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Jewelry Cleaner Video Reviews


★★★★★ Great Natural Cleaner  

The cleaner comes with a tray in the bottom with a handle attached that makes it very easy to lift the cleaned jewelry out. There is a little brush included that works great for getting into tight spaces in your jewelry. The cleaner foamed up nicely when I use the brush.
It has a nice fresh clean scent that is not chemical smelling at all. I really like how this is a natural alternative to harsh cleaners. I used this cleaning cloth after washing my jewelry in this cleaner and it worked great to get my silver jewelry clean and shiny again. The earnings on the right in the attached picture have been cleaned while the left have not. 

- Kimbers

★★★★★ Better than Advertised  

I was always looking for a replacement to my old Suede Brush tool that I left in a hotel room. So I decided to look online to find another brush just like I had because I liked it. Well, once I found this "kit", I decided to give it a try. And how thankful I am that I did. A wonderful product from a small business. The type of business I like to support. The kit is better than my old brush because it not only has a cleaner, but also two different brushes for specific needs. I have 6 pair of bucks of all shapes and sizes, from boots to oxfords. They all new brand new now and I couldn't be happier. 

-Charles E.

★★★★★ Shined Up My Silver and Gold; Didn't Damage Opals, Lapis, Emerald, & Pearls 

The liquid jewelry cleaner I had - one jar for gold and another jar for sterling silver - was getting kind of gunky and syrupy as other jars did in the past. It was time for new solution. I have polishing cloths, but they seem to work on larger pieces of sterling silver such as a bowl or silverware. The nooks and crannies in jewelry can not be easily accessed with a cloth. And since some of my jewelry has gemstones, pearls, emeralds, and opals, I was holding out on making a purchase until I could find something more gentle. The jar solutions I have had in the past have that ammonia and the chemical used to permanent wave hair.

I bought Simple Shine Solution and was quite pleased at how - with just a little scrubbing with the included brush - shined up my silver and gold. It also took off the soapy film (from hand washing and showering with jewelry on) off of my gemstones and brought back the high sparkle. Just simply dunk, scrub as needed, & rinse (instructions say you don't need to rinse, but I do out of habit), & pat dry. It was quite easy and while they recommend soaking for 2 minutes, I found that I got my desired results in less time. It took less than a minute for each piece of jewelry.

I also like the little basket grid at the bottom if the insert that you use to place your jewelry on while it is soaking in the solution. It allows you to lift the basket right on up and out for easy jewelry retrieval. My softer stones such as opal, lapis, and pearls were not damaged by the solution.

I have a little ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that works with using just water. The directions do say that you can add a little mild detergent if desired. So I tried a putting just a little bit of Simple Shine in the ultrasonic cleaner and let the machine do its thing. I got excellent results in less time than I do when I use water alone.

I also had a very tarnished bowl that was handed down in the family. I put a little of this solution in a spray bottle, sprayed the bowl, let it sit, used the brush, and the sterling silver is now sparkling. Much easier than polish paste that requires so much elbow grease!

I did some research on their website Per their site, I appreciate that it contains absolutely no ammonia or harsh chemicals. Specially formulated to deep clean without abrasive chemicals (although, I can not find a list of ingredients). I do know the ammonia and sodium hydroxide (typical ingredients in liquid jewelry cleaner solutions) smell, and there is no trace of this smell in the jar. 100% non-toxic and biodegradable is good for the water supply too. Their ingredient suppliers are in the USA. I think this is a competitive price for a 6 oz jar. There is also a full refund satisfaction guarantee. I am always more confident purchasing a product when the seller stands behind it enough to offer a guarantee.

- Janet K

★★★★★ Very Well Made!

Very Well Made! These shoe stretchers are surprisingly well made. I bought them to see if I could do something about an ill-fitting but expensive pair of hiking boots and they seem to be helping. I'm still in the process of stretching the boots but every day they seem to be better. If you need shoe stretchers, you can't go wrong with these!

- Jay S. 

★★★★★ Works Great With No Harsh Chemicals 

I recently got engaged so this cleaner is really helpful to keep my ring super sparkly and clean! I'm very happy that there's no ammonia or harsh chemicals as we try to live as chemical-free as possible.

jewelry cleaner testimonial
I cleaned my sisters rings and earrings as they haven't been cleaned in quite a while. As a busy mom of 2 who works full time, she doesn't always have time to clean her jewelry. This was really easy, there was no offensive smell, and the jewelry came out shiny and clean! Layers of gunk on my sister's jewelry came off easily and quickly. Plus no harsh chemicals on my hands or my niece's (because she wanted to clean her earrings too)! It's definitely a great product.

- DanyelJoy

★★★★★ Worth the Higher Cost! 

Have used other shine sponges with varying degrees of effectiveness. One brand looked nice on application but left a waxy dull crackled appearance. Was very unhappy. Am so glad I purchased this product. Does what I always hoped a neutral shine sponge would. Seldom ever review a product but this sponge is great. With what it did for my shoes, will comfortably use on some seriously expensive purses.

- Richard H.

★★★★★ Good Results on My Badly Tarnished Sterling Silver Ring! 

I prefer this kind of jewelry cleaner compared to the cloth type as I feel this does a better job overall. I put this to the test with an old tarnished sterling silver ring with a garnet stone in the middle. It looked really terrible and I knew only a liquid cleaner would possibly be able to take away such ingrained tarnish. I was skeptical with this particular cleaner as it is ammonia free and I felt the solution might not be able to complete the task at hand but I was wrong-- it did a great job and the tarnish is completely gone. I did have to use the brush and after soaking I kept using the brush and dipping it back in the solution before brushing again. I did have to work with it for awhile but the ring is now completely clean and the garnet stone is shiny and unharmed. Excellent cleaner -no funky smell and it works. I would recommend this -even if your jewelry is severely tarnished with a little patience and this jewelry cleaner you can get good results. 

- LadyBear

★★★★★ I Will Use This Product For All My Jewelry Cleaning 

I've used this on both my vintage jewelry and contemporary jewelry. Silver, gold, platinum and costume. It has done a thorough and beautiful job on all of them. I like the long bristles of the brush which enables me to get inside all of the nooks and crannies. I have used other products, but will stick with this one. I recommend this to all of my friends.

- Michaeleena

★★★★★ Shine Away 

I wasn't too sure about this cleaner when I arrived because I immediately thought "Windex". I use Windex to clean my jewelry regularly so I was expecting nothing but the results I'm used to. This actually cleaned better than Windex so I'm quite sure that this is not Windex.

This says that you can use it daily which is nice if you want to do that. I do not. I clean my rings about every third day. You simply pop your jewelry in for 2 minutes (per instructions) and let it soak. When it's done, you can use the included brush to scrub any gunk off of your things. I was quite surprised how much stuff was floating around in the solution after my rings were done soaking. This states that it can be used on pearls and even treated gemstones. This is a big thing if you have a wide variety of jewelry that you would like to clean.

The easy to grab basket makes it easy for you to retrieve you jewelry and there is even a designated place for the brush to pop into. I found it kinda difficult to put the brush back in place with wet hands though so I just tossed it in. I am now using this in place of my old cleaner and I am very happy with it.

- Brandi Perry


I have to say... Simple Shine is FANTASTIC!!! I just rec.'d my new cleaner a few days ago and I had what I thought would be a lot of hard work in front of me! (Even with the cleaner). But.... I was amazingly suprised to find that I didn't really have to do much of anything! This product is great!! I personally found, that if you put your jewelry in the solution, seal it up and give it a little shake....and then give it about 5 minutes (if even that long!), you can pull the jewelry out and quickly brush it down and then rinse and dry. IT COMES OUT SPARKLING AND BEAUTIFUL! Just like the day you bought it!! And for those of you that might be skeptical...? Well, I put a ring in the solution that I had NEVER cleaned and when I pulled it out for its scrub down, you could already SEE the gunk coming off! This product is excellent in my eyes!

- Christy Y.

★★★★★ Truly a Fast and Effective Way to Keep Jewelry Sparkling Clean and Shiny! 

I am Extremely Impressed with how well this Simple Shine Silver Jewelry Cleaning Solution worked! It truly did remove the dirt from the pieces of jewelry I tested it with and left them looking clean and shiny after just over a minute of soaking in the solution!

While they are a bit difficult to read against the color of the solution, Directions for Use are printed on the back of the plastic container.

Simply put your jewelry items in the solution for about a minute, remove and rinse with cold water, then dry and polish with a soft cloth to enhance the shine. The polishing cloth is Not included in the package, however, Simple Shine does offer a Large Sized Jewelry Polishing Cloth available as a separate Amazon purchase. I already had a soft Microfiber Cloth on hand so I used that to dry and polish my jewelry.

While there is a slight odor to this Non Toxic cleaning solution, I found it to be much more tolerable than other solutions I have previously used to clean my jewelry.

Inside this 6 oz Container of Simple Shine Cleaning Solution is a removable Plastic Insert which features a spindle connected to a "basket" portion with closed sides to contain the jewelry items placed inside.

The bottom of the basket has several openings which are large enough to allow the solution to make contact with the jewelry, but not so large that your jewelry will caught in them.

I like that I could place my ring over the spindle and put the earrings I was cleaning inside the "basket" portion. The basket portion even includes a specially designed area with a slot to secure a necklace or chain for easy removal.

As there is no need to shake the container to activate the solution, retrieving my jewelry from the jar was as simple as lifting the spindle. While holding the spindle I ran some cold water over the jewelry and then dried each piece with the my soft microfiber cloth.
Pictures speak louder than words, so I am including before and after pictures with this review so you can see the results with your own eyes.

- AbbasGirl
jewelry review cleaning juice

★★★★★ My Silver Jewelry Looks New!

I have several silver necklaces that needed cleaning. Inside the bottle of Simple Shine Solution there was a clear basket that you put your jewelry on. You then dunk the basket in the solution with your jewelry. Once I put the silver necklace in the Simple Shine Solution I did not have to scrub or brush the jewelry. I just let it sit for one minute and removed the basket from the solution. After I removed the basket, I rinsed the jewelry with water. Then I dried the jewelry and polished it with a microfiber towel.

My silver jewelry looked new. They have not looked that good in years. I also liked how I never had to touch the solution. The basket held the jewelry and I washed the jewelry while it was still sitting on the basket.

- Nancy

silver cleaner

★★★★★ Chemicals are not harsh and drying, yet it gets the job done! 

This product is one of those things that I've been needing, and not wanting. I wear a lot of silver pieces, as I don't like to splurge and I prefer white jewelry vs yellow. I had a necklace and a ring that was starting to turn colors, I just haven't remembered to get to the store to buy some jewelry cleaner..But I really like this product. I don't feel like the chemicals are harsh and drying, however it still gets the job done. I appreciate the fact that I can buy this online, which I didn't think about doing initially.. it just didn't cross my mind. :), But this cleaner successfully turned my necklace and ring from a darker shade to a more silver color with shine. I would recommend this item to anyone who likes to maintain their nice jewelry pieces.

- Ashley Goetterman

★★★★★ From Old to Looks Brand New Silver Jewelry... 

Wifey been asking for quite sometimes looking for a silver cleaner cause she got some silver jewelry that start to get a little bit darker so she found this and purchase it and as she received it she start using it she ready a white cloth, paper towels and this Simple shine jewelry cleaning solution as she deep her silver jewelry to the solution she waited a little bit and she wash the jewelry with cold water as instructed then wipe it with cloth then the result is perfect shiny jewelry like its brand new again the solution doesn't stink compare to what she was using before,Its great product that is really work for her jewelry and she love it.

- Christopher Horn

Silver Cleaning Solution

★★★★★ Cleans Nicely Without Being Too Harsh on Your Jewelry 

I tried the New Silver Jewelry Cleaner Solution from Simple Shine and was very pleased with the results. I have a large silver piece of jewelry that gets tarnished and has to be cleaned periodically. I put the piece into the Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaner Solution for 60 seconds and the tarnish was all gone when I took it from the jar. This jewelry cleaner does not have that strong, stinky smell like other brands I have used. It does the job effectively without being too harsh on your valuables. I have attached before and after pictures of my jewelry using the product.

- Pat Halbe

silver cleaner review

★★★★★ OMG -- LOVE this Product 

I absolutely love this jewelry cleaning kit. It was packaged very well. The solution was packed in a plastic bag and when I pulled the jar out, it was all wet as was the inside of the bag. At this point I thought that the jar should be sealed before shipment. When I opened the jar, it was sealed and I had to get a knife to cut the seal off, so not sure why it was wet inside the bag. No biggie! Just ran it under hot water, used a little dish soap and then dried the container off. Ready to use.

When I removed the seal the brush was floating in the cleaning solution and I didn't see a spot in the handle of the basket for the brush. The basket is a little different. It is basically flat, with just the tiniest of edges around it and rather large holes in the bottom. Not sure that I like this part however. But there is a little raise area on the basket bottom that allows you to put the brush in brushes down or brushes up, whichever way you want. I chose brushes down so that I could just grip the handle. This little section also will hold a ring with the stone up for soaking. OK, this part I like.

But the absolute BEST part is the cleaning rag. I have a few pieces of silverware that I do not use as they are really tarnished and look disgusting. A couple of baby spoons, a pie server and a serving fork. I tried to take pictures to show you the difference in the items with just one swipe but the pictures did not turn out well and you could not see the difference. All it took was 2-3 swipes and the entire item was completely clean of tarnish. Then I just used the buffing part of the cloth and they looked just like new.

So very happy with this and would wholeheartedly recommend.

- Terrymike

★★★★★ No Pro Needed, Simple Effective Jewelry Cleaning 

I am thoroughly impressed with this jewelry cleaning kit. I live in a pretty rural area and to get my jewelry cleaned professionally without paying an arm and a leg I usually have to drive about 45 minutes. I was super excited when I received this in my mail box. Upon opening the box, I found that everything was very professionally packaged and everything was packaged SEPARATELY! Had there been a leak or a spill, there would have been much more protection for the rest of the contents, but there was NO sign of any leakage.

After opening everything up and reading through the instructions, I ran to get my casual ring (I had just had my wedding ring cleaned last week). I submersed my ring for the suggested 2-3 minutes WITHOUT AGITATION! I was pretty happy about that as other Jewelry Cleaners require that you stand there and shake the bottle like a darn fool for a few minutes. After the time was up, I pulled the ring out and used the provided brush to loosen any extra clingy dirt. Just for good measure I gave my ring one more time through the wash as it hadn't been cleaned in a VERY long time.

In a total of 5 minutes, I had a piece of jewelry that looked like it had just come out of a professional sitz bath. The shine and buff rag is also very helpful and handy. It says it's coated with a special polisher and to not wash it. I am a little worried about what I am going to do if it runs out of polisher before the cleaner stops working, but I don't see that happening any time in the near future!

- Kezia L Brandt

jewelry cleaning kit

★★★★★ Impressive Super-Shiny Results 

I bought this a few weeks ago after my mother in law gave me a few of her beautiful vintage diamond & gemstone rings. I've used various jewelry cleaners over the years and this one is by far, the best I've used. The cleaner itself has no strong odor (most smell strongly of ammonia) and it rinses off your hands very easily (others leave your hands feeling chemical-laced for hours.)

The instructions say to drop your jewelry in the solution for 2 minutes... so of course I was expecting to have to leave them overnight to get results lol. I was pleasantly surprised that 2 minutes worked amazingly well! Even before I polished my rings, I could see how beautiful they were shining.

There is a tray with a handle on the little jar; I like that the handle is over to the side rather than in the middle; small difference (improvement) from the others. There is also a small brush although I don't always need it; the solution does a great job in just a few minutes of soaking.

The cleaning cloth is really great! Makes a huge difference in the shine. It is two sided with one side that is tougher and designed to address tarnish. The other side buffs and shines.

The shine this brings out in diamonds and gemstones is extraordinary. I will definitely buy this again and recommend it to others. (This is a REAL review- I paid full price and bought it after much research!)

- Harmony

★★★★★ A+ Product Works Well with No Bad Smell. 

I finally had time to try it and it did a super job with no bad odors which in my case is a great thing as I have severe allergies to just about every smell/thing. I put my rings in for about two minutes like it says and rinsed them off with warm water as the solution is slightly sticky but not overly so. I used the polishing cloth and now have nice shiny rings again. Super hard to get photos but it really did a great job in a short amount of time. The biggest problem I had was getting the lid off the jar! Someone had it super tight, probably so it wouldn't leak during shipping. I am very happy with the results of this cleaning solution and will continue to use it. I don't know if it was an error but directions say to use it daily? A+ product. (First photo is of rings before cleaning)

- Sunny1

gentle jewelry cleaner kit

★★★★★ My Silver Looked Like New 

I tried taking photos, but between the lighting and trying the flash...the photos just didn't turn out.

I took my spiral silver earrings and silver ring (with ridges, angles and detail), soaked them for two minutes, used the brush inside the jar to brush at/away the tarnish on the ring, rinsed them off, and finished by drying/buffing with the included buffing cloth. The earrings and ring looked as good as new.

You cal feel confident when you buy this knowing it is a good product and that you are buying this from a U.S. based company, supporting American jobs. :)

- M.L.

★★★★★ Great Jewelry Cleaning Kit 

As a designer and jewelry maker I can tell that this Jewelry Cleaning Kit is great for EVERYDAY CARE of your jewelry, it DOESN't damages pearls for sure as other jewelry cleaning kits, I also love how polishing pad works!

BUT if your necklace is tarnished long time ago like on the picture, it wouldn't give you desire effect.

First photo is before using solution (I took my OLD, tarnished silver chain).
Third photo was taken after using solution. (No difference)

4th picture shows how nice and shiny is my initial charm is after using polishing pad.
And last 2 pictures of my NEW necklace are before and after using this awesome solution.

I haven't tried this cleaning kit on gold yet though.

- Milena


ammonia free jewelry cleaner

★★★★★ Great Product That Makes My Jewelry Shine Bright! 


I have been using Simple Shine for a few weeks now and am pleased. As I was just cleaning my rings before we head out this evening I thought I'd come back and just comment on how much I love this cleaner. My rings have never looked so good...even a few men are asking to see my rings since they shine and spark so much. Going to have to figure out a travel solution for taking this on the road with me...love it that much!!!!

Free of toxic chemicals, no ammonia, AND socially responsible packaging? Yep! That's what caught my attention when I was looking for a new jar of jewelry cleaner and came across Simple Shine. You don't just get a clean stone, you get a clean ring as well with the included jewelry cloth!

I washed my wedding and engagement rings this morning and then polished the band and WOW! They haven't shined like that in a while! Going to clean a few other pieces this afternoon and start wearing them again. They tarnish so quickly and you let them sit, but when they clean up so easily with this product, I'm going to have to keep them ready for wear!

- C. Frick

★★★★★ This Cloth Is Thick, Soft, and huge! It's also magic! 

I've never used a jewelry cleaning cloth before, I've always used the chemical solution to clean my jewelry. This cloth set (there are two different kinds of cloths sewn together at a seam down the middle, allowing you to keep them together and not lose them but still use all sides of each piece) works incredibly well to polish the tarnish off my silver and brighten my gold. I really had no idea what to expect, and couldn't believe my eyes. I had a few pieces of severely tarnished silver I hadn't used in awhile, and they suddenly looked new! I was actually going to take my husband's wedding band, my engagement ring and wedding band to the jewelers for a coating of rhodium because our white gold was looking so dingy and slightly yellow. Then came the cloth set! Wow!

Just saved me hundreds of dollars at the jewelry store. The cloth actually brightened the rings to such a degree that they barely look yellow and, man, how they shine. They look new! I'm a believer! I worked on several pieces in my jewelry case and was so excited to see new life brought back to them. You still see the need to use a chemical sometimes, because some items like chains or very detailed 3D pieces can certainly be improved upon with the cloth, but the cloth can't get into tiny, tiny nooks and crannies the way a liquid can. But for rings and so many other smooth, flat or curved pieces without prongs, links, etc, this is the perfect answer to a quick, beautiful touch up or a complete overhaul. I recommend this to absolutely everyone! Full price is a very fair price for what you get.

- SantasLittleHelper

★★★★★ Works Great! 

I used the simple shine cleaner to clean my jewelry before using this cloth. I attached pictures showing the before and after polishing. It worked very well on a pair of my most tarnished silver earnings. The polished earrings are on the right and unpolished are on the left.

I make my own jewelry so I am always polishing the components I use and having a cloth this large is really nice. All my others are pretty small. This larger cloth will definitely last much longer!

- Kimbers

★★★★★ Great Oversize Cleaning Cloth for Jewelry 

This simple shine cleaning cloth arrived in a nice clear see-through package. It has 4 layers of cleaning cloth sewed together. I usually use outer side clothes to clean the jewelry first then use inner side clothes to do the final polish.

When I receive this cleaning I go ahead to cleaned a couple of my fairly new earrings. Surprisingly, even my silver earrings are quite new, after polished you can still see the different. I did not add any chemical when to do the cleaning. I only use cleaning cloth did the job. I really amazed by it can clean my silver earrings ​quick and nice. Great product.

- M.H.

large jewelry polishing cloth

★★★★★ LOVE this polishing cloth by Simple Shine! 

LOVE this polishing cloth by Simple Shine! I have recently been going through a phase where I'm wild about sterling silver jewelry, and much of what I've bought has been previously owned. I purchased the polishing cloth at a discounted price for my honest opinion. At the same time, I purchased the Simple Shine jewelry cleaner at full price. Talk about the perfect one-two punch! Everything I have polished has turned out beautifully. The size of the polishing cloth is amazing, which makes the cloth so much easier to use than others I have used in the past. I love how the cloth brings the polished jewelry one step further and gives it a beautiful shine.

I hope Simple Shine never stops making their jewelry cleaning supplies because I intend to keep buying them!!

- Val in Oregon


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