BEST LEATHER POLISH Simple Shine Brand Premium Black Leather Polish Shoe Care and Conditioner REVIEW [VIDEO]

 Video Transcription

Hello, again. This is Robert Veach here. This is my video review of the Premium Black Cream Polish, boot and shoe leather polish, shoe care, and conditioner from the company Simple Shine, which is a family-owned company. The products are made in the United States.

Now, this is obviously the black paste, and it comes in this nice little bottle. This will cover scuff marks. It adds a lustrous shine to your leather products. It'll keep your leather footwear looking fantastic by adding a layer of vibrant, rich, saturated, black color that can be buffed to a gleaming shine. It's specially formulated to restore and revive finished grain and smooth leather. It glides on easily to cover scuffs, scratches, and wear spots, producing instantly a visible result, making your footwear look new again, and also will condition and moisturize your leather so that it won't crack, which is nice.

It's very simple to use. We're going to show that. You just place it on your leather product using... You could use a paper towel, using a rag, or a brush, and then you let it dry. Then, you polish it in with a clean cloth or paper towel.

This company has it's formula made to strict, tested, trade-secret standards that ensures it's safety use on high-end leather goods. It's an excellent product gift for Christmas, birthday stocking stuffer, anniversary gift for businessman or groomsman.

It's specially formulated so that it's safe for all leather that is black. They also make a non-colored version that you could put on different colors of leather. This is specific for black pieces of leather. You could use this on belts, wallets, dress shoes, boots, pumps, handbags. It will just work with anything that's black leather. Again, the directions are real simple. Wipe shoes with a damp cloth and allow to air-dry. Then, apply shoe cream polish with a cotton flannel polishing cloth or horsehair brush. Allow air-dry. Use the horsehair brush or polishing cloth, buff to desire a shine. Safe for all black smooth finish leathers, but do not use on suede, or fabric, or matte finishes. Again, Simple Shine is a small family-owned business and is made in the USA.

Now, let's take a look at this. Let's open the cap up. You could see that it is jet black. Put some on my finger right there. It's not a liquid. It's a paste. If I smell it, there's absolutely virtually no smell to it, which is nice. It's not perfumed, so it's not going to give you any asthma symptoms. It won't add any odors to your leather, so very nice. We're going to try this out on a couple of different leather products, and we'll see how it does.

Okay. Here I'm going to be demonstrating how to use the Simple Shine product. Now, you can see I have a woman's purse, women's shoes, and my man shoes. They're all real leather. They're all black, so this will work perfect. Now, what I'd like to do is I cut up a hundred percent cotton... This is an old rag. I want to have one as the applicator, and then one to do the buffing. That way, you don't mix the two up. Then, you could clean these and redry them and use them over and over again. I'm going to take this application rag. I'm just going to take a little bit of a product and just wipe it into all the weathered areas.

It works its way in really easily because of the oils or whatever is in here, the lanolin. It goes on real easily. You can feel product going on. You can feel the slipperiness of it too. I forgot to do the bottom. You see, the bottom gets a lot of wear on the purses because it's always sitting on something. Just make sure you get all the leather areas, including the strap. I'm going to go like this on the strap.

We're going to do the same process for the shoe. Again, be conservative with this because it goes a really long way. Starting with the front here, and just working the way. It's safe for the rubberized soles also. It won't hurt to put it on there. Just make sure that you're using black on black shoes and purses.

It just feels really good, this product. It has a nice smell to it also. Again, just get all the leather areas, including the straps and the tongue in there. You're going to get a little on your fingers, but that's okay. You can wash it off. You also want to make sure that you do this on a non-porous surface. Like here, I'm doing the granite, because you don't want to get the product on something porous, because it will stain other colors. You want to put something down, a sheet of plastic or something, or have it on a surface like that. Now, we'll let that dry, and then we'll buff it out. Then, we're going to do the woman shoes, my wife's shoes.

Again, starting at the front, working your way back works really well. While these were starting to get a little dry, you can really see the product, Simple Shine. You can really see it going into the leather. It's like the leather was dry, and the product is just being absorbed right in there. That's nice. Just work it in. Again, don't worry about the side pieces there because it'll help that also. I want to show you that I just used normal soap and water, and the product comes right out of your hands quite easily.

Okay. The next thing you want to do is you want to buff it out. Just take this cotton and buff the product out. Most of it's already absorbed into the product into the leather. That's it. It feels smooth. It's got a little more of a sheen to it, same thing with the shoe, the man shoe. This is easier to buff because it's very rigid. I can see a difference. There you go. Now, this, my wife's shoe. There you can see a nice difference there. Look at the shine that it has now. You can see very little came off the rag because it's already absorbed into the leather.

So what's my overall impression about the Simple Shine, their Premium Shoe Cream Polish? This is the black version. I like this product. Very simple. This will last you a long time. You use very little of it sparingly. As I demonstrated, it worked on a purse. It worked on my shoes. I think this is a great product. It's simple to use, but it's going to keep your leather nice and moist and not cracked and keep it looking just like new. I'm going to give this product a full five-star rating on my channel.

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