Jewelry For Him? 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Him!

Jewelry For Guys, 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Some might scoff at the phrase 'jewelry for him', but the truth is men love a good shiny bauble as much as anyone. If it has a function that makes things even better. With the holidays approaching you might be wondering what to get for the man who has everything. I can promise that this list of holiday gift ideas has you covered.

The difference between the majority of men and women is generally a question of function over form. No matter how gorgeous a piece of jewelry is, if it doesn't serve some sort of purpose it will simply sit in the sock drawer. The function can be something simple, like announcing his personality or something more practical.

Regardless of what you decide to pick up as a piece of jewelry for him, the best thing about jewelry is the huge range of styles. You can find something that will fit his personality 100%. Jewelry is a fantastic holiday gift idea for him despite the somewhat unconventional line of thinking. Pick the right piece and he will love it!

Lapel pins

The number ten slot in holiday gift ideas for him was a toss up between lapel pins and cuff-links, but let's be honest: When is the last time anyone mentioned cuff-links in casual conversation? Lapel pins however, are seen every single day.

The cool part about lapel pins is that they can exhibit any hobby or passion. I put a Super Mario on my lapel on the rare occasion I find myself in a suit. For something so simple, it absolutely helps me still feel like my personality survives.

You can also go with a general set of multicolored lapel pins if you are unsure what would work as jewelry for him.

jewelry for him holiday gift ideas for men lapel pin

Tie-pins and Tie-bars

Tie-pins and tie-bars are another suit accessory that most don't notice, but the variety of pins and bars is gigantic. If I could find a video-game based tie-pin I'd love to snatch it up, instead I have a tie-bar shaped like a set of thick-rimmed glasses.

If nerdy chiq doesn't fit into your idea of jewelry for him there are simple metal bars, gemstone studded pins, ones shapes like sharks and feathers and mustaches. Oh my! If your recipient finds themselves in a suit fairly frequently, this could be a winning holiday gift idea!

Key Chains

Now we're getting into the meat of things. Yet another functional item that allows a man to tell others who he is without saying a word. I'm afraid to count the number of keychains and baubles I have hanging from my keyring on any given day. It's a lot. Some of them are classic sterling silver with my last name engraved, others are plastic gaming abominations.


While similar to keyrings, pendants can go absolutely anywhere. I have a pendant from my trip to Thailand clipped onto my backpack. It is simple, just a piece of shell wrapped with string but it means something to me because of where it came from. A pendant emblazoned with a name or nickname is always a hole-in-one. It can also serve as a makeshift luggage tag!

jewelry for him holiday gift ideas for men pocket watch pendant


While you can go with or without plenty of the previous items, there's not much that I like or use more than my skull-shaped money clip. Choose a nice heavy metal one that will last for decades and keep it looking good by pairing it up with Simple Shine's Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths! With a nice shiny money clip everyone will know who the boss is.


Whenever I go shopping for rings I secretly wish that I had more fingers. This one looks like a skeletal hand gripping an onyx gem, that one looks like an eagle with ruby eyes. Obviously my sense of style is lacking, but I would truly relish having a large collection of rings to sort through. Show off your style, buy some diamonds, and get your fingers looking icy.


My ears aren't pierced and I don't have any plans to make that happen, but pierced ears do seem popular. The vast majority of pierced ears that I've seen are usually adorned with a single diamond stud, but I'm sure you could get more adventurous with it! Some people gauge their ears, and nothing says "I love you no matter what" quite like buying them the next sized gauge to assist them in stretching their earlobes further!

jewelry for him holiday gift ideas for men led stud earrings


Bracelets are absolutely one of my favorite accessories. I wear them every single day. If you can find a nice platinum chain then more power to you, I'm sure the recipient has done something right! I don't limit myself to metal though. Bracelets come in every shape, size, material, and description. One of my favorites has a metal badge featuring my zodiac sign with a leather strap, there is an orange fabric one that was woven by a monk. Back in my younger days I never left home without a spiked bracelet on my wrist. There is a ton of jewelry for him, and I hope the sheer selection can help you to get the juices flowing regarding holiday gift ideas for him!


Most people I'm familiar with would ask for a simple metal chain. That is a safe route to go down, but why not buy a bejeweled Bart Simpson necklace for the Simpson's fan in your life? I'm sure there are still a few Simpsons fans out there... Right?? Necklaces can go absolutely any direction. I have a simple turquoise stone set in a piece of wood that I wear all the time and I absolutely adore is for its simplicity.

If you're going to go with silver, gold, or platinum jewelry it is important to keep things looking their best with Simple Shine's Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit!


The most functional item on our list of holiday gift ideas for him is arguably also the least customizable. You can go analog or digital depending on the sensibilities of your receiver, but watches largely look similar to me. I always have a hard time picking one. Do I go with the metal one or the other-metal one? This can be a net positive though, as you don't necessarily need to know anything about him in order to choose a watch as a piece of jewelry for him. It's a hole-in-one despite your knowledge of his tastes and therefore it easily tops the list of holiday gift ideas for him!

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