• Birthstone Meanings and Powers

    Birthstone Meanings and Powers
    Birthstone meanings and powers are an interesting topic. Almost everyone knows their zodiac sign and birthstones are an equally popular notion. Whether or not you believe in birthstone meanings and powers, it can certainly offer an exciting look into the past and even initiate a bit of self-reflection.
  • Testing Pearl Authenticity

    Testing Pearl Authenticity
    Testing pearl authenticity becomes a walk in the park once you know what to look for. There are many types of pearls with plenty of colors and even shapes within each classification. Fortunately the methods for testing genuine pearls can be applied to any kind you have in mind. Once you've read through our guide on testing pearl authenticity you'll be an absolute pearl...
  • How To Clean Jewelry at Home [VIDEO]

    How To Clean Jewelry at Home [VIDEO]
    Video Transcription Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. For today's video, we're going to be trying out something new, a little different than my normal videos, but I'm so excited because this has to do with one of my favorite things ever, which is jewelry. I'm going to be trying out these jewelry, cleaner kits. This is the all natural one from simple...
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