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Hey everyone, coin metallurgist here. Hope you're all doing well. I have products that I want to review for you today. As last week, these are products that I received from a company named Simple Shine, and I received these products for free in exchange for creating this review of them. These products are available on Amazon. I will put a link to each of these products in the description below. If you like these products, please check them out and consider purchasing them.

So there's three products I want to show to you today. The first is a Simple Shine Premium Silver Wipe, and this is a silver cleaning wipe that come 30 in this package. They're pre-moistened, they're similar to similar packaging as like a Clorox wipe or a disinfectant wipe, where they're rolled up inside and they're kind of damp.


We have a cleaning cloth. This is called a Simple Shine Premium Jewelry Polishing Cloth. The way this cloth works, it has two layers of fabric. It has the gray fabric on the outside and this white fabric inside. You basically have four panels of a white fabric. You can use either side of it. But the white fabric is pre-treated with a chemical to help cleaning and polishing.


And then, I probably won't do justice to these in the video, but I also have a pair of horse-haired brushes from them. So these are Premium Horsehair Silver Brush Set. I was trying to gear these products specifically to silver. This cloth specifically could be used for other items also, but my thought behind this video is in a day-to-day application, what is the most likely use that I would have for these specific products? And that is my set of silverware.


So, my set of silverware is silver plate, so it's just a layer of silver and of non-precious metal underneath. But these are all items to treat the surface of the product, so they should work on silverware, just like they would work on sterling silver flatware or jewelry. All of these products should work just as well for jewelry, but there's other products that I may be more inclined to use for jewelry, like the ultrasonic cleaner that I reviewed last week, and also a product that I'm going to review next week, which is more of a dip solution specifically for cleaning jewelry.

So, I want to give you an idea first of these silver cleaning wipes. These are my actual set of silverware. You can see I have one here that's already nice and shined ,and so I want to try to see if we can get rid of some of this tarnish with one of these wipes. And I didn't do any steps to clean this silverware before starting this. It's just been sitting in a Ziploc bag where I store it all for some period of time, since last time we used them. And as you can see, this does a really good job of taking off the tarnish on something like this. And it's pretty filthy. You can see the tarnish coming off on the cloth here.

So you can see it leaves a little bit of residue. I would wash this off after, rinse after scrubbing it down with this. I'm going to do one fork here. Hopefully the video shows you some of the toning on here, and of course, on silverware, we often call it tarnish. I'm going to go not quite up to the tips so you can kind of see the contrast here. And then we'll do a little bit on the handle here.

So, this is my first time using this product. It seems to be working pretty good. Of course, these cloths are kind of like a one time use. They seem to hold up pretty good. They claim to be 100% cotton, and nice and thick. So they don't just fall apart on you. And they seem to remove the tarnish off this stuff pretty well.

And just for sake of demonstration, not something I would typically advise doing, I am going to use this on a small coin. This coin has got a hole in it. It's not worth anything beyond its silver value at this point, but we're just going to see kind of what we get for results on a coin here. And we see some good results, similar to the jewelry, sorry, similar to the flatware. We see some of the tarnish coming off. And it kind of polishes up. Now, I probably would not ever suggest polishing coins unless it was already in a piece of jewelry and you wanted coins in your jewelry set.

Let's see. So on this cloth, use the white side first, and the white side is treated with a chemical. Let's try one of our forks here. I'm going to really grab this and rub, see what we get. See, we're getting a lot of the same color coming off on it here, and pretty similar result. I actually think you get almost, you get the tarnish off with this, but it's starting to kind of look a little bit more polished than you do with the wipes. And of course, this is still with the first side of it. Let's try the handle here a little bit. Oh, yeah. You get a lot more shine with using this cloth, I think, than with the cleaning wipe, but the cleaning wipe does remove all of the tarnish pretty well.

So we're going to now use some of the gray side. The gray side is supposed to be kind of more of like a buffing side after you've removed the tarnish or discoloration or dirt off of it. You probably would be well-advised to use some of these products along with some of their other products. You can see quite a bit of lot of coloration coming off there still. Especially if you have something really heavily tarnished, it might be useful to clean it with some other solutions, other cleaning solutions or other products prior to using these products.

So to give you some contrast, let's see, this spoon right here. Those look both really nice right now, and here's one that I haven't done anything with yet. Dropped a couple of them. But anyways, I'm pretty happy with both of those products. They seem to work pretty well. And of course, this is a set that I actually use and want to look nice and polished and shiny, and so it's something that I want to clean and also polish.

And of course, I could have used these brushes along with these products, trying to get into some of those details on the design and trying to clean it out. These are horse-haired bristles, so they are soft, and so I wouldn't expect them to scratch up items a whole lot. So I think it would be fairly safe to use on this flatware or even on jewelry or other products that you don't want to scratch up. I wouldn't use them on coins, because you are going to get probably some hairline scratching on them. But you could with the right products and the right technique potentially even use them in that application.

But I'm pretty satisfied with these products. I'm very pleased to have had this opportunity to review them in this video, and I hope that you all appreciate this opportunity to kind of see how they work. And I hope that if this is something that is useful to you, that you may have a use for it, you consider these products.

I appreciate you all watching this video and supporting my channel, and please like, comment and subscribe. And I'll see you all next time.

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