Shoe Care Tips and Tricks for Men and Women [VIDEO]

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Hello everyone.

Welcome to my channel. My name is Anna. And in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you some shoe care tips. And this is going to be about how I care for my shoes, maintain my shoes, keep them in good shape. I'm also going to be sharing what products I've been using and loving and also things that I do, kind of like some tips and tricks on how to fix certain situations you might have with your shoes. And this can be for women or men. So please keep watching. I've got to be honest. I really hate touching shoes, therefore I hate cleaning shoes because I'm a germaphobe, but Simple Shine, which is a company that reached out to me. So full disclosure, they did send me some products, but I did test them. I mean, you'll see for yourself how I cleaned them and how it worked. So you're going to see everything.

I'm also going to link the products down below, so if you are interested you can check them out and yeah, so let's get started. The first one I'm going to be showing you is how to clean white sneakers, and most importantly white soles. So these are so hard to maintain and care for. So I'm going to show you what I've been using. I've been using the Simple Shine cleaning erasers, and this sponge looks like this and it comes with three in that pack. And this does wonders. It really ... You can clean the sole, you can clean the leather, you squeeze it with water and you scrub, scrub, scrub. And it works pretty well. I've also tried Windex, I've tried water with soap. I've tried toothbrush, I've tried so many things to clean these and this has worked the best.

As you can see for yourself, mine were not that dirty to begin with, but you're going to see that it was a little dirty and most of it came out. Okay. So the next one I'm going to be showing you how I cleaned my leather boots or shoes. So here I have the Stuart Weizmann, 100% leather boots. And the way I've been cleaning these is basically using the Simple Shine wipes. Now these wipes, they are so good. In this box, three of these came in there and it's 10 wipes each and these wipes are so good you can take them to go, travel with them. And I clean my old Stuart Weitzman with them and they came out pretty good. It doesn't take away the shine from the leather, but it also doesn't add too much of the shine. And also I tried it on my faux leather.


So if you have some fake leather boots or shoes, it cleans them even better. Also as a bonus, you can clean leather bags with these wipes. Okay, so the next one I'm going to be showing you how to protect suede. So I have these suede shoes. Suede is such a delicate fabric. So I'm not going to be focusing on how to clean them. Simple Shine does have a product to clean it, but I don't have it yet. What I wanted to focus on was how to protect the suede so they won't get messed up. So from the beginning, before I even wore these the first time, I used this spray. It's easy. You just spray the shoe and then you use them. So in case it rains or you drop liquids on it, it protects them very well. So I just recommend that if you have suede shoes, spray them with protectant before you wear them.

I'm going to be letting you know how I keep my shoes smelling fresh. So I have this shoe deodorizer. No, you're not going to put the order right inside your shoes. You're basically going to just pump like two sprays inside your shoe and they smell so good and it lasts. So whether you have smelly feet, I don't, but it's good to have shoes that smell good. So if you have smelly feet, this has an odor neutralizer so it's going to neutralize those odors. So I really recommend this. It smells good. If you're Latin, you know what Fabuloso is. It smells like Fabuloso. It just smells like clean. It smells ... I don't know if it's lavender, but it smells good and it lasts a long time. So yeah. Next portion of this video, I'm going to be showing you my shoe fixes because everybody has some shoe problems, some shoe drama.

So I'm going to be showing you what problems I encountered with my shoes and I'm going to be letting you know how I fixed it. So one problem I was encountering was slippery soles. So you know those shoes that come completely like solid at the bottom and no lines, no grip? Especially men's shoes, I feel like. So the Christian Louboutins are one pair of shoes that are so slippery. They have no protection on the front of the shoe. So what I did is I bought slip resistant bottoms, they're called, and I bought them on Amazon for like $15. So you basically trace it, cut it yourself and stick it yourself and then that's it. So as you can see it's not slippery anymore. It's not dangerous. And also this protects the bottom. So if you want to buy them in red, clear, I think these are clear, but they come in different colors so it protects you and it protects your sole.

Another problem is eating up your soles. So I tend to eat my soles like crazy. So I have these old boots, actually I wanted to show you. So the sole back here, actually I ate it all up and it was already touching the leather here. So what I did is I took this to the cobbler, you know the shoe fixing person, it's called the cobbler. So the whole gray sole was replaced and I didn't need to buy another pair of boots. So they changed this, this heel here. I ate it all up too. So I went to the cobbler and they changed this part, which is, let me show you. This right here. Actually Louboutin time came with these, but when I went to the cobbler they're like, "No, we'll use our own." So I still have these. So I suggest that when you like a pair of shoes that you have and the sole is all eaten up, just see if you can change the sole. I don't know if you can change all of them, but I have changed a few and it works.

Another problem I was having was with pumps. So like these kinds of pumps that do not have any strap. So nothing to keep your foot from coming out of the shoe. I had to buy something, either Target, Walmart or any pharmacy. I don't know what they're called, but they're in here and it's like silicone thingys that you put here and it really helps. It's not perfect, but it helps from your foot coming out. So I'll link it below if I find it. As a bonus I wanted to show you something that Simple. Shine also sent me. They are dust travel bags and so that box comes with six. It has three medium size for your shoes, and three large size. So I can't wait to use these when I travel because I'm such a germaphobe, like I said. And yeah, this protects your shoes from touching your clean clothes.

I used to use Ziploc bags, but then when ... I have big feet, so like one shoe would fit only in one Ziploc bag. So that's such a waste. So I'm so glad to have these for when I travel. And yeah. If you like these kinds of videos, make sure to check out this video of mine, which I'm showing you how to remove color transfer from leather bags. And that is it for this video. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you haven't down below and I'll see you in my next one. Bye. You want to see some magic? Watch this. Okay, I'm back for some bloopers. And then that's it. They ... They ... The. With you some share, some share care. Okay. Showing you is how I clean my leather ... Ah, keep your shoes fresh, fresh. So you ... I don't. So one problem. So one problem. Is this ... Come on.

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