Shoe and Handbag Rehab and Trying Simple Shine Cleaner and Conditioner [VIDEO]

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Greetings and salutations, YouTube, it's Hadrian here. Welcome to a new video. How's everyone doing today? Hope you guys are all doing fantastic. I'm here today with a very exciting shoe rehab. If you guys saw the video for when I got these shoes, I got them from a Crossroads store. They're half off, so they were $42.50, and then half off of that. So they were about $21 and 25 cents before tax, and these shoes are so, so cute. I'm actually going to be giving these to mom, but I wanted to clean them up. But first of all if you guys love thrifting, there are piles of vlogs, reselling tips, cleaning. Cleaning leather handbags, shoes or whatever. Don't forget to subscribe with the little bell buttons that you're notified when new videos do go up. Add me on Instagram, @ITSHADRIAN.

Check out my shop to see what I have for sale from my thrifting adventures. Also if you guys want to see the video for when I found these shoes, I'm going to try and find it and link it. It was maybe a few weeks ago that that video went up. It was around before Christmas time. But today I'm very excited because a company reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try out their product, so of course I wanted to try it out because they actually sell, or they make and sell these shoe cleaning, or what actually is also shoe cleaning or leather cleaning and conditioning products.

So I think primarily they sell them for shoes, but you can use these on handbags as well as stated on the back. But this is the company, this video is not sponsored, they just sent me these to try out and I'm here to give my honest opinion on whether I like these products or not. So I'm very excited. I always love trying new things. With that being said, let's go ahead and try these out. So the first thing I'm going to do is we're going to clean it first. I'm going to be using this cleaner right here, this simple shine cleaner, premium leather cleaner that works, is what it says right there. Effectively yet gently removes dirt and debris. So this is what we're going to be using, it comes in a bottle like this.

There you go, and I'm just going to be using my trusty microfiber cloth on this. So I'm going to use it like I use any other product that I use to clean my leathers. I'm going to be using my microfiber cloth and I'm going to be using it on this shoe. We're going to do one shoe so can do a side by side before and after of how it looks. So here is the shoe, it's actually not in too bad of a condition. It is dirty and needs a good cleaning and a good conditioning. So this is what it looks like. I'm actually going to pull out this little sticker tag in the inside, we'll take that out first.

Okay, so that is out of this shoe and now we're going to clean. I'm going to shake it up. It doesn't say to shake it, but I always like to shake everything anyway because that's just how I do it. So I'm going to put a little bit of this product onto the cloth. It says to test it, actually let me see if it has a little thing at the top that needs to be removed. Ah, there it is. Okay, whoops. Whenever you're going to be doing like a cleaning or conditioning of any sort of leather, I always like to choose a discreet spot of the shoe just to try it out though I'm pretty sure this one's going to be fine. I've worked with this type of leather before and every cleaner I've ever tried on it has been like pretty good. But you never know with a lot of other leathers, especially if it's a lighter colored leather, I would just be a little wary. So I am a little close. I'm filming in a really tight, oh look at that, it comes out kind of like a clear gel. Oh, okay, this is interesting. So the most creased part of this shoe is the interior part right here. So just kind of go like that. But hey, check that out.

Premium Leather Cleaner

Ooh, I like it. This applies really, really well. I cannot wait to try this on a hand bag, but look at that. Well look at how great that looks, oh my gosh. Do you guys see that? I think that looks so fantastic. I'm trying to get the camera to focus properly, but that looks really, really good. There's a lot of dirt and debris on the top part of the shoe, so this is where we're going to see if this product really shines. But look at that, it helps lift all of the dirt and dust on the shoe. I love that kind of shine that it gives it and I cannot wait to try the conditioner now after this.

The most difficult thing about this shoe is probably trying to clean in between the grooves of the flowers and stuff because there are so many and they're like little leather appliqués. So generally you probably wouldn't have so much trouble cleaning a shoe. This one is just a bit more difficult than your average shoe because of all these leather pieces, but I'm just going to hit each little leather flower. Now what's really great about the microfiber cloth and why I like to use microfiber, is because it really helps get into all the little nooks and crannies of the shoe. The cleaner also has a scent, it's not gross or anything, but it kind of smells a little soapy, which I mean is perfect because that's what this is, supposed to be a cleaner.

Wow, look at that, that looks really, really good. Let me just show you guys a side by side comparison. I don't know if it's going to come up too well on camera, but look at that. This side, it's just a lot cleaner and removed all the dust. Okay, I see you Simple Shine. Now I know what you have shine on the name because you really make the shoe shine pretty nicely, I do have to say. Whoops, sorry about that, moved the camera a little bit.

But that looks fantastic. Oh my gosh. Okay, so again, finished this shoe here on the right and here is how it's looking. It looks so good, I am so super excited about this. Then I'm going to condition this side, again I'm going to leave this one so it has a little before and after so we can see how that is. So let me open up the conditioner. The bottle is very similar just except it says conditioner right there at the bottom. Let's see what this bottle looks like when I open it up. Let's see what kind of solution is inside. Oh, okay. So it's kind of a creamier, I don't want to waste anything so I'm literally just going to wipe this on here. All right, so let's get started. We're going to do the same thing, just going to use another part of the cloth and we're going to get a bit of that conditioner on there. This already looks so clean you guys, it literally looks so good.

Premium Leather Conditioner

Wow, that looks so good. It really brings out the shine of the leather. It makes it look so beautiful. Oh, you know what, I also do have to hit up the plastic part of this, but we'll do that momentarily. I think I got a little overzealous and just totally skipped over that, but I want to see how well the cleaning product works on that. Normally I use a nail polish remover to clean the rubber parts of the shoes. Let's see how well the cleaner works, but look at this. Look at how good that looks you guys. Oh, that looks so good, I'm so excited. Yay! Okay, let's go back to the cleaner and let's try and clean a part of the shoe. Oh it seems to have started tripping a bit. Ooh, okay, whoops. I think it started leaking out of the top a bit there. That's okay we're going to use that, so we'll see this side right here. See how it looks.

Oh hey, look at that, that is doing a pretty decent job and that is just with the cloth. Look at that. Wow, I'm very excited, this is looking pretty good. I hope my camera is focusing on this properly because we're having some difficulties and so I had to lay a box with the camera. I think it's having a hard time auto focusing with the color but hey that is looking fantastic. Look at how clean that's getting it. I'm probably going to have to condition the leather again cause it's probably removing the conditioner that I just put on. But it's doing such a good job, I'm so impressed, and that's just with the cleaner. You have to be careful about it though because it does come out pretty intensely from the bottle. Make sure to close that properly too. I have a problem with closing things all the way sometimes, I think they're closed when they're actually not, and then things just start spilling and that's just a hot mess all around. But look how clean that looks. Oh see, there you go. Ah, luckily, oh my gosh nothing spilled.

Okay, so there you go. Can you guys see the difference? I hope the lighting isn't just like blowing everything out and everything just looks the same, but wow, that looks so good. Okay, I'm so very happy. Anyway, I'm going to finish cleaning this shoe right here and I'll get back to you guys with a before and after, after we finish. So here is the before and after. So after, before, look at that. It cleaned the rubber of the bottom of the shoes really well. Barely had to do anything to get it to get clean. Look at the sides. It just looks so fantastic. Look at how the leather shines and this one's a bit dull from all the dirt and stuff. That is just looking completely fantastic, oh my gosh. I'm loving the results of this, I think it came out so, so well.

Again, the clean one, the dirty one, and you can see it primarily too, you can see a lot of it on the back. There's a clean side, there's the dirty side. That looks fantastic, it did such a good job cleaning it up. Oh yikes, I'm very happy. Well, so far with this product, I really like it. But there's that quick before and after. Let's try one more thing. Okay. This is a different brand, but this is also another thrifted piece. I got this one as a handbag. I got this one for $25 at the Tory Burch. This one, it's beautiful, it has some steamage or dirtying on the front, which I am excited to try the cleaner on. Let's see how it goes. This time I'm actually going to apply it directly onto it. Sometimes I find that if you apply directly onto something that's really dirty, it'll soak into the dirt and help soften it up and make it easier to lift that dirt out once you start cleaning it. So that is what I'm doing, so let it just sit for a quick second and then we're going to clean that, we're going to buff it.

Might need a bit more. Ooh, that was a lot, but that's okay, might need it. Do you see how when I start going in a circular motion it starts to suds up a bit? Yeah, that's all that cleaning potential inside of the product. I think that pretty much got it out. I don't know what that stain was but it is long, long gone, check it out. It looks fantastic.

Right, okay. Now I would definitely want to try the conditioner on this and see how the conditioner fairs, I'm just going to do a small section and then we can see a side by side comparison because the leather itself actually is not in very bad condition at all. It just had the stain, the dirt on the front here and then the rest was pretty good. It is missing a cross-body strap but that's always a very easy thing to replace, especially on a black satchel bag. All right, we've got the cleaner all set up and now let's check out the conditioner. So I'm just going to do this bottom side. I like how it kind of gives it a nice shine to the leather. It makes it look more supple, more hydrated, and I like that.

Oh yeah, that looks really good. Oh yeah, you betcha. I used to have a friend, he was from Minnesota and he always said that, that was so awesome, like my favorite thing. Look at that, you can cut, I don't know if you can see, if it picks it up on camera, but in real life you can see that there is a bit of difference in the moisture and the overall look of this little section that I conditioned. But yeah, it looks fantastic you guys, I am so excited. And there you go, it is looking so good in my little light box. Oh, but now I'm going to try this on this shoe. So this is the shoe deodorizer, I can't imagine that you can't use this on handbags as well, you probably could. Let's see what it says right here. Completely removes even the toughest odors from men and women shoes, use to treat all types of shoes including dress, athletic, leisure and work boots. Keep shoes smelling fresh, spray inside of footwear in the evening and allow to sit overnight. Okay, let's try it.

I'm just very interested to see what this actually smells like. Okay, so we're going to spray the inside right there. Let's see what it smells like. Ooh, it's like a very fresh, clean scent. It smells kind of like fresh laundry. Very excited, okay, so this smells very good. I can't imagine... I've smelled some weird deodorizers before, but this one smells very, very pleasant and we'll let this sit overnight and then we'll check back in tomorrow and then we'll see how this smells. All right you guys, I am back, the shoes smell fantastic. I cleaned everything up and everything just looks so good. So thank you again to Simple Shine. I'm going to have them linked down below if you guys want to check out their products and order them. They are fantastic, I really like them, so I highly recommend them, they are really, really good, and the deodorizer is really good, I can't wait to try it out on other things.

I just don't have anything else to try them on other than shoes, but I do want to try them on bags that smell like cigarette smoke and stuff like that to see if I can get that out, using that. Otherwise, everything looks fantastic, the shoes are super clean, the bag is clean and everything was awesome. So again thanks so much for watching, hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you guys did, please give the video a big thumbs up, that always helps immensely. Don't forget to subscribe down below. Like, share the videos, subscribe to the channel. I love you guys, and I'll see you guys on the next video, bye!

There's an Erin Fetherston for Target, a giant faux suede heart bag, is that faux suede? No I think it's just a soft suede. Giant heart bag, it's kind of cool. Let's check out the shoes, maybe there's some cool shoes here. Hmm, Dexter. These have a brand, what do you think?

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