their deodorizer right here. This one is their own deodorizer for making your shoe smell good. And I feel like the sneaker cleaning world has been focusing more on their sneaker cleaning kits, their brushes, their solutions, and even their water repellent products.

And I personally feel like it steers away from the actual concept of just keeping your sneakers smelling good and clean. I feel like we're so focused on the exterior of the shoe that we have completely forgot about the inside of the shoe. We put our feet inside there, and if you got stinky feet, of course, inside of the shoe is going to smell bad. So I feel like deodorizers are key. I know Jason Markk has been working on and has dropped those inserts. I feel like they're inserts where you can just keep them in your shoe and then make some smell good.

I know Crep Protect had their little sneaker balls, I believe, and you just put them inside the shoe. Those work pretty well, but I have yet to see another company drop a spray, an actual spray, except for like your usual champs, Foot Locker, especially back in the day, those were pretty popular. And those were my favorite actually, because it's easy. You just take it off, boom, spray it down. It's really cool how another sneaker cleaning brand is able to produce something that a lot of the other sneaker cleaning giants aren't working on at the moment.

I'm really excited for this right here. Let's go ahead and check out the shoes that we are going to be working with to use this guy right here. So we'll go ahead and take this guy out for a minute because we'll go ahead and save this leather conditioner for the Gucci loafers that I have prepared for another video for you guys. I hope you guys tune into that one, but for now, we'll just go ahead and focus on the essentials and we'll go ahead and do that right now.

Once again, if so far, if you guys like the video, please give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet. And to all my returning subscribers, welcome back. Appreciate you all. Let's go ahead and check out the trash shoes that we're going to be working on today. It's crazy. So let's check it out right now. Are you guys ready for this? Bam! Check these out. We're not going to be cleaning any special shoe today guys. We're just going to be messing with these regular classic All Stars right here. Converse guys. I hope you guys are excited. These aren't my pair, these aren't my Paradol, these are my wife's.

So as you can see, she beat them to the ground and you can tell that it is used though. You see all that dirt right there, that dried up. It's perfect. So it's the perfect guinea pig for this sneaker cleaner about to try out. So you see the laces. I took them out already and we'll just go ahead and clean it without the laces because it's just more effective that way. We're deep cleaning the shoes already. So we'll just take off the laces and clean those separately, along with the shoes.

Check it out. Got that dirt right there. A lot of people was hating on my other videos because I didn't make the shoes dirty enough. So I'm just like, okay, all right, I'll come back and I'll show you guys some really dirty shoes right here. And these are extremely dirty, but I'm pretty sure there's worse, but this is like the perfect example of just an overdue cleaning session. Feel me?

Before we go into all that, let's go ahead and just check out what's in the box, man. Let's just dive into the product itself and let's see what's provided in this kit. So let's go. All right you all, here you go. So here's the box right here. Box feels good. Honestly feels like a sneaker cleaner that would be at your traditional retail sneaker shop or sneakers store, like at the mall. Pretty cool. I can definitely see these at the mall or being sold there. That's pretty dope.

It got a little bit beat up on the way here in the mail. It's all good though. No worries. So this is a premium shoe cleaning kit guys by Simple Shine. Comes with a four ounce cleaning solution plus a cleaning brush and plus two microfiber cloths. So that's pretty cool. So it comes with two cloths. I feel like that's huge because honestly for me, every time I buy sneaker cleaner, especially Crep Protect back in the day, the cleaning cloth would just get super dirty, man. I get too lazy to clean it, so I end up just throwing it away and just getting a brand new set. You feel me?

This is dope. Nice little packaging. It looks very professional. Very official. Let's go ahead and open it up. I like that. I like a box and then another box. That's pretty cool. You got this nice and sleek. It's a little modern. Simplicity. I love it. So this is the actual shoe cleaner right here. Interesting. Comes in like a little spray, but in the back right here, it says there's two methods spray solution directly on to shoe using either damp, lightly textured cloth or bristle brush. Scrub the shoe using a back and forth motion to activate the foaming action. Wipe shoe using a clean towel. Repeat until shoes are clean and then allow it to air dry.

And there's another method, I'll read it to you all, sorry, I keep reading hell of shit, but it's all good. Dip brush into bowl of warm water, unscrew spray bottle, top of the bottle and pour liberal amount of solution directly onto the brush. Dip brush back into the bowl of water. Scrub the shoe using a back and forth motion to activate the foaming action. Wipe shoe using a clean towel. Repeat until shoes are clean and then allow to air dry.

So that's super dope. So there's two methods, two ways of using this. That's very, very unique. I feel like the other shoe cleaners that I've used, there's only one way to use them and you have to use it that way. I honestly felt like that was just too vague for me. And the fact that there's only one way to use it, I just got a little bit skeptical on using that method on different delicate materials. I feel like this is good for sneakers and also delicate leathers. So you can just either use it the regular traditional way, putting on the brush, dipping it, and then foaming action or you can just spray it on a damp towel or a texture cloth, so you can just lightly spot clean it. I guess you can say makes it more easier to clean the shoe without damaging it at all.

So that's pretty cool. Very, very interesting. So we have the spray option or we can do the traditional option, I believe. Okay. Let's go ahead and smell this. Okay. Smells good. Okay. I mess with this. It actually smells good. Ooh. Okay. This is dope. This is dope. I mess with this, guys. It reminds me of a ... Hold on, let me smell them one time, my bad. Wow! It kind of smells like ... I don't know if you guys know the LA Looks? Is it LA Looks? I believe it's LA Looks, the hair gel.

I've always liked it as a kid because whenever I would go to the barbershop and get a haircut, that's always the gel that they would use on my hair. And I love that smell. That's probably the closest and most relatable scent I can think of in describing this sneak cleaner solution scent. So that's probably like, honestly the closest. So pretty dope. At least we have that out of the way and we know what this is all about. Let's go ahead and put that there.

Let's see what's in the box here. Second box. Okay. Okay. Microfiber towel. It said that there's two of them. Not bad. Okay. Not bad. Not bad. This looks like and feels like it's pretty good quality, to be honest with you. Got the branding right there. Simple Shine branding. Pretty cool. Got another one right here. Nothing different, I'm assuming. Yeah, nothing different. Ooh, got the brush. I like this. It doesn't feel cheap at all. It feels really good. It's got the branding right there and grade. That's pretty smooth.

This reminds me of a mixture of the Reshoevn8r hard bristle brush and then the Jason Markk brush, standard brush. Honestly, I feel like that's like on the dot to be honest with you. If you guys are aware of the Reshoevn8r hard bristle brush, which I believe they're about to bring back because they stopped selling it. But that brush was just amazing. Oh my God, it took every dirt out of all my Vans, on all the gum soles, it took out everything out because it was just so hard to get it out with a regular brush. But those just work really well on the midsole and on the outsoles.

So this feels like that it has that slight stiffness, but then it's not too stiff, to where it feels like the standard Jason Markk brush, then the standard Jason Markk brush is fire. I liked that brush so much because ... The Crep Protect brush is good. It's safe on all materials, but it's just way too soft for me. It's just way too soft. I feel like it doesn't completely clean the shoe thoroughly. I would probably have to do it a second time, but I feel like this is going to do some pretty good damage in a good way. Yeah. I like this. And then the wood right here just feels good. It's soft. It's smooth. Look at that nice shine too. Wow! Interesting. I'm excited to use this guy. It's not too big. It's like about that big, almost like the size of my palm. A little bit bigger. Cool. Really interesting. I'm excited to use this.

Let's check this up. So more products guys, more products. Aside from the leather conditioner, which I believe we have over here, that we'll save for another video. They also have a suede brush set, really dope. And also a leather cleaner that's sick. Shine sponge, interesting. Water stan repellent, of course. Liquid shoe polish. Polish brush set. So wow, they can pretty much accommodate those who are just into more of your dress shoes, more fancier shoes. So they have a cleaning kit for those people who only wear those types of shoes, aside from people who only wear sneakers, they cater more towards the brush and the sneaker solution, cleaning solution and whatnot. There is their website right there, And here's another look at the card and on the back, just basically the same thing that said on the back of this bottle right here. Boom!

That's that? So let's check this right here. So this is the cleaner, premium leather cleaner. Oh, this is the premium leather cleaner. So this is ... Oh, I'm tripping you all. Okay. I'm tripping. I'm tripping. So these are together. So this is a premium leather cleaner and this is a premium leather conditioner. Okay, that makes sense. So you use both of these together for that. So we'll save both of these. So we're just working with the big box today. All right. So let's go ahead and clean these bad boys right here. Let's see the results and see how they turn out. So I'm going to go ahead and play some footage just so you guys can just sit back, relax, and just watch the cleaning process. Let's see how it goes. All right. Yeah, let's do it.

All right, so we're all set. We're already here, you all. We have our sneaker cleaner, warm water in our container and our brush and our dirty shoes. Let's go ahead and start it off with method one. I want to use method one on one shoe and I want to use met the two on another. So method one, I'm going to be spraying it onto the brush. I feel like I am. Yeah, so I'm just going to spray on the brush and just start scrubbing until the foam starts showing up. And I just keep repeating that.

And then the method two will be the traditional way, which is unscrewing the spray top, just pouring it on the brush, and dipping it and just start scrubbing. Enjoy. Hope you guys are excited for this as much as I am. It's pretty cool because it's a sneaker clean that allows you to clean the shoe in different ways or at least two different ways. Sit back and relax. I'm probably going to time-lapse this, just so you guys can just see the quick process at the same time, you know what I'm saying? It's not too long. Once again, sit back, relax and enjoy. Let's do it.

All right guys. So here is method two. Going to have some scuff marks on the midsole, but it's all good. We like our shoes a little bit worn looking. So we're just not even going to worry about that, but we're just worried about all the dirt, general dirt and stains, but the black is nice and bold again. Bottoms, not too shabby, little bit of dirt left, but it's all good. We don't really have to like worry about the outsoles. Not bad, not bad. It looks really good. I'm really happy with how these turned out. It's a pretty good shoe cleaner guys, I'm not going to lie.

Let's go ahead and figure out what we're going to do with this. I believe there aren't any instructions on how to clean the laces, but let's just go ahead and base it off the knowledge that we already have. I know two methods, so of course, you're going to have to brush it down with this guy with the solution. I know the Reshoevn8r way of just putting it into the solution itself. So putting it in there or washing in the washing machine, but we'll go ahead and do both, where we'll brush it down and then we will put it into the solution and see what happens. So let's go ahead and do that.

All right. So basically what I did, I just brushed down the laces real quick and just try to get the solution as much as I can in the laces. So now we'll just dunk it in here and leave it there for a while. And while we do that, let's go ahead and talk about just my overall feelings about the shoe cleaner. Honestly, with this solution it's really good. I like how it smells. I like the way it foams. It foams ridiculously quick. And I like that because it's just a satisfying feeling. I don't know if you guys are into like cleaning your shoes like that. And if you are, like that foam is just absolutely satisfying. This is absolutely great. I love the consistency of it. You know what I'm saying? Like it doesn't fade away as fast. It just stays foam for a while, unless you wipe it down with a microfiber towel.

The brush is really good. It honestly gets like the dirt out as much as it can. And it's really effective, I'm not going to lie. I like the stiffness of it, like I said. That plays a really huge role in removing stains and dirt on the midsole, even the outsole. So that's a huge plus for me. And then when it comes to the methods, I personally think that method one is good for just quick cleaning and method two is more for your ... You know what I'm saying? Like general cleaning.

And if you're planning on sitting down for a while and cleaning your shoes, I highly recommend method two because it's going to be a lot more solution on the brush. Is definitely going to foam up a lot more. And obviously the more, the better, and it's going to clean it much faster and much more thoroughly, but method one, like I said, if your shoes aren't even that dirty, you just spray it on the brush. Get container full of water real quick, spray it. Boom. Get that out real quick. It's just handy to be honest. It's a handy method, I'm not going to lie.

So I'm really satisfied with this. And the microfiber towel, nothing special. It obviously grabs all the dirt. I had a bunch of like dirt, as you can see, like earlier on the table, I cleaned it out, because it was just too messy, but it got it out real quick and whatever excess dirt, it's on the towel. So it dried it off pretty well. I'll go ahead and leave these in for a little longer. I'll just let that sit and then we'll go ahead and finalize it with the shoe deodorizer and see how it smells.

But overall with the results, I'm very happy. I can't wait to start using these on grails to see how it turns out. But obviously with these shoes, they're not going to get completely clean right away. But for the condition it was in, it looks pretty damn good. Shout out to Simple Shine, man. Really cool. Appreciate you guys.

Let's go ahead and check the laces now. Like I said, I honestly don't know how to approach this. So Simple Shine, shoot me a DM or something or a comment. Let me know how I should wash my laces with your product. That'd be much appreciated. But honestly, these laces are super beat, I'm not going to expect the best, super best, but so far, I mean, it's somewhat clean. It's not all the way clean, but like I said, Simple Shine let me know if there's an effective way of using your product to clean the laces.

But other than that, really cool product, go ahead and lease it up and then finish it off with the shoe deodorizer. So you all, here's the finished product. I have yet to spray the shoe deodorizer. I haven't done that yet, but overall it's a really nice job. Highly recommend the sneaker cleaner guys. If you are not trying to lean towards the sneaker cleaner giants that everybody lean towards, but again, there's other alternatives out there that you guys can gravitate towards and this is one of them. I highly recommend this.

Again, they have different products, not just a sneaker cleaning kit, they have different things that you can use for different kinds of shoes. So not just sneakers. Really, really good. Look at the bottoms, pretty clean. Bottoms on the other one. Wow. Not too shabby, not too shabby, but yeah, I mean, Simple Shine, if there's a way to clean these laces properly, let me know. I mean, I try my best using the method that I know. It's definitely cleaner than how it was earlier. Overall, I'm really satisfied. I love the the two methods that you can use. So method one is good for a quick clean and then method two is more for your more heavy clean.

So let's go ahead and use this shoe deodorizer right here. Premium shoe deodorizer. Let's go ahead and smell it. I want to smell this thing. I've been dying to smell it. That smells fire. I haven't smelled anything like this. So it smells like, it's like a soap, smells like a soap, and ... Man, it's hard to explain. It smells really clean. Smells like soap or like laundry detergent mixed with like fabric softener, that type of combination. Let me smell it again. Yeah, it's definitely that combination of like laundry detergent and like fabric softener. It smells really clean. Let's go ahead and spray it down. Spray the inside. I like to go in a little bit. So it goes inside. I'm going to let that sit for a little bit. Do the same thing. Just let it sit for a little bit. Put that there.

Just let it sit for awhile, and smell it. Oh that smells good, you all. Oh, that smells nice. But like I said, Ooh, smells like as if it just came from the laundry. That's a perfect way I can say it. It's like it just came from the laundry. Smells good. Very, very impressive, Simple Shine. Again, shout out to, I believe it's Anthony. Thank you so much for sending me this kit and other products that I'll be demonstrating and reviewing in another video. This is cool. Again, I'm really open to trying new sneaker cleaners. I feel like, like I said, it's reached its peak, but if you think outside the box, if you think different ways in order to innovate it, man, I'm always down to check it out and see what's different.

Again, here's look at the shoes, fire. Back to life. My wife's going to be so happy. She's going to rock this. And it's probably going to be another cleaning session again. You all ready know. Look at that. Again, appreciate you all for tuning in and I hope you guys give a big thumbs up for this video. And if you haven't subscribed to the channel, please make sure to subscribe, show some love. We have other videos that we dropped in the past and I did drop another video recently. We're going to be dropping videos here once a week for now. And if anything, I'll probably drop more as much as I can, especially during this shelter in place during the coronavirus. Shout out to everybody who is staying safe. Please make sure to stay safe as much as possible. It's a really crazy world we have right now. Once again, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for tuning in and please stay tuned for the next video on the Simple Shine leather conditioner and cleaner. Once again, appreciate you all. Stay tuned for the next video.

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