10 Cool Animal Lover Jewelry Pieces

Animal shaped and themed pendant

Are you an animal lover? Even if you aren't partial to dogs and cats, I'm sure you do have a favorite animal. Maybe your favorite animal is a dragon or a unicorn. Animal lover jewelry is a fun and easy way to represent your favorite animal and let the world know why they are the best pick!

So we've compiled a collection of the 10 best animal lover jewelry pieces and tried to represent as many of these amazing animals as we possibly could. Remember to keep your animal lover jewelry looking bright and shiny with Simple Shine's gentle jewelry cleaning kit or gentle jewelry cleaning solution and give those loveable little critters the representation they definitely deserve!

"Hang In There" Cat Necklace

The feline form is graceful and sleek, but everyone equally loves a chubby little furball! This animal lover jewelry features a cat clinging onto a sterling silver necklace, and he's hanging on for dear life! Or one of his nine dear lives, as the case may be. It reminds me of those motivational office posters, except you can take it everywhere!

"Love My Puppy" Dog Necklace

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but regardless of the particular breed you can represent them in all their canine glory with this stainless steel necklace. The price point is exceedingly low because of the steel construction, which can be a boon or a detriment depending on how you feel about semi-precious metals.

"Squeaking Through" Rat Pendant

Rats are my favorite animal overall, so forgive me for gushing a bit here. Smart, cunning, and surprisingly loyal I've grown to absolutely adore rats. They might be little sneaks that won't hesitate to sneak a bite of whatever you're eating, but they can also do tricks and only want to please. Rats are a pack animal, and much easier to maintain than a dog. This pendant lacks a chain, but it is worth picking up to show love for an animal that the media has largely misrepresented.

"I Like Turtles" Turtle Necklace

Holy heckers! This is one beautiful necklace. Sterling silver featuring gorgeous sapphires? It's a fantastic combination. Turtles make great pets, and even if you just like them in nature they definitely need some awareness. I stopped using plastic straws and bags in the name of saving the turtles!

"I'm An Angel" Fish Necklace

Fish share the stage with turtles for most adorable aquatic creature. There are millions of fish lovers out there. Even people that mostly enjoy catching and devouring them have some form of respect for these noble little fellows. Say thank you to the fish for allowing you to relax with this gorgeous animal lovers necklace.

"Honk for Quackers" Baby Duck Necklace

This animal lovers necklace is for all the duck fans. There are plenty of them out there. Did you think we weren't going to mention the avians? Ducks are without a doubt my favorite bird. It's my son's favorite animal ever. If you haven't seen a little feathery butt waddling around through the grass I truly think you are missing something.

"Hoofing It" Horse Necklace

You didn't think he'd forget the horses, right? Burly and strong, yet beautiful enough to be a favorite of many. The horse represents a fantastic sort of duality that I think we can all learn from. This animal lover necklace is stainless steel, so even if it gets lost during a ride it won't be a tragedy.

"Friendship Is Magic" Unicorn Necklace

You had to know this one was coming... It's a small step away from horses, but still deserves an entry of its own. I've loved unicorns since I was a small child. There is so much history and mythology behind them and I spend literally years delving into stories about unicorns. How does a horn imbue them with so much magic? Perhaps this necklace holds some of the same power!

"Double Dragon" Dragon Necklace

Going along with the mythical creatures we've got the mighty dragon. What's better than one dragon? That's right! Double up and strike awe into those around you. I talked briefly about duality in my blurb about horse necklaces, but this is a much more straight forward representation of the light and dark in all of us. They keep each other leashed, and maybe this necklace can remind you of that.

"Monkey Shines" Monkey Necklace


I thought we'd round out the list with an animal that isn't completely mythological, but still somewhat unattainable for the average person. We all love monkeys, right? This sterling silver necklace might be mistaken for some sort of strange symbol until it's given a closer look, and that makes this a strong statement piece. Very cool.

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