VLOGMAS DAY 5: stocking stuffer ideas+ new jewelry cleaner [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

I just got this new product in the mail and it's by the company Simple Shine and it's just a jewelry care kit. So it came with this little bottle which you put your jewelry in and it just shines and cleans your jewelry. And then, it also came with a brush to scrub your jewelry to get all the rust off and stuff like that. And then, these little like ... I don't even know what they're called. A large polishing cloth is what this is called, to polish your jewelry obviously after you clean it.

And yeah, there's a bunch of little packs that you can get, the gentle complete kit. There's also the silver complete kit, and then there's a foaming cleanser and a shine stick that you can also get, but I really just wanted to try it out. I've never really tried out this brand before. It came with this little packet thing of how it works, and how to use it, and directions, and stuff like that. So yeah, I'm partnering with Simple Shine for this video so I'm super excited to try their stuff out, so I'm going to try it out for you guys on camera. This is my first time. I literally just opened it out of the box. So let's see how good it works.

I have such an issue. I never take my jewelry off in the shower I have such an issue with that. It's a serious problem. All right, so the directions say put your jewelry in here for two minutes each day, and rinse carefully, and blot dry, and then I think you can also use this to scrub. So I have this bracelet and it's kind of just not really sparkling anymore and kind of rusted in some areas, especially near the clasp. And then, I have this Martha's Vineyard ring. So I don't know if you can really tell but some parts is more rusted than others, especially around the ring area.

And then, I also have this little ring that's super rusted. It's literally black right now. It's really, really bad. This was originally gold and now it's just black. Okay, guys, so I just finished, and everything came out really, really good. It was also really quick. You only keep it in here for two minutes and then you take it out. You can scrub it a little bit if you want but I don't think you really have to, and then you just use the cloth. And I want to show you the cloth. You can see the dirt marks where I used it a little bit, right there, and all the way down here.

Okay, the lighting's not the best, but there's little spots of dirt, and then also right here I used it and it's kind of black right there. It made everything just so much shinier. Like this was not this shiny before, and even the clasp, and now it's back to its gold, like see right there it's very gold and it's shiny, so the bracelet came out really, really well. And then, I ended up throwing this ring in there as well. It wasn't rusted or anything but I wanted it to be shinier and it's so shiny now. This looks brand new. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

And then, this ring also came out really good, and it's shiny, and if this would focus ... I don't know why this is having such a hard time. Okay, maybe the focus will be better this way. So the rust as you can kind of see, like right here, is just completely gone, like it is not rusted at all. And all the way along the sides it is just so shiny and it looks brand new. I'm so happy with how this stuff is turning out. And then, this one also pretty much came out fully. It's not as shiny as the other ones because this was so, so damaged. It was like really black and just not cute.

Yeah, you can see right there it's more like a gold color than it was before. They have a ton of stuff on the website and they also sell these on Amazon, so I'll link all that in the description below, and I'll link the kind that I used so you guys can check it out. And it's even like I was talking about before with stocking gifts this would be a great gift to put in a stocking because it comes in this little box, and this is a good size box to put in a stocking, and you can easily just slip it in there, so that would be a great gift to give to someone for Christmas.

And yeah, I really like this. With that being said I think I'm going to close the video out here right now. I didn't really film a whole lot today, but I feel like this video's going to be longer anyways just because I did this and then I did the stocking gift idea stuff. So I hope you guys enjoyed today's Vlogmas Vlog day five I think it is. I keep losing track of my days. But anyways, make sure to like and subscribe to my channel if you did enjoy, and I'll see you tomorrow for my next video. Bye.


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