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Simple Shine Shoe and Jewelry Care

Simple Shine Ultrasonic Cleaner Review - Jewelry, Coins, Watches, Silverware, etc. [VIDEO]

How to use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean jewelry, coins, watches, silverware

Video Transcription Hey everyone, Coin Metallurgist here. Hope you're all having a great day. Today, I have a product to review for you all. This is a simple shine ultrasonic jewelry cleaner kit. I was sent this product for free in exchange for making a review video of it, so I do want to try to give you guys an honest review of this. I want to show you some of the features. We're going to put a bunch of different things through the ultrasonic machine and see how it turns out. And then we'll come back and kind of...

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5 Places to Score Cute and Cheap Jewelry.

Cute nice good inexpensive jewelry

Cheap jewelry isn't a dirty word. There are pieces in my collection that didn't break the bank and I wear them proudly every single day. Granted if you're wearing a copper piece you will have some telltale green fingers, but you can easily buy cheap jewelry that looks amazing. Don't overpay for something that you can get at a bargain! Most of these cheap jewelry purchases come from various online retailers, as I'm not looking to break the bank by investing in bulk wholesale cheap jewelry. Wholesale jewelry is certainly one way to go, but why bother when you can...

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Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

What colors do diamonds come in

The vast majority of diamonds are icy clear, but did you know that they can appear in almost any color that you can imagine? Perhaps you did know that, but do you know what the different chemicals are that make them appear in those different colors? Each one of those colors also has a meaning behind it.

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FAST & EASY How to Clean Silver at Home (Non Toxic Jewelry Cleaner) [VIDEO]

How to clean silver at home

Video Transcription I've got a riddle for you. What is fast, easy, cheap and makes things shiny? No, it's not me.You know me, I am not one to do a lot of heavy cleaning on my jewelry, my silver, because of two things. One, it takes a while, and two, it is stinky. But suddenly, there's a solution. I have been introduced to a product that is fast and easy and cheap and not stinky to clean silver jewelry or costume jewelry without harsh chemicals, without being stinky, and it works fast because time is money. And in this video,...

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Are You Wearing Too Much Jewelry? Know Your Jewelry Etiquette!

How much is too much jewelry?

Picking the right amount of jewelry can be difficult. There are no hard and fast rules regarding jewelry etiquette, but you'll certainly know a fashion faux pas when you see it. Being over-dressed for a casual occasion or under-dressed for something more formal can make people around you feel uncomfortable.

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