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Hey, everyone. This is Coin Metallurgist, and I hope you're all having a great day today. I have a product that I want to review for you today, which is intended to clean jewelry, and coins, and similar items. This is a Simple Shine Complete Jewelry Care Kit, and this product was given to me for free in exchange for creating a video reviewing this product.

So in this box comes a dip solution to dip the jewelry or coins into. It also, to go along with that, has a dip tray, which is useful to not have to potentially drop items in there, and it also comes with a small brush, which is handy. Set that right there.

In addition to that, it has this premium jewelry cleaning cloth, and I have used a product like this from Simple Shine just recently. I reviewed it for them, and it has two layers. It has a gray cloth, and inside, it has this white cloth. The white cloth is treated with a cleaner so that it can be used to clean silver or other precious metal jewelry, and the gray cloth is like a buffing agent. But the main thing that I want to do for you guys today is to test out this dip, this solution and see how it does for cleaning some pieces of jewelry. For the sake of testing it out, we're going to dip a couple silver coins in there also.

Similar products that I've seen have... Specifically for coins, there's the E-Z-Est Coin Dip, which you don't dip the items in there very long. Now, with this, it says in the instructions that you could dip every day, right here, the directions, that you could dip your jewelry every day for two minutes. So I'm not going to be dipping for two minutes, but we're just going to do some shorter dips to see kind of how it affects them.

Of course, it's important to read this information to understand what jewelry items would be good options for putting in here and what ones would not be. So there's three different things I want to dip in here today. I want to dip some silver jewelry that I've already put through the ultrasonic cleaner. So we have a ring, a silver chain, and a little buckle.

I want to do some silver jewelry that I haven't done anything to clean, so I have this pin. A couple pins actually. This little angel pin also. I'll show you this one a little bit better and a pair of cat earrings. I have a 14-karat gold hoop earring. I have the other pair of this earring I did put through the ultrasonic cleaner and it turned out really well. So I want to kind of compare in my mind how this does to that. Then, like I said, a couple silver coins just to test, see how that does.

So we're going to try to do our silver that went through the ultrasonic cleaner first, and I'm going to try to put all of this on our tray at once. This peg is maybe just slightly taller than the solution itself. So I'm going to try to use, rather than my fingers, use my little tongs here to pick this up, dip it in.

I think one of the things that as one of their selling points for this, this kit, is that they don't use like any real harsh chemicals in it like you would get in some other products. So they say no ammonia or harsh chemicals making it safe to clean gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, cubic zirconium, and can actually be used for quite a bit of items there.

I think this has a broader range of what it can be used for than say some other products that... I mean, if you have some harsher chemicals or even the ultrasonic cleaner, you don't necessarily want to put softer stones in there. I'm just going to grab this with my hand here, bring it over to my cloth, and what I'm going to do here real quick is I'm going to dab these dry.

Actually, let me bring this on screen for you here. So I have my cloth here, and we're going to see kind of if any of that tarnish or dirt comes off of it. I'll remind you again that these pieces that I'm doing right now in this little batch, we'll say, already went through a ultrasonic cleaning also. So this is a really dirty piece. It needs a lot of time and attention, so kind of what would probably be useful now with this piece specifically is probably dipping the brush, little brush here in the solution and trying to clean out the little details there.

So, and here's our ring, and I'm really just using this cloth to kind of get some of the dirt off and to dry them, and then we can use that other cloth there to clean and polish them a little bit more. So let's try here real quick this little brush on this piece while our other items go into our solution. Are there silver items here? Go ahead and dip that in. While that's in there, we'll try our little brush on here. See if we can get anything out of our little grooves here.

Wow. I don't know if you guys can see it, but the little tiny bit of solution that I have on the brush, you can start to see a lot of color coming off in that dirt and grind from inside of these little grooves. Let me grab the towel again and just watch this. Yeah, look at all that coming off. I don't think I've done enough to say that this little buckle is done. It needs some more work, but you can definitely see that it's effective and it's progressing it forward quite a bit. Look, that's what just came off the brush.

All right. Let's pull out this other stuff here. Oops. We'll give up on the tongs, guys. I tried it. Okay. Set that on my cloth here. Okay. Let's wipe this a little bit and see how that does, and let's really follow this piece forward, this pin. So we get a little bit off wiping it here, and then let's use our cloth on it also. So again, first, we're going to use the white side of our cloth. That kind of removes the tarnish and starts to shine it up a little bit. Then, if you use the gray side, it really kind of... You can control how shiny you want the piece again. So it really kind of makes it real nice and pretty.

But I really like these cloths. I think of the products that I reviewed the last week that that cloth was probably my favorite one, and I'm going to get these coins thrown in here real quick so we can see what it does to those. While that is in there, I'm going to wipe this little angel pin a little bit. You guys, what kind of products do you use for cleaning jewelry, or what type of products do you trust to not be harsh enough to put coins into?

I try not to use anything too harsh on coins cause I want to make sure to not destroy their numismatic value, and a lot of coins, I try not to do anything at all to. So last thing. We'll pull this out, and we'll look at these coins. Again, try that again, but it doesn't work for a little.

Okay. I'm just going to dab the coins off with a cloth here, and then we'll use our cloth back there to see what we can do to them. Okay. Let's grab our cloth. I'm going to move this back out of our way. Use our Greek coin here first, and a lot of the times, with coins, even if you kind of felt that this was a safe enough product to use for a coin, I might not use the cloth because you don't really want coins to be polished, but you want them to just kind of be cleaned to get the dirt off of them if anything. So we can see quite a bit came off on that.

Anyways, I appreciate you all watching my video and watching me review this product. I hope it was a little bit helpful for you to kind of see how this product works and kind of what can be done with it. It can be used for jewelry I think is the general intent of it. You certainly could use it for other things like silver flatware or coins, but where it really shines is the jewelry. I'll leave a link to the product, this product in the description below and appreciate you all watching and supporting my channel. See you all next time.

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