How to Clean Pearls and Delicate Gems [VIDEO]

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Hello, Glamazons. A lot of you asked me how to clean jewelry. Well, here's a great way to clean your pearls and delicate things. Simple Shine was nice enough to send me two items and this video is about the first one. This is their gentle cleaning kit. So yeah, this is a wonderful way to clean pearls, treated diamonds, anything that's delicate, emeralds. So you guys know I love Magic Bling and that is what I use. There it is. But I can't find out where to buy it online. That's the other part of it. I got it at an auto show. So this is something you guys can actually order and use for your jewelry and I hope you guys like it. We are trying it out with our first time together.

Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Set

So here's some information about Simple Shine. I hope you guys pause this video and read it. The prices are really reasonable too and they do have an Amazon store. They also made it onto the list of top jewelry cleaners. I will post that link below. So yeah. So here is the cleaning solution once I opened it. You get the little brush and you get the really nice cloth. This cloth is so awesome and I'm so impressed with it. As you can see for the simple gentle cleanser, I chose some pearl and mother of pearl jewelry and a white agate. You can see it's really dirty. It's got my makeup all over it. These were my grandma's pearls and they're very dirty.

These are some freshwater pearl earrings I've been wearing a lot and maybe even got my hair in them. Then these are Sterling Silver White Mother Of Pearl Earrings that are very dirty. So let's see how the gentle cleanser work. You sit them in the solution for two minutes and then you wipe them clean. So I'll come back and show you how clean they got. Okay, here's the jewelry sitting in the solution, giving it two minutes. Let's go. Okay, Glamazons. I took them out of the solution and I wiped them down with the cloth here and wow, look at how clean, if the camera would focus, look at ... They're so clean it doesn't want to focus. Look at how clean this jewelry got, especially the mother of pearl. Look at that sparkly, sparkly, sparkly, clean, better than brand new.

So even all of my makeup is gone off of the agates. They're white again. So yeah, definitely. This gentle cleaning solution is great for everything that you cannot put in the ultrasonic cleanser. I'm very impressed. So if you have a of mother pearl, if you have a lot of agates, if you have a lot of pearls or enhanced stones, crystals, definitely check this out. Thank you Simple Shine for sending me this product. Stay tuned.

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