How I Care for my $3k Flawless Diamond Earrings [VIDEO]

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Hey guys, what's going on? It's Asian Webber here. So today I have a different type of video. I was reached out to by a company called Simple Shine and they sent me some jewelry cleaning products. I was actually pretty happy to hear about this because I've been wanting to do a video on my purchase that I made a while back.

I've done a couple caring for your jewelry videos, but not specifically on larger stones like these. These are Blue Nile. I got these earrings from Blue Nile. They are VS ones for those of you who know what diamonds are and kind of know the specifications of them. These are VS one, D color, VS one D color, 40-pointer each. So these are .4 carats each for a total of .8 carats. .8 carats set in 18-karat gold, 18-karat yellow gold.

These are triple excellence, excellent Polish, excellent symmetry and excellent cut. So these are very, very, very nice diamonds in here. I have GA certifications and all that for them. Go check out my unboxing video if you want to see me go more in depth with these.

But I wanted to do a cleaning video because I honestly I take very good care of these earrings and I also don't. I wear these earring's absolutely everywhere. I don't wear them in the shower or swimming or... Well, I don't swim, but I don't wear them in a shower and I don't wear them to sleep, but I wear them in a hot kitchen. I'm going to be wearing them in my new job. It's a very physical job and I've just, I don't feel like myself without these, and I'm not going to put on a fake pair of earrings. That's just not me. So I decided, as long as I'm careful with these, it's going to be okay. And as long as I clean them, I should be all right.

But yeah, so I'm going to show you guys how to clean these today. I also have these backings. These you can find, they're called, they're hypoallergenic, I believe they're called... What is the name? LOX, I believe is the name. You can just look that up, LOX. They're like these secure earring backings that make it very almost impossible for you to lose your earrings because when you tug on them, those locks cave in kind of is what I was, what I would describe it as. And it prevents your earrings from falling out. So consider investing in those. They don't make them in pure gold or 18-karat gold. These are actually like gold plated in silver. So, but I mean it works for me. It definitely serves its purpose and so far I haven't lost these.

But yeah, I'm going to be cleaning these today. As I mentioned, I have some products that were sent out to me via Simple Shine right here, Simple Shine. This is a complete jewelry care kit. They also sent me... So what we have in here is a nice little jewelry cleaning cloth. And if I wanted to demonstrate how these work, I mean, you can see right away on these types of cloths, matter of fact, I have one laid down already, but if you can see this cloth right here, all those, this was originally pure white, like this one. That's all tarnish and dirt and grime from your gold jewelry. You would be surprised how much builds up just after a few wears.

So you want to use one of these and wipe it down as best as you can, both your diamonds and your gold. It's good idea to do that. So that was included. And then we also have this right here. It's cold because it was outside. It's a package that came in a package, so it's cold, but Simple Shine, gentle jewelry cleaning solution. And then they have this little brush. These brushes work very well to get in between rivets and in the girdle, on the diamonds and in between the little baskets. That's what it's called, the basket where the diamond is set, the little prong. Just get in between there. So you want to be very gentle with this stuff.

Keep in mind, even though diamonds are hard, they're one of the hardest... They're a 10. It's called a 10 on a Mohs hardness scale, M-O-H-S. It's a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. So they're one of the hardest like substances known to mankind. However, they can still be prone to scratches just from daily wear. You can get a little, just little scratches and dents and whatever. Just you know, if you drop these or if you're super rough with them, don't go wrestling with these or something like that, you know? Do take care of it. And besides these are set in 18-karat yellow gold, which is very soft. Gold is very soft and as you get higher in purities it's going to be softer as well. So you want to be aware of that.

They also sent me something that I've never seen before. It's called a Simple Shine stick as you guys can see. I guess what it is is just like a little brush with some formula on it, a little cleaner solution. Very, very nice presentation here, like the boxes and everything. I really like it. But yeah, this little silver thing right here, and you just pull the end off and it's just this little brush, and you can just kind of brush your jewelry and it kind of restores that shine. I've never seen something like this, but I think it's pretty cool. I have never seen anything like that, but it's a good idea for something on the travel. You know, if you don't want to have to take out a bowl and like something like this and just mess around with all that, this is something good that you could use. So there's that.

And then they also sent me something that I can't really use in this video, but they sent me some silver cleaning wipes. It's packaged, but some silver cleaning wipes. I don't really wear silver as much anymore, but if I did, I could show you. And I have used a product similar to this. I haven't tested theirs specifically, but it does wonders for your jewelry. It really restores the shine, gets all that tarnish and grease and whatever off of your... Because some people, man, I'll see them wearing their gold chains and they just don't care and they'll just turn brown and discolor and just lose their shine. Some people don't care. I mean, some people just wear it because it's their family thing or whatever. But a simple wipe down with some of these products would really help.

So I'm going to start by... I have a little ceramic bowl and be careful with ceramic bowls or anything like that because you don't want to scratch the gold, you don't want to scratch the diamonds or whatever. So I'm going to put it into these bowls. And what I like to do is you can also, if you wanted to, if you wanted to kind of conserve a product like this, you could also use some Dawn dish soap and put it in a bowl and go like that.

This, personally I'm obsessed with cleaning my earrings. So I always use products like this, which was why I was happy to get this in the mail and to have them reach out to me because I use this stuff all the time and I stand behind it. But I'm just going to go ahead and open this up. Not only can you get this product online, but there's similar products that you can find in Walmart. I believe it's a... I forget the company name, but it's in a red bottle. Similar cleaning solution. But I'm going to go ahead and try this out and see if it works better. I need something to open this up.

Let's see. Here it is. I am not careful with knives. If you guys saw my video where I cut my finger open with a Japanese knife, you guys know I'm not the safest person, or the smartest, or I'm one of the clumsiest people I know. So yeah, I wouldn't have been surprised if I cut myself there. But yeah, so as you can see, there's this little platform that you can dip your jewelry in here with. So I guess I won't even use this bowl. That's actually really helpful. I've never seen that before so I'm going to go ahead and throw them in there.

And... Shit. Sorry.

But you don't want to keep it in a solution like this for more than like a minute. Just kind of dip it up and down like that and then I also use this brush. You can pick it up out of there and clean it. I'm actually going to pick it up with my hands real quick. You can use that solution and just kind of clean and scrub and really make sure you get all the nooks and crannies in it. As you can see it's foaming up, which is exactly what you want. It's foaming up.

I'm going to put it into that bowl here. Let me get this one as well. Clean this one as well. Be careful with anything like this. These products aren't good for your eyes or your mouth, or anything like that, if you couldn't have guessed that already. I know it might look kind of like appetizing, but it's definitely not something you want to consume, so be careful.

Honestly, I usually wear gloves with something like this. I know the other product I use will make your hands itch if you use it too much and it gets on your hands. But I really don't care right now. So scrub, scrub, scrub, get all those little nooks and crannies. I'm going to go ahead and put it into that bowl. And then you have, I'm going to take this platform back up. I don't really know what you'd call this, but it's pretty useful. That way you don't have to reach your whole hand in there, you know? I'm just going to go ahead and set those in there. Those don't have diamonds on them or anything like that. It's just a pretty flat earring backing. Go ahead and throw those in there. I'm going to wash my hands real quick.

Then I'm going to go ahead and you don't want to leave that film on there. There's going ... not a film, but you don't want to leave that liquid on there. So I'm going to run these through. You don't want to use hot water. Always try to be mild when you're doing stuff like this. Don't use super-hot scalding water. I saw like Bluephase, I saw he boils his jewelry. That's probably not a good idea.

I don't know who told him to do that, but honestly I don't think anybody would recommend that. Honestly, just use an ultrasonic cleaner if you want to really go deep and down and get that stuff cleaned. But, or you could just do what we're doing here honestly would work well as well too. So yeah, I'm going to go ahead and wash this stuff out. Be careful. I know this might seem obvious, but I just dropped my earrings down into here like less than a week ago. I dropped them into the drain. I had to have my dad take the pipe out. I mean, it didn't drain like it didn't go down underneath underground or whatever, but I always try to put that little thing in there so it doesn't fall underneath.

I'm going to go ahead and just see how this turned out? Yeah, I mean, that is just... That's why honestly guys like more than anything, I mean, I don't even have to do much. I could just run these through some water and get all that stuff off of it. I mean these look fantastic.

It's honestly really satisfying cleaning stuff like this. I mean, I don't know if you guys can... It's easier to see in person, but yeah, there's like... Cloudiness can build up with a pair of earrings that isn't clean or with a pair of diamonds that isn't clean. As you can see, these are super sparkly now. I mean, you just do that. I do it every day, but you really don't have to. Like I said, I'm obsessive with my jewelry. I really want to keep stuff clean. I'm going to go ahead and use some of this to see what happens with it. It's an applicator. So I guess it's like a Simple Shine applicator is what it is, compact jewelry cleaning solution. Let's go ahead and put some of that on there.

But yeah, I mean I like making my earrings happy and just making, keeping them clean. I mean these were 2,900 bucks, almost three grand. This is by far my biggest anything. Well, besides my car, this is my biggest purchase that I've ever made. So I really like... I personally have always wanted earrings. I just I wasn't having the means of buying something. I didn't want to wear fake earrings. So I mean, this is a prized possession of mine and I want to keep it clean. So I use products like this. It's an investment to me really. And these just... It's hard to see on camera. This is an iPhone 10 camera, but it's hard to see on camera how beautiful these look. But I mean they are super sparkly. Keep in mind VS one, D color, triple excellent, white diamonds, 40 pointers each. So .4 carats each, totaling .8 carats. Almost a full carat of VS one D color diamonds. Just really beautiful.

So yeah, thank you guys for watching this video. Like, comment, subscribe. I have more videos on the way. Keep hitting that like button. As you guys know, I am selling my channel, but I don't plan on doing that until I get a real solid offer and until that money's in my bank account. So I'm just going to keep pushing out videos.

Thank you to Simple Shine for setting me up, for sending me some products. It really means the world to me to have people reach out to me of all YouTubers who could potentially review products, it really means a lot to have them come to me. It's really not something I ever would have expected when I started this YouTube channel six years ago. But yeah, thank you guys for watching this quick video. Keep your jewelry clean and I'll see you guys soon. Peace.

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