What will be the jewelry trend forecast for 2021?

What jewelry is out of style

If you're in the habit of regularly buying new jewelry, you'll want to make sure that those new pieces are going to be fashion-forward enough to actually wear them regularly. We've been keeping a close eye on the fashion runways and biggest designers that will surely lead the trends in a brand new year. What will be the fashion trends for 2021? Well, it's time to read on and find out all about it!

Silver is in!

One of the most striking revelations to come from watching the runways is the overwhelming amount of silver this season. Gold is the standard for a reason, it's beautiful and blingy, but in fashion for 2021 it seems like silver will be the big thing. This is a double-edged sword in a way, because while silver is less expensive than gold, it's significantly harder to maintain.

We've got 4 tips for silver maintenance should you need some assistance. There are many Simple Shine products that can keep your 2021 jewelry fashions looking their best! Try out our complete silver cleaning kit for an cleaning all-in-one solution. Our cloth storage bags can also prevent tarnish from developing when your silver is stored for extended periods!

What will be the jewelry trend forecast for 2021? earring pendant

Sleek and elegant

There is much to be said for simplicity. Along with the simple material that is silver, statement pieces seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs when considering the fashion trends in 2021. Button earrings, simple bangles, single-strand necklaces featuring minimalist pendants.

This kind of fashion outlook will be great for evening-wear or more realistically, the Zoom meetings that we've all been participating in for the past year. I happen to like where all this is headed. A simple top with casual jewelry is all that I need to worry about when getting ready for a virtual meeting. Easy peasy!

What will be the jewelry trend forecast for 2021? simple band

Hooray for Pearls!

Oh my gosh! Pearls are my favorite gemstone by far, and they're arriving with a bang in the 2021 fashion world. I couldn't be happier. Similar to silver, pearls require a lot of love and attention in order to maintain them but they also add to the sleek elegance that permeates the fashion forecast for 2021.

The nice thing about pearls is that you can find them to fit within any budget. Slightly imperfect strings of pearls can be a fraction of the price in comparison to the designer quality gemstones. If you can't deal with knowing you're wearing an imperfect string then you can buy a single pearl pendant for an extremely low price.

What will be the jewelry trend forecast for 2021? bangle set

Asymmetrical affinity

Don't call it lop-sided, it's asymmetrical. I wasn't a believer of asymmetrical jewelry just a couple of years ago, but all it takes is one beautifully worn piece to change your entire perspective. You will need to shop carefully when it comes to asymmetrical jewelry in 2021 because not all pieces will fit every face shape or hairstyle.

If you do manage to find a piece of uneven jewelry that works for your specific style then you'll want to hold on to it for dear life. I've always had a heck of a time picking jewelry and this makes the decision that much harder, but it is at least slightly freeing to be able to mix and match whatever suits you.

What will be the jewelry trend forecast for 2021? silver ring

Chain link lives on

Chain link jewelry was a big deal in 2020, but the fashion in 2021 dictates that the links get significantly smaller. You can certainly go out on a limb with a statement piece, after all... That is kind of the point of statement pieces. Overall it seems like single-strand chains and slim cables seem to be the motif of choice.

Final Thoughts

There are simply early impressions and the fashion landscape will surely evolve beyond what we've been able to glean during the first round of shows. The new year is always an exciting to check out what has evolved over the past year. Fashion doesn't happen instantly after all, it's a slow evolution like everything else.

This year, try to keep your ear to the ground and predict where the trends are heading so you can be ahead of the curve. If you do figure out where the fashion world is headed, I hope you'll shoot us an email so we can join you in being on the cutting edge of jewelry fashion!

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