Five Things You Need In Your Life [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Next two items I wanted to mention were actually gifted to me and they were gifted to me just to try out. They reached out to me. This is the company called Simple Shine, and the company reached out to me just to try out some of their products, and I said, "Why not?" Because I literally wear white tennis shoes all the time and they always get dirty, especially this time of the year, and I thought why not try them out? Because these are things that I could use every day and they have become everyday essentials for me. So the first is the premium shoe cleaning erasers. It comes as a pack of three, and these are really, really nice. Now I know you guys are probably thinking, "Well you could use magic erasers," and I used to use magic erasers, but the issue I have with those is that they deteriorate when you're using them and I do not have that issue with these.

So this is wrapped in plastic. They're individually wrapped, but they're white, they're very thick and sturdy, and they also have ... I don't know if you guys are going to be able to see it, they have these little bumps in them to kind of help get that groove going when you scrub your shoes. It takes 10 seconds, literally, to wipe off my shoes and I could not be happier with these. They're relatively inexpensive. I can link them down below for you guys if you want to go check out their website, but these are really, really awesome. So if you get your shoes dirty all the time and you like to use magic erasers but you hate that they fall apart, because I get so frustrated. Yesterday I was using a magic eraser to clean something and it fell apart in my hand and I was like, "Oh God, why?"

But these all work really, really well and I think that you guys would love them, but the other one I wanted to mention from them is the Simple Shine premium shoe cleaning wipes, and these are really handy for on the go. So they come in packs of 10, in a skinny little pack like this, so that if you get your shoes dirty on the go, you can just take these out and wipe them down. These work just as well as the erasers. These are a little bit more portable, so I can throw a pack of these in my purse and they're really, really awesome. They are something I never would have thought I needed except for now that I have them, I don't think I could live without them. So I think that you guys should try these out, if not ... out of the two, I really think that these shoe cleaning wipes are an awesome find and something that not a lot of people think about, but you probably need in your life.

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