Shine On! How to Clean Diamond Jewelry in 7 Simple Steps

How to clean diamond jewelry step by step

The word diamond comes from the Greek name “Adamas," who was a conquering God whose name became synonymous with indestructibility. 

But even though diamonds are tough, nothing really saves them from getting dirty. 

We put our diamonds through a lot, and they definitely cost a lot. So why aren't we taking care of them a little better?

Here's our guide on how to clean diamond jewelry.

Let Diamonds Sit in Cleaner for About Two Minutes 

If jewelry care isn't already part of your daily ritual you will be amazed by how easy it is. Jewelry only needs to sit in a cleaner for two minutes. It's as simple as plopping your jewelry into the cleaner when you would normally put them on or take them off, and moving on to another task like making tea or coffee, or brushing your teeth!

dropping diamonds into cleaning solution

You don't even need to make using the cleaner part of your daily routine. Instead, use a double-sided cleaning and polishing cloth every morning for well-kept pieces, and make the "deep clean" a weekly to-do. 

Keep Your Fingers Off! 

This is why we provide a jewelry ladle in our kits! No offense, but your fingers are gross. But don't worry, ours are too. Your fingers are basically oozing oil at a microscopic level. They also collect all kinds of gunk while they're clenching the steering wheel, applying lotion and typing away on your phone.

It might be a case of opposites attract or something, but diamonds love grease. But nothing kills their sparkle quicker. The naked eye usually can't see the pieces of dust and slime that collect on a diamond.

This can leave a lot of diamond owners even questioning the quality of their diamond when really, it's just dirtier than you realize. 

Gently Scrub Diamonds Clean 

After you remove the jewelry from the cleaner, hands-free, you'll need to gently scrub it remove any stubborn impurities. Our kits include a specialized jewelry cleaning brush, that's designed to be soft to the touch, but almost needle-like in its ability to get into grooves and details.

scrubbing diamond jewelry with a brush

Ornate jewelry and jewelry with multiple stones can be especially difficult to get perfectly clean. A lot of people who clean their jewelry at home use a toothbrush. But toothbrushes are naturally abrasive. The enamel on your teeth doesn't scratch as easy as a diamond does. 

Polish Diamonds with a Soft Cloth 

After they scrub their diamonds clean, a lot of people simply use a towel to dry their jewelry and call it a day. But taking the extra minute to polish your piece will really give it that fresh, luxurious glow. 

The great thing is that polishing can be as easy as just drying a piece of jewelry. Using a cleaning cloth made for jewelry works out any remaining tarnish the way other products can't. 

Clean Your Diamonds Regularly 

The best way way to keep your diamonds sparkling is to keep them clean. Many people find that integrating our two-step jewelry cleaning cloth into their daily routine is sufficient for upkeep. But, for pieces that might have not been getting as much love, a cleaning solution will need to be used.

How often you should clean your jewelry depends a lot on how often you wear your jewelry. A diamond wedding ring, that's worn every day, will likely need to be put into a cleaner weekly and maintained throughout the week with a cloth. 

But some ladies like to use a cleaner every day! More power to them! That's the beauty of using a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaner. 

Keep Shining Anytime, Anywhere with a Shine Stick!

Our dual feature cleaning and polishing cloths are amazing, but they aren't always easy to carry around. Sometimes they can get lost in a purse abyss, or dirty, which defeats their purpose. 

That's why we made the Shine Stick Diamond Cleaner. Sometimes the most important occasions for looking our best can be a little hectic.

jewelry cleaning pen for diamond rings

If you're traveling for work or a wedding, or you're just running through a busy day of meetings, you're going to want your diamond looking sharp. But in circumstances like these, you're not always going to have your home base to go back to with all the tools you need. 

That's where the shine stick enters to save the day! It's a tool that's the size of a pen that can be taken with you anywhere. It will fit into even the most petite evening bags. 

It works like a marker where you just essentially "draw" on your diamond as if you're using a marker. The result is a diamond with a renewed luster. 

Don't Follow "How to Clean Diamond Jewelry Tips" that Suggest Using Hot Water 

A lot of DIY-type blog posts and articles will recommend that you use hot water and dish soap to clean your jewelry. If this works for you, great! But, understand the dangers involved when you move diamonds between climate extremes. 

If you take a diamond out of a scalding hot bowl, and place it in cold water, or apply a cold liquid, you can break and crack it. To use, it's simply not worth the risk. It's part of the reason we created our cleaner in the first place. 

Fixing a chipped or damaged diamond can be a costly repair, depending on the quality of the gemstone. Sometimes it's not considered "worth" the cost of the repair to even follow through with it. 

Use a Cleaner with a Clear Conscience!

In this era of questioning, people everywhere are starting to put ethics first when it comes to fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. We say it's about time! 

When it comes to how to clean diamond jewelry, we've been making our non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner (that actually works) for a hot minute now. Our products are made in America by a woman-family-and-friends-owned business. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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