Diamond Colors and Their Meanings

What are the different colors of diamonds and what do they mean

The vast majority of diamonds are icy clear, but did you know that they can appear in almost any color that you can imagine? Perhaps you did know that, but do you know what the different chemicals are that make them appear in those different colors? Each one of those colors also has a meaning behind it.

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Don't be confused or overwhelmed. Simple Shine is here to help you navigate the vast yet sometimes muddy waters of colored diamonds and diamond meanings. Consider this your one-stop guide to each and every color of diamond as we explain all about different diamond colors and the different meanings of colored diamonds!

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Rarity Order of Colored Diamonds:

In order from the most common diamond color to the least common diamond color:

White, black, brown, yellow, green, orange, blue, red/pink.

Color: White

White Diamond Chemistry: White diamonds are composed of pure carbon with the atoms arranged in a crystal. Impurities may exist in a white diamond, but these inclusions are only visible under 10x magnification.

White Diamond Symbolism: Meanings of a white diamond range far and wide but some common meanings include love, devotion, cleanliness, and even holiness.

Color: Black

Black Diamond Chemistry: Natural black diamonds are an impure form of diamond that usually includes graphite and amorphous carbon. Treated black diamonds were actually once white diamonds with excessive inclusions. Those impure diamonds are treated with heat or irradiated to turn them black and increase the value.

Black Diamond Symbolism: Traditional meanings of a black diamond include energy, passion, and action. It has since taken on new meanings though. Modern meanings of black diamonds might include strength, creativity, and purity.

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Color: Brown

Brown Diamond Chemistry: Brown diamonds are created when nitrogen is present during the formation. Nitrogen accounts for nearly 80% of the air we breathe so it's no wonder that brown diamonds are some of the most common colored diamonds available today.

Brown Diamond Symbolism: Meanings of brown diamonds are accuracy, order, and balance. As its color would imply, brown diamonds can also symbolize an affinity with nature.

Color: Yellow

Yellow Diamond Chemistry: Similar to brown diamonds, yellow diamonds are created when nitrogen is present. Yellow diamonds are the second most common colored diamonds available, with the aforementioned brown being the most common color of all.

Yellow Diamond Symbolism: One of the most platonic diamond colors that you can give to someone. Yellow diamond meanings include friendship, hope, happiness, and humility.

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Color: Blue

Blue Diamond Chemistry: When boron is present during the formation process of a diamond you get one of these beauties. Blue diamonds are extremely striking and their popularity proves it. Hydrogen impurities might provide a grayish blue, but the vivid color provided by boron is the most sought after.

Blue Diamond Symbolism: Blue diamond meanings are extremely varied. Blue diamonds might represent anything from spirituality to devotion, peace, and truth. Eternity and chastity are also sometimes included in the symbolism of a blue diamond.

Color: Green

Green Diamond Chemistry: Green diamonds are very cool. They take after the Incredible Hulk, not just because they're green in color, but also owing to the fact that their green color can only be obtained from exposure to radioactivity. It's true! Gamma radiation is the gift that keeps on giving! The green color of these diamonds might not be evenly distributed, but the specimens with more even distribution are highly sought after. The only diamond color more rare than green diamonds are the red/pink diamonds.

Green Diamond Symbolism: Meanings of a green diamond include abundance, prosperity, youthfulness, and a strong connection to nature.

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Color: Orange

Orange Diamond Chemistry: The chemical composition of orange diamonds is the subject of much debate. Some people will claim its due to boron, others will swear it's because of nitrogen. The rarity of a pure orange diamond leads me toward boron, but the color falling right between yellow and brown pull me back toward nitrogen. What is the true answer? Until we start finding pure orange diamonds consistently, the world may never know.

Orange Diamond Symbolism: Orange diamond meanings offer a real pop. The symbolism of orange diamonds is centered around enthusiasm, energy, and courage. Sounds like my three year old deserves some orange diamonds.

Color: Red/Pink

Red/Pink Diamond Chemistry: Red and pink diamonds are actually still pure diamonds. Chemistry has nothing to do with these ultra rare beauties. Pink and red diamonds are formed due to an extremely rare occurence within their atomic structure.

Red/Pink Diamond Symbolism: Red and pink diamonds have very similar meanings including strength, passion, confidence, and power. Given how rare these diamonds truly are you'll need to be quite strong or powerful to obtain one.

Colors Conclusion

I hope that you found this trip through the world of colored diamonds fascinating. I love jewelry in all its forms, but diamonds have a special place in the hearts of almost everyone. Getting into the actual chemistry of these diamond colors is just the icing on the cake! I plan to bring you more articles of this nature very soon.

Now that you know a bit more about the different colors of diamonds, their meanings, and what makes them look the way they do it's time to ensure that those diamonds are always looking their best. Our portable diamond cleaning brush will bring life and luster back to diamonds of any color! Small and easy to carry, you'll never have to worry about your bling not looking its best.

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