What's in a Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit?

Good gentle all purpose jewelry cleaner solution

What's in a Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit?

Did you know that our Simple Shine Cleaning products have been ranked as the best jewelry cleaners by media outlets like Bravo, The Spruce, and New York Magazine?!

But just because there's a buzz, doesn't mean a savvy shopper like yourself doesn't still have questions about our jewelry cleaning kit. 

We've made the at-home jewelry cleaning process even better, by putting together everything you need in our Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit.

Here's what you need to know! 

Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit Overview 

Our gentle kit is your one-stop-shop for jewelry cleaning.

Our kit includes our famous, best-selling Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution. Most Amazon reviewers rate our kit with five stars. And our products have a Fakespot rating of "A" meaning that every review you see is from actual customers.

Every kit has an easy to use a strainer for you to insert and remove products from the solutions with. Keeping fingers off of your jewelry is an important step in the jewelry cleaning process to maintain a perfect sparkle. 

Bracelets cleaned with our Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Build-up and dirt that's trapped in crevices don't magically disintegrate in our solution, sorry! That's why we included a specialized jewelry brush made to gently wipe away any remaining dirt. 

Last, but certainly not least, is our premium jewelry polishing cloth. This is a dual functioning cloth designed to provide heavily tarnished jewelry with another cleaning step, in addition to the polishing step.

You can also use the double-sided cloth independently, without the cleaner to get dull jewelry that's only lightly soiled sparkling. This cloth is the key to getting that perfectly polished look, without scratching or removing finishes. The cloth in this kit is travel-sized, which is six by four and a half inches. 

Healthy, Sustainable and Thoughtful Formulas 

Cheap jewelry cleaners are abrasive, which isn't good for the health of your skin or the planet. Simple Shine is made of a non-toxic, biodegradable formula with a track record for actually working! 

For example, ammonia is one of the many harsh cleaners you'll find in most commercially sold jewelry cleaners. When ammonia interacts with water, it becomes ammonium hydroxide. This compound is toxic and destroys organic material. Since your body is mostly water, when a person breathes in ammonia or their skin touches it, the chemical converts to ammonium hydroxide in your body, which damages the cells it comes into contact with. 

You don't need to put your health at risk to clean your jewelry.

Not only do we ditch that bad stuff, but our products are also made in America. So you know that socially responsible actions were taken during the making of your product.

A Cleaner for (Almost) Everything 

You shouldn't have to own dozens of different cleaners. But at the same time, you want to ensure that a cleaner is compatible with the specific type of mental or gemstone you want to clean. Our kit cleans dozens of different metals. 

What you clean with our Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit:

  • gold
  • palladium
  • platinum
  • sterling silver
  • stainless steel
  • titanium
  • diamonds
  • CZ
  • pearls
  • beads
  • porous stones
  • soft stones
  • enamel
  • treated gemstones

... And more!

Everything You Need for the Perfect Finishing Touch

The combination of our jewelry brush and polishing cloth takes cleaning at home to the next level. They will restore the luster of your products, without damaging them. 

polishing cloth from jewelry kit

Our cleaning brush is specifically designed for jewelry. Meaning it has the desired flexibility and gentleness for at-home jewelry cleaning that products not made for jewelry cleaning (*cough* toothbrushes *cough*) just don't have. 

What makes our cloth unique is that it is double-sided with different materials, creating a two-step cleaning process. The inner cloth is solution-treated and is made to remove stubborn dirt.

The outer cloth is designed to polish. Simply buff metals and jewelry by gently rubbing your jewelry in circular motions. 

The cloth is not recommended on fashion or plated jewelry. Use the inner cloth to rub the surface free of tarnish and then the outer cloth to buff the metal to the desired shine. The perfect finishing touch after using our gentle jewelry cleaning solution.

 A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How many products have you tried recently that are willing to give you a complete refund if you're not happy? We believe in our product and we value your willingness to give us a try. Even though we're pretty sure you're going to love our kit, we truly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. 

If you're not happy with our Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit, we will give you a refund. We won't question your decision, we won't ask you to full out a survey, and we won't make it difficult for you. 

While we are a business, our biggest concerns are the quality of our products and the happiness of our customers. If you love us, we wouldn't complain if you talk about it on social media! 

Exceptional Quality that Supports Family-Owned Businesses

We're a small, family-owned business. Our business is run by real women who simply wanted to design a safe, effective alternative to drug store cleaners. Our jewelry cleaning kit is made with you in mind. 

We want women to feel luxurious on any budget, which is why our products are made with strict, insider-only secrets. Our founding team comes from the world of fashion merchandising, design, jewelry, accessorizing and shoes. So we really know our stuff.  

Have more questions? Click here to drop us a line!  

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