2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry, Rings, Necklaces and More!

Gift ideas for women, men, sisters, and best friends

Picking the perfect holiday gift can be difficult and choosing beautiful jewelry doesn't make things easier. There is a lot to consider when selecting the right holiday present. There is no accounting for taste and that can vary wildly between friends and family.

One size definitely does not fit all. Luckily, our 2020 holiday jewelry gift guide is here to help you out! We will go in order of easiest jewelry gifts to select to some that are nearly impossible, so let's jump into our 2020 jewelry gift guide for the holidays!

Choosing A Watch


This is honestly my go-to jewelry gift for men. Sometimes I will opt for a tie or wallet, but when it comes to jewelry as a present? It's this or a money-clip, and the watch will see far more day-to-day use. There are a few different watch styles but I'll generally go for a dress watch or diver's watch depending on what they don't have.

A dress watch often features a leather band and can be worn to black-tie events without seeming out of place. Dress watches only really look strange when work in sportswear. The diver's watch gives nice synergy because it looks fine in a sporty outfit but would draw some negative attention at a black tie affair.

You might also find chrono, pilot, or field style watches but they really are superfluous considering that the two styles mentioned above can cover all the bases with relative ease.

Picking A Necklace


Necklaces are made to draw attention to the neck and jawline. If you holiday gift recipient has a particularly slender neck or graceful jawline then gifting an elegant necklace will always be welcome present. The neckline of an outfit is also a factor, so try to make a note of which cut they seem to prefer.

Higher necklines will likely prefer large statement pieces, while a lower V-cut requires something dainty and elegant. A turtleneck lover will get a lot of use from chunky chains or pendants while someone that prefers to go strapless will look amazing in a choker.

Of course, these aren't laws of fashion, they're just guidelines!

Grabbing A Bracelet


If you're looking for a holiday gift that will only cost a few bucks then you might consider a leather bracelet, particularly if you're looking for a more natural or outdoorsy look... In most cases, I'd go with something that features a bit more shine.

A Pandora bracelet fits the bill nicely. Simple and effective. There is an argument to be made for charm bracelets because they offer a gift that is easily personalized, but in my personal opinion charm bracelets tend to make me feel like a girl attending summer camp.

Selecting A Ring


We will end out holiday gift guide to jewelry with rings. Picking a ring to present as a holiday gift can be the trickier than any other jewelry. Even if you have the sizing down, style is always a factor. The right ring might make an amazing present that sees a ton of use, but it could also end up tossed in a drawer and never see the light of day again.

Generally, only two or three band rings should be spread across both hands and considering one of those slots is often reserved for a wedding band? You'll need to choose just the right ring to encourage it actually getting worn. Larger hands often look better with one large statement piece, while slender fingers look nice adorned with slim bands.

The statement piece is often a power play that will end up usurping any other rings that might've been received. This could end up bruising some egos if your friends often choose jewelry for their holiday presents, so be wary!

holiday jewelry gift guide two rings

Final Thoughts

I hope that our 2020 holiday gift guide was able to provide at least a bit of insight into what kind of jewelry your loved ones would be excited to receive.

While watches are the easiest, they don't allow the same degree of customization that a necklace, ring, or bracelet might. You know who would like what. It takes a bit of soul-searching to find an amazing gift but even if you miss the mark...

It's always the thought that counts!

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