FAST & EASY How to Clean Silver at Home (Non Toxic Jewelry Cleaner) [VIDEO]

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I've got a riddle for you. What is fast, easy, cheap and makes things shiny? No, it's not me.

You know me, I am not one to do a lot of heavy cleaning on my jewelry, my silver, because of two things. One, it takes a while, and two, it is stinky. But suddenly, there's a solution. I have been introduced to a product that is fast and easy and cheap and not stinky to clean silver jewelry or costume jewelry without harsh chemicals, without being stinky, and it works fast because time is money. And in this video, we are going to clean some jewelry fast, and stay tuned to the end because I have a give away. And you guys know, I don't do a whole lot of product reviews unless there's something in it for you.

So let's take a peak at Simple Shine. Simple Shine is a non-toxic safe and non-stinky jewelry cleaning system. I'm going to link their shop, their Amazon shop down below and I'll link all the products we use in this video down below too. And at the end, we will be giving away some Simple Shine Premium Silver Wipes. Let's dive in.

So the first one we're unboxing is the Simple Shine Premium Silver Wipes that work. Let's look inside. All right, so we've got it like so, and I would think that you'd want to have a few items ready to go. So since it comes with just 30 wipes that you've got, one wipe can use on multiple items, we'll find out.

The next product we're going to try is Simple Shine. This is a complete jewelry care kit, cleanser, brush and cloth. We get a claw. There is an instruction book. We have this Simple Shine solution, a little tiny brush for I guess scrubbing in crevices if you need to get into crevices, and we'll find something that's dirty that needs crevasse cleaned. So as I look at the solution for this cleaner, it does say that it has no ammonia. So it says it is safe for steel, titanium, CZ, pearls, beads.

And then we have a Simple Shine Stick. This one, compact joy cleaning solution applicator and brush. This one has got a brush on one side. You're supposed to click it and turn it and the solution comes out on the brush.

So we're going to drop in a piece in this Simple Shine. I've got this ring here, so this ring is silver and what I've got a problem with cleaning it is underneath these moving rings that go around on here, you can see it's tarnished underneath. And what I'm going to do is drop it in and see if after it's soaked, if I'm able to use the little brush and clean that part in there and see how it looks. So that's what I'm going to try for this one, and this one we have to leave for two minutes. All right, we're going in.

Well let's do this. We're going to pull this out. What I'm noticing now that I'm looking at this is that I think the color that I thought was tarnished underneath is actually supposed to be that color. I thought it was tarnish that was going to be coming off, but it's not. So I am just kind of scrubbing at this a little bit. It doesn't really need it. I'm looking at the inside. I'm giving it a little scrub and then I'll rub it with the polish. What I'm noticing is that there's still some tarnish area here, so I'm going to see how that rubs off in just a second.

Let's see, rub, rub, rub. Well, as I'm working it, I can definitely see that there's dirt and tarnish coming off. It's really shining up though. Holy moly. Oh my goodness. Look how shiny that is. You can really see the shine on it. It's really, really super shiny. It is definitely ready for photographs.

I have this ring that I'm going to show you. I'm going to try to do, make sure I get all the angles of it so that we make sure we see how well it cleans up all the way around. I'm curious how it'll do on all this heavy tarnish. I'm going to try it with this one. I don't know for sure if this is a treated gemstone. I haven't used my presidium gem tester or on it, but let's see how it looks after two minutes and the solution. Here we go.

Let's take it out. It's got, I mean it's gotten a lot better. There's still some tarnish. So I go in with a little brush, wipe it up with the cloth and, oh my goodness, look how beautiful that is. It is night and day different.

The next thing I tried out was one of the Simple Shine wipes and I tried it on this necklace and I wanted to show you guys the before and after. I did half of the necklace with one of the wipes, so you can see this side that's super, super shiny and clean is the side I did with the wipe. This is the side that did not get wiped. So this side is definitely shinier, way shinier. And then this side you can see more of the dirt in the crevices. I've been using my wipe on a couple of different things, so let's wipe the other side and see how it goes. I thought if I'm going to do this, let me get my wipe out for a number of different things. So what I'm doing is just going along, rubbing it, getting the solution onto it. And then I'll come back and wipe it.

Now these Simple Shine wipes don't come with the cloth, but you can get cloths on their site. You can see it didn't take very long at all, which I like because otherwise I would have just listed it with the tarnish on it. But as you can see it took very, very, very little time for me to get this shiny on both sides.

Next up I have this bracelet and I don't think this one is silver, so I'm not sure if it's just got this plating on it or not. I'm going to try it with my same wipe so I use it as much as possible. Let's try half of it and see what happens. Y'all seeing that? It looks really shiny. I may need to look a little deeper for a sterling mark, because it's definitely tarnishing like silver. It is shining up definitely like silver. Then I'll take my cloth, wipe the solution off and you can see here's my tarnished side. There's my shiny side. Wow. There's the tarnish, and there's the shine. Wow. And that was pretty quick too.

This makes it come off really fast, so maybe I'm in a rush, so I just want to get a little bit on there and then come back with the cloth to work the rest of it out and save the moistened cloth with the solution on it for pieces that are super duper tarnished. Okay, so I might just give it a swipe through on the back. It looks gorgeous. It was good. I was going to list it before, but now it's like ... I think it's really going to do a lot better. I'm definitely going to have to look in there for that mark and see. But then again, not all pieces are marked. It could be something that was just handmade and I can always test it as well. Stay tuned. I do have a pile that I'm going to be testing, so that is the wipes. I'm having so much fun with these now.

I found these rings in the Benz. This is the Simple Shine Stick. I'm twisting it to get some of the solution onto the tip here. There we go. I'm going to bring this ring here and I'm going to just rub it with the solution. My fingers need it now, my fingers are filthy. So I've got just a spot here, I'm spot cleaning, and you can see that it's already starting to shine up. I might come back with my cloth and give it a little rub. And there we've got this really pretty silver showing through now. There's one of the rings that were connected, so now you can see both of these rings, one completely tarnished and the other very shiny. And now we've got both of them.

I was curious about this little ring that I found. It looks like it's copper and then it's got this little stone in it. I don't know what this stone is. There is a little mark on the inside down here. I can't really read it, but I wanted to take my cloth, which I'm still working with that same cloth and give it a go over and see what is revealed. But I didn't, I wasn't sure about submerging it because I don't know about the stone. So I just thought I'd give it a little wiping, and I'm going to be testing this later with my presidium gem tester just because I'm curious as to what it is. But here you can see this side is pretty gross.

I'm going to start shining up this side to see how it shines. It may have been plated at one time or it may just be this color or it may be hidden gold and I'm just going to reveal it and it's going to be beautiful. Wouldn't that be amazing? Look, it looks less coppery and dirty and more gold-like as I clean it. Oh my gosh, where did they get this ring? I think I got it in a thredUP box. And that stone is pretty gross though, I can't tell. I mean it looks better in the camera than it does in person. Okay, so now I'm going to get my cloth and go over this side. You can see how shiny it gets.

So the ring did shine up nicely. I still think it might be copper. It doesn't have a mark inside, which I know I've seen before. It's a little arrow ...

So my next ring has these green stones and it's set in silver. I'm going to use my Simple Shine Stick, so I'm going to take this and try to get into this spot down inside. Maybe this is a piece that I'm not 100% sure about putting in the solution even though it says it's safe. Maybe I'm a little nervous about it so I want to try to get some of the solution into those crevices because I've got this piece in here that also has silver but it's set in there so I'm trying to get some of the solution on here so that I can come back with my cloth and really get it cleaned up in the crevices.

It definitely shined it up. I didn't go through the back part yet to get the silver in the back sections, and then there's some down in these kind of grooves down here that I could come back with the stick and come through and get some of that solution in there to help loosen it up. I think it looks pretty good. Very cool.

Boy, this can be really addicting. Look at this tarnish, let's get this tarnish off. It's kind of got a pitted look. I think it's an artisan made piece. It's kind of a pitted look anyway as far as that goes. I'm dipping my brush into what spilt because I don't want to waste it. I had some kind of spill out. There we go, shiny, shiny.

Now, I have definitely drank the Koolaid on the Simple Shine. I will be using this on things that I am listing that maybe I wouldn't have cleaned as much before because of the time it would have taken for me to do that. This is so fast and so easy that I can polish things up real quick and list them without having to take a whole half a day to clean a big batch of jewelry because this will do it in minutes.

And if you are interested in winning some Simple Shine cloths of your very own, then go down there and leave the word Shine in the comments section. And I would love it if you also followed me on Instagram and Facebook @texasgaltreasures, and I will be drawing on January the 25th to find out who is the winner and will get some Simple Shine cloths sent out to you. Good luck.

I will definitely be buying some more of this product. I really, really like the microfiber cloth. I like the solution that I could immerse my jewelry in, and the wipes are super handy. I can totally see myself sitting, taking pictures of stuff, needing a quick shine up and grabbing a cloth and shining things real fast. And then the Simple Shine Stick for when I've got those jewelry pieces with lots of nooks and crannies that I can get in there and get some of that solution into the piece to rub it out, get that little brush, scrub, scrub, scrub. And it's fast. It's easy. Thanks so much for watching everybody. I'll see you on the next one. Bye.


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