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Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. For today's video, we're going to be trying out something new, a little different than my normal videos, but I'm so excited because this has to do with one of my favorite things ever, which is jewelry. I'm going to be trying out these jewelry, cleaner kits. This is the all natural one from simple shine and this is the regular kit. So I got both. They did send these to me, but this is not sponsored at all. Everything is my real honest opinion. Okay? So that's why I look naked right now. I took off all my jewelry. I feel so weird. I took off my necklace and my earrings and then I also, just for fun, I want to clean this. It is so disgusting. Let me show you. So this is like a Sterling silver Tiffany necklace. I'll do this at the end as like the ultimate test of this product.

If it can clean this, it can clean anything. Okay, so first let's try out the natural one. This is what it looks like. There's a little brush in there and one of the trays. So like you don't have to Fisher jewelry out of the bottom, which is so smart. Okay, come sealed. That simple shine natural solution cleans jewelry without the use of toxic harsh chemicals are all plant-based. Botanical blend is 100% alcohol detergent, ammonia and chemical free are nontoxic. Formula is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and it's safer for you and the planet. I love that. So first the direction, say chew shake gently before use immerse jewelry in solution for two to five minutes. Then remove gently clean, hard to reach places with the brush and then rinse with cool water and blot dry. So first in the natural cleanser, I'm going to dip my necklace in.

And also if you want to know where I got any of this jewelry, I did an entire jewelry collection video on my channel so I will link that if you guys want to go watch it. I talk about where I got everything, do all that stuff. So and then Nashville one I'm going to do my necklace, my earrings and then these little gold hoops. This is also the little cloth that it comes with. Now this is the regular kit. The packaging is so nice. It's cute, durable. I love that the all natural one comes in this green box so you can easily differentiate. The regular one comes with a polishing cloth as well. I'm going to put this really gross Tiffany necklace and my two rings. This website has so many different jewelry cleaning products. It really is such a great website. They have silver cleanser, gentle cleanser, natural cleanser, silver cleaning wipes, and I love that they're packaging.

It uses recycled materials and helps to reduce waste that is so good for our planet. Okay, so at this time for me to take my jewelry out of the natural cleanser first, I'm just going to make sure that I close my drain. I'm standing in my bathroom in front of my sink right now and if anything happens to go, I have really long nails right now that I don't know how to use. So the chances of something going flying out of my fingers is very likely and we don't want it to go flying down the drain. Okay. So I'm taking a little brush out of the cleanser and we're going to clean the hard to reach places. So I'm cleaning like Ray around the diamond here where the chain meets the diamond.

Okay. So I just finished brushing and all the little nooks and crannies and I'm going to rinse it now. That's what it says to do. And then it says to blot dry. This literally looks brand new. I can't believe it. This looks so good and shiny and sparkly. I met like the worst it taken care of my jewelry sometimes just because I never take it off. So actually last week, like right before my birthday, I got a spray tan with this on, which really grossed me out. I didn't think of it until I was literally like mid spray and I was like, why didn't I take my necklace off? Like why would I do that? So I'm just really the worst. But simple shine literally came to the rescue. Now we have my earrings. These are just little gold hoops. Just brush around the clasp area.

These are so shiny too. I can't believe. You don't really notice how dirty your jewelry is until you clean it. Wow, so now for the last thing from the natural cleanser, it is these earrings and I'll show you. These are just little study earrings at the bottom, so if it didn't have this, it would be so hard to get them out. This brush comes so in handy because especially with earrings, I feel like there's a lot of hard to reach places like the setting of the stone or obviously the back is really hard to clean. Wow. This is getting right in there.

Oh no.

Okay. I'm done with these. I really can't believe how clean these are right now. They look like they've never been worn. Now we're on to the regular cleanser. This just has the two rings and the really, really dirty Tiffany necklace in there. Just brushing that a little bit. I feel like the rain, you don't really need to use the brush, but I'm just doing it for fun. Everything is so much shinier. I'm embarrassed that I was wearing my jewelry looking like that before. The cleanser just smells so like clean and fresh. I don't know what the exact scent is, but it just smells clean and I love it. Now for the main event, the Tiffany necklace, I'll show you it again after it came out of the cleaner the brush is working on it. Also use the inner cloth to rub the surface free of tarnish and then the outer cloth to buff the metal to desired shine. This is what the cloth looks like. It's like a little book almost. So this obviously the white is the inner cloth and the gray is the outer cloth. So it said first used the inner cloth to remove tarnish.

This is insane.

Look at this.

Just can't get over it like you can even tell from here how shiny it is. It's like reflecting the light. Okay, so that is it for this video. I am obsessed with this product and I'm going to start taking such better care of my jewelry. Now that I see the difference from when it's like dirty to when it's cleaned. There's such a big difference in this product is so easy to use. It's called simple shine. It really is so simple. I always thought that cleaning your jewelry was like this big ordeal that would take forever. They really made it so simple and it actually works. So I will link both of these products down below if you want to try them out for yourself. You definitely should. And thank you so much, too simple. Shine for reaching out. I love both of these products so much. They both work amazing. So thank you guys so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe if you have not already, and I will see you in my next video.

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