TRYING TO CLEAN MY AIRFORCE 1s! Testing out shoe cleaner [VIDEO]

 Video  Transcription

Hi guys. Welcome back to another YouTube video. Today's video, we are trying to clean these dirty shoes. Love white shoes, okay. Don't get me wrong. I love white shoes but I hate how dirty they get. And I can not find the perfect cleaner to clean them. I can never find the perfect shoe cleaner to clean any of my shoes. It's from UGG shoe cleaner to shoe palace shoe cleaner, nothing worked. And a brand reached out to me and they're called Simple Shine. And they sent me some of their products.

We're going to test it out today, see if it works, see if it cleans my shoes. And I thought this would be a fun little video and some shoe cleaning stuff because I always watch videos like how to clean your Nike's and I can never find it. I have two pairs of Nike's because these got so ruined and gross that I had to buy a new pair, which are my platform ones. And those I keep in pristine condition but these have seen its day. Look at how disgusting they are, they're absolutely so gross. We're going to clean them.

... sent me some products. They sent me their shoe wipes and they also sent me their shoe cleaning kit. We're going to test out the shoe cleaning kit and see what the deal is. They give you some ... What are they? Microfiber, they give you two microfiber cloths, a cleaning brush and some cleaning solution. I'm going to take everything out of the box, put the box behind me. And we're going to try to clean our shoes because they're so gross.


Guess I'm going to start by spraying some of this. This is the shoe cleaner. Do I have to shake it? I don't even know. And I'm going to spray it on my shoe here. What part should we ... Let's do this front part, okay. Here's the before, how dirty they are. They're so gross. Hold on, I'm going to take a before picture so that way we can compare.

As you can see, it's so dirty, literally disgusting. I don't even know what is on these, ew. Okay, let's just try it. All right. I'm going to spray it all over and I'm going to brush it. Holy ... Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God. This works. Look at how clean they are. Oh, my gosh. Look at that, compared to this one. This literally is the best day of my entire life. All right, really just scrubbing. That looks so clean and bright. Oh, my gosh. I'm going to do the whole shoe and I'll be right back.

I just cleaned this shoe but I want to show you guys the difference. Here's this shoe. Looks so clean, right. And then here's this dingy, disgusting shoe. Do you see that different?

Look at how clean they are. That's insane, guys. My mind is blown right now. Do you see how clean my shoes are? Do you see that? What? What?

... shoe fanatic. I would keep these in my purse because I hate when my shoes get dirty. That way you can quickly wipe something off if you stepped in mud or you spilled something. Yeah, I'm just going over the shoe with this wipe and it makes it so shiny. Oh, my gosh. Okay. I can't believe that my shoes look like this. They were so dingy before and gross and I don't even know if the camera really did it justice to show you how dirty they were. Really does work. I am so impressed guys. Oh, my gosh. They're so clean. I've tried sticking these bad boys in the wash, didn't work. Okay. I'm so impressed. Wow.

Here is the brand again, it's called Simple Shine. It's called, if you want to go check them out. That was really fun. I really like testing out new products that's not always makeup because I'm one of those people who will search on YouTube for the weirdest randomest thing, like how to clean your stove or how to clean my mesh sneakers. Literally, I look for anything that could help me out. If you're looking for a really good shoe cleaner, that's going to clean your shoes in five minutes and make them brand freaking, new check out Simple Shine.

If you like these type of videos, let me know down below because I'll definitely test out more just random products that you guys want me to test out. Leave your comments down below, thumbs up, subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye. 

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