How to Clean Jewelry In 6 MINUTES [VIDEO]

 Video Transcription

Since we are still on the topic of jewelry, I wanted to give you all a machine that actually cleans your jewelry. Now Simple Shine hit me up and they were like, "Yo, we have this product. Do you want to try it out?" And I'm like, but what that's a no-brainer. I went ahead and got this joint. This, I think is 50 bucks. If you have jewelry and you want something that can easily just clean your jewelry, you might want to consider this, yo.

The way you use it is it has this plug, you plug it up, right? Actually scratch that. You leave it unplugged for now because what you got to do is you got to open this case up and you have to fill it up with water. Now it has a max line and you want to keep the water right up to that max line. You probably want to use distilled water or something like that just so you know, it's the most purified water that you can put on your jewelry. But basically you fill that up. You actually use this solution right here, which I believe I have a bigger one which came with this joint, but they sent me another one.

Really you just can put a few jobs in there and usually I just spray enough to where I think that is enough. It will turn the water a very faint light blue. You do that. You let it sit there and then you get your jewelry or whatever you want to put in there. Now look, I'm going to tell you this on the instructions it says it pretty much cleans just about everything. I wouldn't put any fashion jewelry or anything that's made out of brass or anything. Honestly, I wouldn't even throw in any type of faux jewelry or anything like that, but it should be able to clean most jewelry items.

I definitely throw in all my jewelry in there, all my real ... you know what I'm saying? Real, solid, metal jewelry, my silver, stainless steels, golds, diamonds. You can even throw cubic zirconias in here, all of that. Just make sure it's a solid metal where the base of the metal was solid, but what they have here is they have these trays that come with it. One of them is for rings, one of them you have for your earrings or your smaller jewelry items and then this big tray is pretty much for just change or I think it even cleans glasses too.

This big tray is what I've been using lately. I really just throw everything in there. I've thrown in my Double-Cap Grills already. I've thrown in some rings, some chains and all of that. I've already tested it out.

I will say that it cleans very well. You change the different times on it. What happens is you put it in there, you drop your tray in the water. Once you turn it on, it will start by itself. You can always stop it if you need to, but it has a couple of different times. I think it has a minute something, it's three minutes, four minutes, six minutes. I believe six minutes is the longest one you can do. That's the one I usually do for a deeper clean.

What it really does is just lifts up all the dirt so it doesn't actually buff out your jewelry and do anything crazy. It just take all the dirt, lifts it, cleans it. Usually you can come back in with a toothbrush or something and just wipe all the dirt or scrub all the dirt away. Super convenient if you just have some jewelry and maybe you like go to sleep and you just want to clean it real quick before you wear it for the next day. But jewelry definitely gets dirty. You definitely have to clean your jewelry. This might be a nice buy for a lot of you. Once again, all of those links will be down in the description.


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