7 Amazing Rings That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Most people don't think of rings as a particularly functional piece of jewelry. For the most part, they're completely correct, but there are certainly exceptions to this rule. We've compiled 10 amazing rings that are sure to blow your mind. Some are functional, others hold hidden secrets.

I have a bit of an obsession with rings. Especially those that serve a secret function or hold hidden surprises. It really is a shame that I only have 10 fingers, and even then I can really only feasible wear 2 or 3 of my mind-blowing rings at the same time. I guess it just leaves something for later!

Nobody expects much from a simple ring, so when you can pull a surprise out it's especially impressive. What rings have lost in symbolism they've more than gained in utility and craftsmanship! Let's not delay any longer, it's time to take a look at 10 functional rings with hidden secrets!

Care for Your Rings!

No matter which ring you decide on, functional or not, you'll need to provide a bit of maintenance to keep these functional pieces performing their duties. Simple Shine offers a huge range of products, but one of my favorites is our gentle foaming jewelry cleaner. There is also an option for an all-natural jewelry cleaner if you're in the market for something more organic. These cleaners work wonders. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

Functional Calendar Ring


Having a watch is all well and good, but some watches don't feature a date. Maybe you have a watch with a date display, but it doesn't quite match your outfit? It could be that you're not the kind of person that counts minutes, or maybe you simply don't like wearing watches? Fear no more! This tri-color calendar ring will keep you well informed while also looking sleek and stylish.

"I Love You" Language Ring


No matter what language you speak, this ring will easily tell your partner how you feel about them. I assume that you speak English, given the language this article was written in. But perhaps you speak a second language? Or just have a general love of languages? The stone on this ring seems innocuous enough, but once it is put to your eye and a bit of light hits the back of the ring? You can see translations of "I love you" in 200 different languages. The ring that is linked about can be customized with a name which can make it an extremely special gift. 

Refillable Lighter Ring


Need a light? Even if you don't smoke, it can be quite handy to provide fire at a moment's notice. Some refillable butane lighter rings, while others use an electric arc. It isn't the most comfortable thing to wear for extended periods, but if you manage to have it on when someone asks for a light? You're sure to impress the person who's asking. You'll feel like a wizard! A very low-level wizard, but still!

Color Changing Mood Ring


Not sure how you feel today? Just check your mood ring! Granted this is more of a fun novelty piece than an accurate gauge of your emotions, but it's still a lot of fun. Mood rings were most popular in 1960, but I'm hedging my bets on mood rings making a comeback. Even if they don't come back into fashion, I'll continue wearing mine simply because I enjoy checking the color from time to time. My mood ring is usually blue, but there are times that it shifts to yellow or black. The only down side to a mood ring? You can't really dress to match it very easily.

Word Spinner Ring


In a similar vein to the mood ring, but with much more user-input is the word spinner ring. This amazing ring is great to pass the time or simply display your current feelings. It's like a knuckle tattoo that I can change up whenever I feel like it. An ideal ring for those that like the idea of knuckle tats, but still want to find gainful employment. Whenever my phone is running low on battery, I can still keep my brain working by fiddling with my word spinner ring. I really enjoy the variety of words that are able to be created, and if your mood is a bit more nebulous it's always possible to just create some gibberish.

Crayon Rings


Need to take a quick note? Doing so in crayon isn't ideal but if you're the only one who will read it, what's the big deal? Granted, these particular crayon rings are sized for children but its fairly easy to melt them down and resize them a bit. I use an inconspicuous black crayon ring, and most people assume it is simply silicone. I really enjoy sliding it up and writing whatever I need to in less than a second. Convenient, extremely functional, and keeps me in touch with my inner child.

Skeleton Hand Ring and Bracelet Combo


The way I rave about edgy jewelry, this might not surprise avid readers. This skeleton bracelet features a set of 5 rings which pull some bone-shaped links over your hand. If you run around with a spookier crowd, they will surely crown you as royalty when they lay eyes on this apparatus. While it isn't technically a ring, it definitely makes a spot on this list simply because of how impressive the set-up is.

Steampunk Gear Ring

This isn't the Kinekt gear ring that I have laying around, but it still looks decent enough. The Kinekt ring is great for fiddling with. You can spin it around and it feels really nice to do so. This particular ring doesn't feature the steampunkish gears that I enjoy so much, but it does allow a great example of one of my favorite rings. Unfortunately, Kinekt isn't on Amazon so you'll need to buy directly from them.

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