Great Casual Jewelry for Casual Outfits

What jewelry goes best with casual day outfits

How is it possible to dress up while still staying dressed down? While it might seem like an impossible task at first, there are actually a few key things that pull this contradiction together beautifully. I love casual outfits, and the great part about casual clothes is the ability to pull it together with some really ornate jewelry.

It might seem like you're mashing two disparate styles together but it is true that opposites attract. Think of that slinky black cocktail dress that looks good on its own, but when paired with a string of pearls or some decent diamonds? The combination lights up a room!

But let us start with the most casual outfits and most casual jewelry, my personal favorite.

Keep It Clean!

Before we hop into it, I just feel the need to encourage you to care for your jewelry no matter how 'casual' you consider it to be. Wearing laid-back jewelry doesn't mean wearing jewelry that looks sloppy. Our gentle jewelry cleaning kit will work wonders! We also offer an all-natural jewelry cleaner which will power through grime while staying eco-friendly.

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Blue Jeans and Leather

Everyone loves lounging around in a nice pair of jeans that have been properly worn in, right? Well, just because you're hanging out doesn't mean that you shouldn't look your best. A braided leather bracelet with a couple of beads pairs perfectly with jeans.

You can also rock just a leather strap around your wrist. Simple jewelry makes for a great match with casual outfits. You can certainly dress your jeans up with a pendant or something similarly eye-catching, but if you're going for a laid-back style then jeans and leather are sure to please.

Stacked Rings and Sweaters

Stacked rings look great with any casual outfit, but I particularly like them with a nice big chunky sweaters. The trend in 2020 has been out with dainty rings and in with large ring stack sets. They succeed in quickly and easily making your fingers look a bit more dainty and also bring a lot of attention toward your hands.

Chunky rings and oversized sweaters make for a comfortable and fashionable casual outfit. The most important part of that equation to me is comfort. Whoever said that pain is beauty obviously need to spend a week or two with me. Don't believe the hype. You can be a fashionista and still feel comfy!

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Layered Necklaces

The thing that I love the most about layered necklaces paired with a casual outfit is just how customizable they are. You can pair a few different necklaces that each encapsulate a different part of your personality! They look great with anything, but I'd highly recommend giving them a try with a nice airy button-down blouse.

What screams 'casual outfit' more than undoing those top buttons (depending on how brave you are) and letting those gorgeous necklaces bring every pair of eyes in the room your way? Long hanging chains with pendants that let everyone know exactly what type of flair you like to rock is always a good decision.

Name or Word Necklace

While not as ubiquitous as they once were during the height of Sex and the City, necklaces with words or names still look amazing. They definitely look casual and you can wear it everyday, but you'll need to be careful with it. I definitely don't want just any Joe Schmo on the street to actually know my first name so I'll generally opt of meaningful words or the names of someone close to me.

Much like the layered necklaces, I really like the range of customization. Nameplate necklaces scream 'casual jewelry' and that is by no means a bad thing. I like to wear words that might also be names. Heaven or Angel will really throw some creepers for a loop.

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Thick Hoop Earrings

A couple years ago I was seeing these golden tube earrings absolutely everywhere I looked. They were definitely statement pieces and they look nice, but not exactly as laid-back as I'd like. That's why I've been loving my thick silver hoops! They match just about everything, and allow you to dress up even without looking like you're trying too hard.

That is the genesis of the casual outfit, isn't it? Making a look that seems effortless, but still manages to turn heads. Thick hoops earring can definitely manage that with just about every outfit in your closet, I guarantee it! You can even try some stacked or layered hoops if you're feeling particularly bold.

Cocktail Rings and Bulky Necklaces

Do not wear these together! This last point is simply to make the point that the current fashion trends are all pointing to chunky and androgynous. Don't be scared to slip on a couple of big rings or necklaces but pick carefully! If you're trying to bury yourself in giant jewelry you might find yourself sliding from casual into clownish.

Have fun and enjoy dressing it up a bit even in your most casual outfits!

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