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Simple Shine Shoe and Jewelry Care

What Is The Future For Diamond Wedding Rings?

Are diamond engagement wedding rings out of style

What does the future hold for diamond wedding rings? Millennials simply aren't buying them. There are good reasons why this might be a growing trend, and some do have some legitimacy. We will cover those arguments, in addition to some popular alternatives to traditionally mined diamonds.

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Best Sneaker Cleaner! Simple Shine Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit + shoe Deodorizer Review [VIDEO]

What is the best sneaker cleaner

 Video Transcription Yo, what is up, everybody. Welcome back to the channel. Thanks for tuning in again. Today, I'm going to be showing you guys this sneaker cleaning company that reached out to me and they asked me to check it out and they sent this over to me to review and test out to see how it works. I just wanted to go ahead and show you guys a couple of different options from the traditional sneaker cleaners that are available on the market.Many of you guys already know that there are huge sneaker cleaning giants on the market,...

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Let's Talk About Zircon: Interesting Zirconia Facts

How are zirconias different than diamonds

We talk an awful lot about diamonds here, but even stones that can't quite match up to the extreme rarity of a diamond have their own story to tell. Zircon is an interesting mineral that has a wide variety of applications. Zircon isn't simply a cheap simulated diamond, it is a valuable gem in it's own right.

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No Tarnish Here: How to Clean Sterling Silver Earrings

Whats the best way to remove tarnish from sterling silver earrings and jewelry

Having a gorgeous pair of sterling silver earrings is a right of passage. Every woman should have a pair in her jewelry box, and all the cool, hip men need it too. They match any style and look amazing while glistening from the ears. However, to keep sterling silver earrings shiny and beautiful, they require a bit of maintenance. If you've ever owned a pair, then you know they're prone to tarnish. The good news is, there's a way to clean them. To learn how to clean sterling silver earrings, keep reading the information below. What Is Sterling Silver? Pure...

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5 Facts About Diamonds That You Probably Don't Know

What to know about diamonds and buying a diamond

We talk about diamonds a lot here at Simple Shine. It's no secret that diamonds are one of, if not the most popular gemstones on the planet! While most people don't know everything there is to know about these beautiful little stones, all we really need to know is that they look great in any color.

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