10 Jewelry and Fashion Suggestions to Make Your Summer Hot!

What are the summer 2020 fashion trends

Summer is coming up quick and you'll want to be prepared! Even if you have all the sunscreen and fun shade-hats that you can shake a stick at, you'll still need to consider your jewelry and overall fashion! We've got you covered with some great ideas and suggestions for jewelry pieces that encompass everything summer. Make your summer hot with this summer fashion!

Bright Colors

Blue water, beaches, and bright sun? Summer is absolutely the season to parade your most fun colors and hues. Go for bold styles and bright colors to let everyone know that summer has officially arrived! My spouse is quite fond of red, orange, and amber colors that call to mind the sun. Personally I swear by cooler colors and stones to match. Amethyst, turquoise, and sapphires will keep you looking cool even in the summer sun.


Like I mentioned above amethyst, turquoise, and sapphires are personal favorites but if you're in the mood for something hotter you can try out a ruby, tigers eye, or amber to keep your summer jewelry looking just as spicy as the sun itself! If you aren't into loud gems you obviously can't go wrong with a clear gem of some sort. Diamonds are always a winner, but even a less expensive Swarovski crystal can create a striking formal look for those hot summer nights.

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Sea-Inspired Jewelry

The sea and summer go hand-in-hand so if you've got any ocean-themed jewelry there is no better time than summer to break it out! Pearls are an all-time favorite. Of course, pearls never really go out of style but they're particularly striking in the summer. Let that summer sun pull out the pearlescence of your gems! Abalone shells are great but getting rare. Even a simple carved pendant that features a palm tree, sea turtle, or starfish is sure to herald the onset of summer.

Fruit Jewelry

One of the things I love most about summer is the bounty of amazing fruits that come along with it. Even better than snacking on delicious summer fruits is wearing them! Watermelon colored tops, strawberry colored skirt, a couple of pineapple earrings? OK, that might be a little bit overboard but it will certainly drive home the point that you're nuts for summer fruits. Summer fruit themes are fantastic for the arrival of summer!

Sun Jewelry

What encapsulates summertime better than our very own beloved ball of burning gas? Pendants featuring the sun can look amazing, depending on how they are adorned. A golden sun pendant speckled with diamonds or other clear crystals? Now that is high fashion! You can even pull them out during the winter months in order to remind yourself of what will come back around.

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Rose Gold

Rose gold has been growing in popularity. Not only does it avoid breaking the bank, but it also has an array of subtle pink hues that call to mind a gorgeous summer sunset. Rose gold matches almost anything so you can use these all year round. Small hoops or studs are a popular choice, but if you're feeling more playful then earrings a rose gold drop can look amazing. Rose gold also works quite well to embellish real gold or sterling silver.

Chunky Bracelets

Stripping away the chunky sweaters of winter, I reveal my chunky bracelets! Anyone can pull these jewelry pieces off and they are definitely taking hold amount the Millenials. These are perfect for any time of day! A pearl beaded bracelet can be worn anytime, but is flexible and striking at a dinner party or any formal event. If you're hitting up a tiki bar a set of chunky shells will catch eyes from across the room.

Choker and Short Necklaces

If big bracelets are taking hold of our wrists, then smaller necklaces are conquering necks around the world. Granted, true chokers look best on the younger crowd but there's nothing stopping people around my age from rocking shorter necklace styles. Those ubiquitous pearls will look fantastic sitting just above your neckline! Amber is also a favorite as I mentioned. You might also want to focus on finding unique designs. Clusters of pendants, unique pendant cuts, or pendants arranged with crystals are always a sure conversation starter.

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Drop Earrings

I mentioned drop earrings while discussing rose gold, and they really are amazing things if utilized properly. The sun will be lighting up your face and you need something to really make it pop! Drop earrings can add a touch of color and style without drawing attention away from your natural beauty. The most styles and varieties you have available the better! Rose gold before sunset and glass pendants in the evening? You'll be the belle of the ball!

Hoop Earrings

You can't go wrong with hoops. They denote a fun playfulness that most other jewelry simply can't provide. They're also extremely versatile! Go for small hoops if you're dressing up in formal wear, and break out the larger hoops when you're out partying with the girls!

Final Thoughts

If you're amazed by summer smells, just imagine how much kids like them! Read up on kid's favorite smells and you might discover some surprises. One of my favorite summer fruits are grapes. You can give you and your child's feet the sweet smell of grapey goodness with our grape shoe deodorizer powder or grape foot spray! There is nothing better than the start of a fresh summer, so make the most of it and enjoy the free time that it will grant you to spend with your little ones!

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