Going for the Gold: The Best Jewelry Cleaner for Gold Jewelry

The Best Jewelry Cleaners for Gold Earrings, Rings and Bracelets

You love your shiny gold jewelry. The only problem is that it doesn't stay shiny. 

But gold is a soft metal so you're afraid of damaging it with cleaners or by scrubbing on it too much. 

Never fear! You can get your gold jewelry shining again by using the right jewelry cleaner for gold. Let's check out a few methods you can use.

Home Remedies for Cleaning Gold

You may have something lying around the house that you can use to clean your gold jewelry. While home remedies won't fetch the same shine as a professional product, they work in a pinch.

Let's look at what you can use.

How to clean gold jewelry

Dish Soap

You can use a few drops of dish soap in warm water on most gold jewelry. Avoid soaps or detergents with extra ingredients like body wash or shampoo. Washing your jewelry with them (or wearing your jewelry in the shower when you use them) can cause a fine film to build up on the piece, further contributing to a lackluster appearance.

Also, make sure that the water isn't too hot. If your jewelry has gemstones that are glued in place, hot water could loosen the glue. The sudden temperature change can also cause less hardy gemstones like opals to crack. 

Let your jewelry sit in the soapy solution for 15-30 minutes. Use a very soft brush to gently scrub your jewelry. Stiff bristles can scratch gold and even remove it from gold-plated jewelry. If you need something stiffer for a particularly stubborn spot, try a Q-tip. 

Once you're finished, rinse your jewelry (plug the sink just in case!) and carefully blot it dry with a soft cloth. Leave it sitting out on a towel to air-dry to ensure that it completely dries before storing or wearing it.


Sometimes your jewelry will be too dirty for the soap and water to handle. You can use ammonia, but since it is a strong chemical, you can't safely use it on all jewelry. For example, if your jewelry contains platinum or pearls, don't expose it to ammonia. 

Make a solution of one part ammonia to six parts water and soak your jewelry in it for no longer than one minute. Immediately rinse it in a strainer. Remember to wear gloves and avoid splashing ammonia on exposed skin.

Gently blot the jewelry dry with a soft cloth and leave it to air-dry. 

Cleaning gold jewelry with boiling water

Boiling Water

In lieu of a strong chemical like ammonia, you can use boiling water. But only with certain types of jewelry. 

As we mentioned earlier, hot water can loosen glued-in gemstones and even crack soft ones like opals, pearls, moonstones, and coral. Boiling works well for solid gold diamond jewelry  

Arrange your jewelry so that it is all exposed in a container that can handle boiling water. Boil a small amount of water and pour it over the jewelry. Leave it to sit until it's cool enough to put your hand in it. Then you can gently scrub with a soft brush and blot it dry. 

Dry Cleaning

For some types of jewelry, particularly those with glued-in gemstones, it is not safe to submerge them in liquid. 

To clean this type, put a little warm water in a small bowl with a few drops of dish soap. Using a very soft cloth, dip it into the solution and gently scrub the jewelry. It will be harder to loosen dirt and grime, but avoid scrubbing too hard, particularly around the gemstones. 

Use a cloth moistened with plain water to remove the soap. Lay it out to dry with the gemstone facing down. This will ensure that any moisture drains out and won't loosen the setting.  

Professional Jewelry Cleaner for Gold

Home remedies are great in a pinch, but they aren't the best method of cleaning gold jewelry. A professional, specially formulated jewelry cleaner for gold can offer better results with less effort on your part. 

But aren't jewelry cleaners full of chemicals bad for both you and the environment? Some are and that's what makes choosing the right one an essential step. 

Our Simple Shine cleaner is exactly what it sounds like. It's simple and it will make your jewelry shine. The non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients are safe to use on all types of jewelry including delicate gemstones like pearls and aren't damaging to the environment. 

It works well not only on gold but also on a whole host of other metals like palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, and more.

Cleaning kit for gold jewelry

Jewelry Cleaning Kit

We now offer our jewelry cleaner in a convenient cleaning kit. You get the same great jewelry cleaner made with safe, socially responsible ingredients.

It also comes with a 2-step cleaning cloth that is perfect for cleaning jewelry on the go. Take it with you on vacation and never be disappointed by tarnished jewelry again.

One side of the cloth is designed to remove tarnish. Use the other side to buff the metal until it shines. We don't recommend using the cloth with fashion or plated jewelry, but it will keep your high-quality jewelry shining and looking like new.

Use it after our jewelry cleaner for best results. However, it can also be used alone in a pinch. 

It is also perfect for cleaning jewelry that should not be submerged in water. Now you have a great option for keeping jewelry with glued-in gemstones shiny and gorgeous!

Make Your Gold Shine!

Gold just isn't the same when it becomes lackluster and dull. Using a quality jewelry cleaner for gold will keep it looking like the day you bought it. 

Now you don't have to worry about hiding away your jewelry for fear of tarnishing it. Show off your gorgeous jewelry all you like.

Contact us today to learn more about our jewelry cleaner and try it out today or find our whole collection on Amazon Here

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