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Hello my darlings, it's Dionne Dean back with another video. I am in my house shirt and pajama bottoms because we are about to clean some shoes. So Simple Shine reached out to me a few months ago and because I'm not in Chicago, I didn't feel like I had anything that needed to be cleaned as far as shining shoes or cleaning shoes, nubucks, suede, leather and all that kind of stuff. And so I was like, "I don't really have a use for any of your items." However you guys remember that I got these Gazelles at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago and it was just like, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, I need suede cleaner, let's try out your stuff on my thrifted shoes.

And so today we are going to see how, or not see how, we're going to put this Simple Shine Suede and Nubuck Brush Set, Premium Suede, and Nubuck Cleaner, we're going to put it to the test on my Adidas Gazelles.

And also, I was like, wait a minute, I do need some shoes to be cleaned. So I have these ZARA slides. These were like when I ... Thank you guys for the love on my thrifted luxury shoe collection. I will definitely link it above for those of you that haven't seen it. But these are a pair of flats that I kept in my office and whenever my feet hurt from my high heels I would throw these on.

And so I was like, you know what?These need to be cleaned as well. These are ZARA. I got these two Christmases ago during the ZARA sale and you see they need some cleaning as well. So I'm going to see how it cleans this as well because I was like I need that.

So let's get to it. I have a towel, I'm actually on my kitchen Island, that's why I'm in my kitchen. I didn't want to do it on my dining room table or outside because I just didn't want to. So I got an old towel. So we're going to lay that down and let's read the descriptions. Let's do the Gazelles first because based on how it does on the Gazelles then we can say how it's going to work on my ZARA shoes. But let's read the directions, that's the easiest thing. Let's lay this towel down.

All right, so I guess I should have taken the laces out, right? [inaudible 00:02:28], I'll wash the laces afterwards. All right, so let's tuck the laces in because I did not take them out, which I should have done and let's read the directions. My husband says I don't read directions. I don't, I just, spraying and cleaning. All right, so here is the formula. It's eight full ounces and I want to say this is 1999, I'm going to put a link to everything in the description box. It says effectively yet gently removes dirt oil, salt and water spots. And so if you are in Chicago or anywhere, Chicago is home for me so I always say Chicago, but anywhere where they have salt is where you'd probably want to use this.

It says our Simple Shine Premium Suede and Nubuck Cleaner, keep your goods ... Oh my husband's [Tims 00:03:21], I could have tried it on those too, you know every black man has a pair of Tims. Keeps your goods looking fantastic by removing dirt, oil, sweat, salt and water spots. Our superior formula is effective, yet gentle and made specifically for the most delicate suede and nubuck. Use our spray to restore boots, bags? Bags, belts, and more to like new condition. The formula is clear and it will not change the color or darken material.

All right, so directions first, remove surface dirt and debris using either a clean cloth or a suede brush. So I think this is the suede brush. Hold bottle upright and spray eight inches from the item, cover the entire surface area evenly to avoid spotting, brush in the direction of the nap, using a clean cloth or suede brush for best results use with our Simple Shine Suede Brush Set. Allow item to dry prior to use.

Okay, so let's open this up. So this is the Premium Suede and Nubuck Brush Set. Let's open that up. What is this? All right, so this is the brush. What are the directions for this? Our Simple Shine, Premium Suede, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, safe for all suede. That's what my husband says, that, "Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah." He's like, "Well, what's the dah, dah, dah, dah, dah? Okay, read me the dah, dah, dah, dah, dah." Our Simple Shine Premium Suede and Nubuck Brush Kit keeps your goods looking fantastic by removing scuff marks and dirt. It includes all the brushes you need to remove marks and restore the texture by raising the nap without causing damage.

All right, so what is this? What do you do with this part? This is the sponge, I'm thinking this would be for nubuck. Oh, what is this part for? Let's try it all out. It doesn't have the ... Okay, let's do it guys. Let's do it. All right, so I'm going to move the camera down a little bit so that you see what I'm doing. Oh, that's the directions as to what these little things are. The bristle brush to remove mud, dirt or salt brush in the direction of the nap. The bristle brush can be used alone or with a suede cleaning solution. To protect the item, brush the article using gentle short strokes in the direction of the nap. If the nap becomes flattened, use the crepe brush to lift and fluff the pile.

Okay, so this is ... oh the crepe brush to remove any dirt or marks, rub suede back and forth using quick vigorous strokes. So this is for suede or they're both for suede. The crepe brush will also lift and restore the pile at the nap. The crepe rubber may absorb the color of articles cleaned after a few uses. However, the color should not transfer with use. I love that they put this there.

And then the eraser, using a clean dry cloth, gently rub the surface to prep it. Rub the eraser back and forth on the mark you wish to remove. If the stain is wet, use a clean cloth. Oh wow, wow! The nap becomes flattened. Use the crepe brush to lift and fluff the [inaudible 00:06:30].

So I think we're going to use this one. Maybe we'll use this one on one and then this one on the other. All right. Okay, so I'm going to point the camera down so that you guys can see what I am doing. All right, so let's saturate the shoe. Let's do that first. Oh, maybe I should take up my Apple Watch. Okay. All right, so let's brush. Oh, we really see dirt there. Let's see. Oh, you know what? Let's use the eraser. I'm doing this with you guys. Open before they dry. Okay, let's use the eraser. Oh, it's an actual eraser, okay, that looks like some ... okay. Oh! Let's do one side versus the other. Oh wow! You definitely see it there, right?

This is kind of cathartic, actually not cathartic, this is kind of ... Kind of makes me feel good. Oh wow! All right, let's try here. Now, because it's wet, I definitely saw it here. Oh, here we go. Oops. Let's see. Let's do some more here. Do some erasing and then brushing. Is that how we're doing it? All right. Do we dare try the brush? No, let's just do this on this side. Nothing's coming off on there. It's definitely getting that clean. Okay, hold on, just getting this corner here. Okay, see that? Okay. Let me work right here because I don't know if that's because it's wet or I don't know. So let's ... I don't want to dampen it anymore. Let's erase that.

I'm going in here. All right. I definitely can see the difference here, but it's wet and so I'm thinking once it dries, you really get to see the effect. But back here, that's like night and day, right?Yeah, that's like night and day. That eraser did the trick. I don't want to use the brush, but I will. Yeah, let's do the other side. I'll do the other side off camera.

The real one that I want to try is this one. Okay, so for this one I think I'm going to use the eraser and the brush. Let me make sure the eraser can be done wet. If your stain is wet, use a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. Oh! Prior to using the eraser. Wrong move, didn't do that with the first one. All right, so then let's just use the brush, no eraser. I hope this works because I really love this shoe. Okay, so brush. All right. Are we ready? Saturate it. Oh, oh my gosh. Look at me spraying more. I don't even know if I'm supposed to spray more, I'm just spraying more, but did you see that? That whole area right there has gone. Oh wait, wrong one, hold up.

So I think the brush really saturating it and going down in there. Wow, wow! This really works. Not to say I didn't think it was going to, but I've never done this before. Oh wow! Try and do it on camera so you guys can see. Cleaned that up a lot.

Let's see if we can this area right here. Wow! So really got this area clean. Probably need to put some grit into it and work on that and right in here. Let's use this little thing. Let's see if that works for right there. Looked a whole lot better than what it did look like. Hold on, let's see if we can go over it, go over that one part. That looks way better. That one part is still irritating me though. I'd probably have to put some elbow grease into it.

All right. Let's use the eraser on some of these little spots here because it's dry. This is eraser is everything. Oh yeah, this eraser is the business. Oh look at that guys, cleaned it right off. Oh yeah, this eraser is becoming my best friend, oh yeah, oh yeah. Look at that, brought it right back, that little area right there. I wonder if they sell this by itself because this is everything. Look at that. It just brought it right back. Look at that.

Do we dare brush it? Let's brush it. Oh yeah, actually just brush by itself without the solution. No, no, it needs the solution. That's a lie, it needs the solution.

So there's what it's looking like without being dried. I need to work on this area right there, but I think, like I said with some elbow grease, look at that. Okay, oh, do we dare to the front? I can do this all day. But you guys get the point.

Let's do some more. Why not? Let's do some more. Let's do one more. So here's that area there. Let's put some solution and let's brush it this way. Looks better. I have to wait for them to dry though. That's going to be the real test. I'm going to do this off camera and then I'll come back and we'll wait for them to dry and we'll do a final looksie.

Okay my loves, so it's been a few hours, my work has shifted. I wasn't enlisting. Okay, so it's been a good amount of time. It's been four or five hours. Could be more, I have my lunch, making my lunch back there. And so I wanted to give you an update.

So let's look at the ZARA shoes. So this was one of them. This was the left foot. And if you remember, it's still ... I really drenched these, I think I put too much solution on them. So once they're not 100% dry, but I think it really did a good job of removing the darkness over here that was on here from, I don't know whether it was my pants, I don't know, the ink transfer. There's the ZARA one. I'm going to work the eraser on that some more.

And then here's the one that was really, really bad that we really, really worked on. And I think it did a good job for the amount of dark stuff that was at ... This is actually still a little damp too. So I think once it dries it's going to lighten up even more. And so once it dries, I'm going to go over it with the eraser again, which I really, really enjoy and probably do ... You know what? Let me see what happens if I brush it even now. I think I did a really good job. This was really, really, really, really dark if you remember that. And even working on that you guys see how that is like totally brand new. Yeah, so I think ... Not that side, that side. I think it did a really good job. And once it dries down some more, it'd be really good because I was really not wearing them because not to say I don't want clean shoes, but you don't want your shoes to look really, really dirty and mangy. And so it was in my brain to take them to go get cleaned and so yeah, now I can wear them again. They look really good. They look like ...

All right, so the Gazelles. So was this ... which one was it? I did both of them. I think this one's a little dry. Okay, so this was the one that we did, that we worked on. And so you can see that's really, really good. Look at the back. I did both of them. Did I do this? Yeah, it was this one I did. Look at that. That's really, really good. Y'all, I may be thrifting sneakers from here on out and bringing them back to life, yeah, A+.

So yeah, I really like the product Simple Shine. Thank you so much for sponsoring this video. Now you have saved me a good amount of money to go and get these done. These are really impressive. Okay, you know I wear sneakers. Okay, once ... I do wear sneakers, so this is my running around shoe. But this shoe I was really excited about because I wanted to bring them back because I really love these shoes. I get so many compliments when I wear these shoes. And you guys, when you asked me about flats, these are a pair of flats that I wear just running up and down and like I said, I used to wear them. They stayed in my office and whenever my heels got too much for me I put this on, but that's impressive. That's really impressive to bring that back like that.

All right, so once again, thank you. I'm going to leave a link to all of these products. The Premium Suede and Nubuck Cleaner and the Premium Suede and Nubuck Brush Set. My husband is going to have a good time with this because he ... living in Chicago, he didn't want to give up his Tims and so this would be really great for him as well. We're going to have a good time cleaning all this suede and nubuck.

All right, love you. We never [inaudible 00:00:20:43]. Thank you for stopping by and I have some [inaudible 00:20:47] for you coming up very, very soon so stay tuned, bye. I'm going to go eat my lunch and get back to this [inaudible 00:20:52].


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