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Simple Shine Shoe and Jewelry Care

How I Clean My Expensive Jewelry [VIDEO]

How to clean expensive and fine jewelry

 Video Transcription Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. For today's video, I want to share with you guys how I clean my jewelry. I've been getting a lot of questions on how I take care of my jewelry, whether it's sterling silver or real gold, so today's video, I want to show you guys. Since we are still in quarantine and I've been doing a little bit of spring cleaning, I've been organizing around my house, it's time to clean some of my jewelry, because I haven't done it in a long time. I know you guys loved my...

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How to Clean Dress Shoes: The Key Steps to Take

Steps to clean nice shoes

Styles change over time, but the dress shoe has remained an essential part of fashion and professionalism for many decades. The dress shoe traces its origin all the way back to 1640, coming out of Europe. In the 1800s, they became popular and today, they are still the height of fashion. No man's wardrobe is complete without dress shoes, and his suite of stylish skills cannot be complete without learning how to clean dress shoes.  Read on to learn all about how to polish and clean your shoes, as well as the importance of doing so. Why Is It Important to Clean...

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Top 10 Things That Make Jewelry Look Tacky and Cheap

How to not dress tacky

There are times when you'll see a piece of jewelry and a thought flashes through your mind: "Who would wear tacky jewelry like that?" It's not a nice thought to have but some cheap jewelry is so obvious that I can't help myself. How can you ensure that you aren't wearing jewelry that isn't cheap or tacky? Here 10 tips!

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TRYING TO CLEAN MY AIRFORCE 1s! Testing out shoe cleaner [VIDEO]

Shoe cleaner for airforce 1s user reivew

 Video  Transcription Hi guys. Welcome back to another YouTube video. Today's video, we are trying to clean these dirty shoes. Love white shoes, okay. Don't get me wrong. I love white shoes but I hate how dirty they get. And I can not find the perfect cleaner to clean them. I can never find the perfect shoe cleaner to clean any of my shoes. It's from UGG shoe cleaner to shoe palace shoe cleaner, nothing worked. And a brand reached out to me and they're called Simple Shine. And they sent me some of their products.We're going to test it...

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The 3 Important Qualities That Make A Stone Into A Gemstone

How to tell if a stone is a gemstone

Is a geode a gemstone? How about a crystal? The answer to those questions is an abject "no", but why is that the case? What qualities make a stone into a gemstone? There are three points which we will cover from most common to least. We can wrap up by discussing the differences between a crystal and a gemstone.

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