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Hi everyone, Lucia here. Today I am reviewing some cleaning products that I received. This company called Simple Shine, they reached out to me, they sent me some jewelry cleaning products for me to review and give you my honest opinion. So that's what I'm doing today. I received this one, the Simple Shine Premium Jewelry Polishing Cloth and I will show you this one in a second. I think this one is 12.99 if I'm not mistaken, but I will leave all the links, everything in the description box below. Thank you Simple Shine for sending me this product. I will try each one of them. This one is Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Solution.

Okay. They also sent me this concentrate, Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Solution. I already tried this one. This one works with my ultrasonic cleaner, so that's what I'm going to show you today. The solution in the ultrasonic cleaner. So I'm going to put that one aside. I think this one is maybe 17.99, the solution. This one is also 17.99, I think. They also sent me the Simple shine Stick for cleaning. I think this is for diamonds. So it has like a brush, a little brush over that. I tried this one too. I think the stick is like 15.99. So I will show you first this one. So let's try this one, the Simple Shine Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Solution. So this one is nontoxic. This company is actually based in Miami beach, Florida. I think everything is made in USA.

So this is nontoxic, it's for fine and fashion jewelry. It contains no ammonia or any harsh chemicals. So it's, say, for gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver, I think stainless steel, also for cubic zirconia and diamonds, titanium or beads, pearls, stones, porous or soft for an enamel, and also for tested gemstones. I've talking, let's do this. So in here it says, let's read the instructions. Immerse jewelry in solution each day for two minutes each day. Maybe they want to say each time, I'm a little bit confused. So I think they want to say each time for two minutes. Then rinse and blot drive. Repeat as necessary. So this one came also with a little brush. I just opened the container. What I have here for this one, this is a sterling silver bracelet and I will do it just half of it, so we can actually see the results. I'm just going to immerse this one there, half of it. We'll do this a bracelet with stones, see if it's safe for the stones.

Okay. I will also immerse this one, this sterling silver necklace that I got from my last bag. This is pretty, you can see it's pretty tarnished. So I will put this on also half of it inside. This way we will be able to see the difference. Also, this one is sterling silver with some [inaudible 00:04:14] I think. I will put this one also over there too. We'll leave them inside for two minutes. They said two minutes. In the meantime, what we can do is we can try the stick.. So let's see, I have this... This one is, it says for shine.

Yes. So we'll need to twist this one a little bit and let's see. That's not coming. Yeah, no it is. Let's try this one. I'll show you how it looks. Just kind of brush. I like the brush, because it kind of goes in all the nooks and crannies over there with the stones. Especially with the rings or if you have tiny little earrings. I'm not sure I'm supposed to live this one on or what exactly are we doing with this? I'm not sure. How was he? So we just scrub, a little bit rub, brush it.

So let's leave it there for a little bit. Then I'll try on this one too. This ring from Linda and let's see if we see a difference here. But the brush is definitely a little bit... Maybe I need to twist a little bit more. All right, I can see a difference guys. Maybe just a little bit more. Okay. I think we need to rinse them after this. So let me go ahead and rinse this one. Where is my water? Oh, here. Let's rinse this one, dry it and see if there is a difference. Oh yeah, definitely.

They are sparkly and shiny again, the stones. Let's rinse this one too. And yes, on this one too, I can see a difference. So yeah, we try this one, the stick. No, I think the two minutes pass. Maybe not quite, we'll wait a little bit more. Maybe another minute or so. Yeah. I will take the cloth and rub them. Plastic box and I didn't open this one, so I'm not sure about this one, the clothe. This one is a polishing cloth that works to restore gluster without scratching or removing finishes. It contains two separate powerful cleanings steps. So the inner cloth solution treated this one, the white one, removes the dirt and tarnish. This one, the gray one with a few rubs it will give you shine. This one, you can use it for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium metals. It's not recommended for fashion jewelry. Let's see. Two minutes is passed.

Maybe not. So we'll just leave those ones there. Then I will show you this. So I have a sterling silver bangle here, that is pretty tarnished. So we're going to polish this one, while we're waiting for that one. I will do it on the half of the bangle so you guys can see. Okay, I will show you again. Let's do this. Oh wow. You can see. This is great you guys, I absolutely love it. Look at the black tarnish that came off. This is working great you guys. It's a little bit of work here, but okay. So I did it half and I'm going to Polish, put the gray one. I will show you that the difference. This is not polished, tarnished and this is. So definitely this is working really well. I like this one, the polishing cloth. So we're done with that one. Let me put them aside. Then let's see what's going on here with these ones, because I think two minutes passed. I'm just going to take them out, rinse them a little bit and we'll see the difference.

Okay. This way because that's the one that it's cleaned, right. And sterling silver, one, and I need my fork here to grab this one out. Okay, great. Let me dry. That's what they say over there perhaps. Okay. Let's look at this one first. So half of the bracelet was in, so this side here on my right side was in the solution. The other one was not. So definitely this is cleaner. It didn't remove the tarnish, but it is cleaner and shinier. Okay. This side is clean, this one is not. Okay. Then I have these ones here.

These are also clean on my right hand in the solution and these ones are not. I don't see a big difference on this one, probably because I cannot compare, on this necklace. The stones are a little bit shinier, but it's still tarnished, this one. Okay. Now the stones, the stones are okay. They didn't change color or anything and they look clean, but they're not shiny. So I'm not sure. Okay. So far my favorite is the cloth, the polishing cloth. Maybe I need to leave them a little bit longer in this solution. I'm not sure. You know what, I'm going to put this one, this bracelet over there and see. Leave it for three more minutes or so.

Now I will show you this one. The concentrate one, the solution that it's going to work with the ultrasonic cleaner. So this one you need to use one part solution and two parts water. I already have the water there and I'm just going to add this one here. The five parts of solution in there that's concentrated. For the ultrasonic, I will not use the pearls, but I would also use it in half. So I have this necklace with glass beads, I will just put half in there, so we can compare. This one that is pretty... It's a wide necklace, glass beads, but it's pretty dirty. So I will put this one too. I have some unmatched earrings, I will put just one, so we can compare the clean ones and the ones that are not cleaned. I will put them here in my ultrasonic cleaner with the solution. I will press start and we'll let them in for 280 seconds.

I'll be back after 280 seconds. So four minutes past, I will take them out, I will rinse them just like that half. Let me put them aside. In the same direction. So I don't want to mix them here. Oh, this is definitely whiter and clean. I will take these ones too [inaudible 00:16:15] them a little bit, the earrings. I will set this aside. I put them on my towel and I will show you the results you guys. Okay. So everything is aside over there. And this one too. I will take this one, the bracelets from the solution. And this one, I also added a sterling silver and Pearl necklace in there. Half of it. So clear.

All right. Let me organize my stuff a little bit in here and I will bring my towels. Something fell. It is my fork. Okay. All right. So I have some clean towels here. Well, I don't need my fork right now. This one too, this is also sterling silver, but I wanted to see how it will look without the polishing cloth, just with the solution. Right. I know these ones. I have beads, I like to kind of roll them on the towel a little bit. Okay. And this one too. Then the pearl, the pearl necklace.

Okay. So let's look at the Pearl necklace that it was in the cleaning solution, not in the ultrasonic. You can definitely tell that they are cleaner and they're shinier. And this one too, the bracelet, I left them for four minutes, not two. The glass beads. So this side is clean with the solution. This one is not, in this side. Now this one, I will put them side by side so you guys can see. Cleaned, not clean. Or maybe on a white. Let's do it on the white, because I think we can see it better on the white background. Yeah, much better. So these are cleaned, these are not. With the ultrasonic this one. Then also this one, I can definitely see a difference on this one. White one the necklace. Yes, I can see a difference.

That's kind of hard for me to show you guys. This one was also in the ultrasonic. Now let's look at the earrings. So in my right hand, I have the clean one. There's not a big difference on these two. Right, this one was cleaned, this not. This one was also cleaned on the right. Okay, come on. And this one was not. This is definitely shinier than this one. Oh, that's my dog over there. Okay. This one was also clean. This one, not. I'm sorry about my dog you guys. Cleaned, not clean. Yeah, he's probably fighting with some squirrels over there. And this too.

Definitely this one looks way better than this one. With the ultrasonic cleaner and the solution. Yeah, I can definitely see the difference. These too. This one was cleaned, this one was not. So on these two, I do not see a difference to be honest. Now this, what is [inaudible 00:22:02] on. You guys have you seen, oh here. So this one was cleaned, this one, No. But what I was reading here is that you need... If there is a lot of tarnish, what they recommend is to use the clinic solution and then the cloth. So let's try it with the cloth again. The cleaning solution and the cloth on this one.

You can see the tarnish. And now a little bit of polish. Definitely there is a difference. See. Okay guys, you can see how shiny and sparkly that one is. I think that's it. I really like the cloth. I am very happy with the cloth, also with this one, the concentrate one for the ultrasonic. I'm not sure if the combination of these two, the solution and the ultrasonic is working. But yeah, I am happy with this one and with the cloth. I can definitely see a difference in the ones that are cleaned. Even this one. That was cleaned, this one was not, it was soaked in that solution. Again, I liked the cloth a lot, and this one. I'm not sure, I may have to try this one again.

Also the stick, I'm not sure if the stick is only for diamonds or is it for just jewelry cleaning solution. Shine sticks, so this is probably for everything, not just for the diamonds. I really like this. The cloth, it's working great. One mentioned to all you guys, you're not supposed to wash it. So do not wash the cloth. Yes, I like the cloth. Now I can stop. I need to start cleaning all of them. See I just polish these three a little bit. Okay. I need to stop. Thank you so much Simple Shine for sending me the products to review. I hope guys this helped. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will live the links for the Simple Shine product in the description box below, if you guys want to go and check them out.

I think they do have a coupon for 10% off on your next purchase. So if you purchase your first purchase after the first one, you get 10% off. Again, I'm really happy with this one and the cloth. That's it for today. Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you for sending me the products to review. I hope I helped. This is my honest opinion, you guys. I'm not paid for this. It's just I thought it will help you guys if you're looking for something to clean your jewelry. This now I can see, much better. That's it for today. I will see you guys in my next video. Bye-bye.

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