No Tarnish Here: How to Clean Sterling Silver Earrings

Best cleaner to remove tarnish from sterling silver earring, ring and necklace

Having a gorgeous pair of sterling silver earrings is a right of passage. Every woman should have a pair in her jewelry box, and all the cool, hip men need it too. They match any style and look amazing while glistening from the ears.

However, to keep sterling silver earrings shiny and beautiful, they require a bit of maintenance. If you've ever owned a pair, then you know they're prone to tarnish. The good news is, there's a way to clean them.

To learn how to clean sterling silver earrings, keep reading the information below.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is naturally soft by itself unless it's alloyed with another metal. If that happens, it creates sterling silver. The best quality sterling silver is a combination of copper and pure silver. The ratio is generally 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

The result of this combination creates a gorgeous material that's strong enough to withstand intricate designs like sterling silver earrings.

Although sterling silver is beautiful, the downside is that the copper within it creates a reaction with oxygen. When exposed to moist or humid conditions, it becomes discolored and tarnished. This also happens when sterling silver is exposed to air for long stretches of time.

What Is Tarnish?

Tarnish is corrosion that forms over silver jewelry. It's a thin layer of dark, unattractive coating. It dulls sterling silver, and it usually happens as a chemical reaction between hydrogen sulfide or the sulfur within the environment.

Not only does sterling silver react with the air, but it also has a reaction when it comes into contact with skin alkaline levels. The sulfur in amino acids combined with sweat causes discoloration to your skin and the jewelry.

The best way to combat this is by cleaning sterling silver earrings regularly.

How to Clean Sterling Silver Earrings

To get rid of tarnish, it has to be dealt with properly. With that said, using an earring cleaning solution by Simple Shine is your best bet. Here are some options below:

Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Foamer

The Cleaning Foamer is an effective tool that is used against tarnish and other elements. The foaming bubbles help to remove dirt and grime from your earrings. It also rejuvenates shine to give your jewelry a beautiful glow.

Simple Shine offers products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and ammonia-free. That means it's safe for the environment and you.

Plus, if you have other jewelry to clean such as gold, stainless steel, pearls, gemstones, and platinum, the jewelry cleaner foam works on it as well. It's gentle, yet effective!

Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths

If you're looking for a fast, easy way to remove tarnish, this is it. It's great for cleaning rings, watches, and more. Plus, it works on platinum, gold, and palladium.

These cloths include a cleaning solution that removes oil, dirt, and oxidation. They also restore the jewelry's shine. With just a few wipes, your sterling silver earrings, And other jewelry will look like new.

Also, this kit comes with a set of three sealed cloths that are large and durable.

Silver Jewelry Cleaner Solution

This is a great earring cleaning solution. Sometimes, you can't get into the small crevices of your earrings, but sitting them in this cleaner helps to get them sanitized and sparkly.

It quickly removes dirt from fashion and fine jewelry alike. I strong enough solution to remove the built up tarnish that collects from the oxidization over the years.  If you haven't been on top of your silver cleaning you can consider the silver solution by itself or in our full silver cleaning kit.  


All-Natural Jewelry Cleaning Kit

This natural, plant-based jewelry cleaner works wonders. It doesn't include any harsh chemicals, but it's still effective.

It comes with a soft detail brush that helps to remove dirt and grime. It also includes solution-treated cloths to help clean away dirt and tarnish as well. Plus, it has an outer cloth that polishes your jewelry to an amazing shine.

You can use the kit on gold, platinum, and silver. Not to mention, if you don't love it, there's a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Anti-Tarnish Cloth Storage Bag

Using an earring cleaning solution on your sterling silver earrings is great, but how you store them is just as important. These anti-tarnish cloth storage bags help to prevent tarnish, oxidation, and corrosion from forming on your silver and other jewelry metals.

The bag is designed to maintain your jewelry's shine, in a simple, stylish way. By storing your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in this bag, you won't have to polish your jewelry as often.

It's also made with patented anti-tarnish technology to ensure exceptional protection. Plus, you can use the bag to store coins, flatware, and other precious metals.

This bag pairs great with regular use of a jewelry cleaner solution!

Make Your Sterling Silver Earrings Shine Bright

Now that you know how to clean sterling silver earrings, you shouldn't have any more problems. Not only is it important to keep them clean so that they look good, but to protect your skin health as well. 

If you need a surefire way to get your jewelry clean, Simple Shine is the answer. We have a variety of products that are sure to make your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings sparkle!

We offer free shipping on orders over $20, and you can join the Simple Shine Club for discounts and more. Take a look at our silver offerings here.

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