How I Clean my Vintage Silver Jewelry

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Hello. Princess Casserole here and I am here with a video. I know a few of you have been asking me how I clean my jewelry. You guys know, I get a lot of different types of jewelry and a lot of times, people will ask me how or what products that I use to clean my jewelry.

This company reached out to me. This is not sponsored, I didn't get paid or anything, but they did send me these products for free. I'm going to go over why I like each one of these. Depending on what you guys need, you might not need all of these things, but I definitely really like some of this for different applications. I will go into it.

First off, what I thought would be helpful too is to go over some of those things that I would not clean in any of this stuff. I will explain why.

Now this, well, you know, it's not that I wouldn't clean this in anything. I would not submerge this in the liquid, which with the towelettes and this guy, they're both liquid. So if I were going to... Because this is kind of disgustingly gross, right? If you wanted to kind of clean and touch this up, I would use the cloth. You don't have to rinse anything and you do get one of these cloths in with the liquid Simple Shine cleaner. I would actually just use that on the silver points here. It's because this is leather, obviously you have a leather coat, you don't even want to wear it out in the rain, right? Like we don't like to get leather wet.

Also, I know it says that it is safe for porous materials and pearls. Personally, I don't even like to have certain like pearls and things on when I'm washing my hands in the bathroom. I just personally wouldn't recommend submerging pearls in water, or turquoise. Like I said, a lot of people recommend even taking that off if you're going to go into the bathroom and clean your hands. If you want to touch that up, this would work. "Premium jewelry cleaning cloth that works." Again, I would not submerge this. If you want to use anything, use a cloth.

Same goes for this. Anything with pearls, I just don't recommend putting it in there. I know that's gentle, but even water for a lot of the porous surfaces like this, I don't recommend getting them wet.

Something else that's porous is lapis. This, you could also use the cloth if you really wanted to. However, this is a really beautiful vintage item and a lot of times, oops, people really like the patina on these older vintage items. This looks native in style to me, a lot of the Mexican silver. If you clean it, you can actually remove some value from it. I would also not recommend cleaning anything like this at all. If you want to do anything, you can take a microfiber cloth and just wipe it on the high points. Other than that, I would not recommend that at all. That goes for something like this as well.

This one, it's really patinaed. I would just wipe it with a soft clean cloth. I just think the patina on this adds to the design. If you are reselling, you don't want to take that out of the buyer's hands. You want to make sure it looks nice enough to take photos with so it doesn't look like there's grody stuff on it, but you also don't want to take away that value that's in the patina.

Same thing with something like this. You can take a cloth and some of that tarnish will come off, but not all of it. Something like this, and I love these, I just think they're absolutely stunning. Something like this, it's kind of made to be oxidized and dark. So I would leave something like that.

The thing to know is, and this Simple Shine is not a stripping silver cleaner, which is wonderful. But if you were to use some of those cleaners that are specifically for silver and remove all oxidation and tarnish, this black, which is oxidation on purpose on here, and also even this black on here will totally come off. I've had that happen on Pandora items where people threw in a really stripping silver cleaner, which is also why I don't recommend those at all, ever. But be wary of that because then people aren't going to want to buy this. There are ways to get this oxidation back on. I have another video where I talk about putting this in an egg or liver of sulfur, which is the same thing. Sulfur is what will create the oxidation. But why bother having to do that? Just don't do it at all.

Something like this is just old and beautiful. Again, I just think the oxidation adds to the beauty of this piece. This is also something other than maybe... you can lightly do it with those silver cloths, but something old like this, I just like to either leave it or just wipe it off a little bit.

Now, anything with marcasites, I try not to get wet at all. You could use the cloth if you want. However, this is also one of those things that the tarnish and the patina really add to the design of this. I wouldn't clean this at all other than maybe a rag. I would not get it wet. The reason is all these marcasites are glued in. Marcasites are always glued in. They might look prong-set, but they are not. Over time, if you continue to get this wet, the marcasites can fall out. Also, the marcasites, I believe, are made out of iron and they can also rust. So you have to make sure, if you do by any chance get them wet, make sure they are fully dried before you put them away. That goes for any jewelry.

Again, similar thing. Beautiful, native style earrings. They're older. They have a beautiful patina. If you want to get some high points. You could even take like a dry toothbrush and lightly go over that with a dry toothbrush, soft bristle, and get some of that off. But I would just not recommend getting a lot of it off at all. That patina is the age and it's just beautiful and it's what a lot of people will buy these pieces for.

Same thing as this. I love this piece actually. It did have something on here which I'm probably going to have to have... sand it off or do myself because I think it used to be a broach or a pendant. It's not really that sharp. It's very pretty. But as you can see, things like this, they're made to be oxidized. That's the way the piece was made and there was oxidation put in there. You do not want to take that off. If you take it off, it's going to be very difficult to put it back on. This is another piece I would not recommend cleaning.

You can look up if you know what your piece is made out of, if it's a porous material or not. Some stones are going to be fine. I'm actually going to do one with a stone that should be totally fine to clean. But you always want to make sure if they recommend submerging or getting wet certain stones because some, just not very good for that.

What I think I'm going to start out with is the Simple Shine solution. Gentle cleanser. There is a brush, a basket and a polishing cloth included. There were directions in here, I don't know where I put them. You submerge for two minutes. You do not have to agitate in the basket and you can use the brush to swishy-swishy. I often times use a soft bristle toothbrush because I find it easier to use. The handle is longer and I just prefer it honestly to the one that's included. I'll show you guys the one that's included. This is not different from anything else. They're always this tiny. It's just, I have a hard time. And it's just so skinny. I always like to have one of those to clean with by my sink.

Again, this company reached out to me, they gave me this for free, however, I'm not getting paid. About Simple Shine. We are a US based company with an emphasis on local sourcing. I'm, at heart, a conservationalist. I am half Native American. Conservation lies deep in my heart. I thought that was wonderful. Our packaging is designed specifically to utilize recycled materials and reduce waste.

Our cleanser contains absolutely no ammonia or harsh chemicals, making it safe to clean gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, CZ. See, they say pearls, beads, porous stones, soft stones, enamel, treated gemstones and more. Again, I don't suggest pearls just because I don't suggest getting pearls wet. Same thing with turquoise, same thing with lapis.

Immerse the jewelry in cleanser each day for two minutes. Rinse carefully and blot dry. Agitation not required. For the beads, be careful because if something is made with a string, and this just applies to getting it wet at all, you don't want to get anything strung with string wet very often at all because eventually it's going to break. It's going to loosen the fibers and it's going to break.

Again, that has nothing to do with specifically this cleaner, it's just getting it wet at all. You have to be careful. They do recommend like with pearls, strands of pearls, that you get them restrung. I'm sure it's like that for any. If you have a beautiful art deco glass bead necklace that you have, I would do that too, just get it restrung and don't put it in water.

The polishing cloths, I'll read you guys the thing for that, too, just so you have it.

Our premium jewelry polishing cloth works to restore luster without scratching or removing finishes. Our premium cleaning cloth works on gold, silver, platinum and palladium metals. Not recommended for use on fashion jewelry. That's to note. I have a necklace upstairs that I just did with soap and water and made sure to fully dry anything. Really, fully dry anything before you put it back into your jewelry case because that's where tarnish comes from, and that's where verdigris comes from. Just make sure things are dry before you put them back.

Directions. Use the inner cloth to rub the surface of tarnish and then the outer cloth to buff the metal to the desired shine. For heavily tarnished jewelry, first clean with our gentle cleaning solution and then use our cloth. I'm actually going to tell you, I think the silver cleaning wipes work better than anything on things that are extremely tarnished and you want to get the tarnish off. That worked great. We're going to look at that, too.

I did not get the silver cleanser or the natural cleanser. They sent this gentle cleanser, which is non-toxic. I don't know if this one strips. Again, I don't ever recommend using a silver cleaner that strips things. It's just not a lot of need for it. I thought the foaming cleanser seemed like a cool idea as well, get into little nooks and crannies. I don't believe I got that or the shine sticks.

They have some really cool products. Again, it says 100% non-toxic, which is great. I do worry, even with nail polish and things, putting a lot of toxic things into the earth. Made in the USA, which I think is awesome. Yeah. Oh, it says, "For your jewelry, flatware, coin or antique cleaning needs."

Speaking of antique, actually, I think it's just vintage, but... Yeah, '20s. Because 100 years or older is antique. This is '30s, '40s, so it's not quite there yet. But I did my daughter's promise ring the other day and it came out so beautifully. This solution just really does a good job of making like cubic zirconias, diamonds, things like that really shine. We're going to throw this in here. You will have to put this in there for two minutes and then you rinse, not near the sink because I had to refilm this video. I'd like this thing go better.

I found this solution, and it is gentle. I think this would be a good thing if you want to have something that is gentle that you can clean your rings with every day. Some people would always put it in dish detergent when they wash the dishes. I'm lucky enough my husband washes my dishes that's why I get to have nice nails. So I don't do that. This would be a good option for me, I think.

Again, it's non-toxic so it's nice that... I'm going to try not to get this on anything else. I always rub a little bit and I always get the back because it's the back where things, your skin cells, gross, oils, dirt, things like that that will become stuck in there and make it not shine anymore. These are kind of art deco style rings. I just absolutely love them, but keep trying to hint to my husband, it's not so much a hint really, that I want a yellow gold pair, too.

That's supposed to be two minutes. They already look nicer, you guys could see. Nice and shiny. The lighting in here is not the best to show that, but I'm going to rinse it over here because I have a little bit of water. They're nice and sparkly. Don't mean to drop the water in there. Nice and sparkly and clean again.

Let's see. They still have some stuff on there. I didn't leave it in for the full two minutes. I'm trying not to scrub too hard so I don't get anything there. Let's see. I'll put it in for another sec. I'm terrible. I always forget to wear my rings. I forget to wash my rings. Hopefully if you have something that is simple and easy, you'd be able to remember to do it. I do like the way this makes gemstones shine.

I'm supposed to also have a clean cloth, which I seem to have forgotten. Let's see, I have my bathrobe over here, my bathrobe. We'll dry it up a little and throw it on. Let's see how nicely it looks. Yeah. Beautiful, right? I really like this for anything that has sparkle. Again, this is Pandora and so do not throw this in a silver cleaning solution, please. This, though, would be safe for this one and clean it up really nicely.

I think I did use this guy, too. It's gold-filled. It does work on gold-filled jewelry as well, which people think gold doesn't tarnish. Gold is not 100% gold jewelry. 14K, 10 karat, we've talked about this before. Like this, I think, these are 10 karat or 14 karat, so they're not full gold. If it was 24 karat gold, it would not really oxidize hardly at all. However, they have a base metal, be it silver, nickel, copper, they use copper for rose gold. That's what's going to tarnish. It is nice to clean gold jewelry as well. Sometimes it does need it, contrary to popular belief.

Yesterday, with the wipes, I cleaned this. This was mega, mega tarnished. Its got this really cool like coating to it. It's kind of like a gunmetal silver color. It's really pretty. That cleaning solution made it shine. I think I used the Simple Shine wipes and the cleaning solution on this to make it sparkle.

What I am going to do next. Let me see if it's got any... This was my favorite product, actually. Simple Shine Premium Silver Wipes keeps your silver goods looking fantastic by removing unsightly tarnish, leaving a long-lasting lustrous shine. Hundred percent cotton, pre-moistened, gentle yet effective formula that removes and resists tarnish. Restore dull and dirty metal to its original shine and luster. Use for polishing sterling silver jewelry, coins, silverware and antique silver. Safe for silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones. I really like this.

I am actually going to use this for this product here... or, product, this guy here. Let me undo this. Should I? Yeah, we'll do both. This has got a really pretty dichroic glass pendant with it and it is just disgustingly dirty. We're going to try the wipes with this one. Again, the wipes, just to me, did a lot more than that solution. The solution really just made things sparkle, where the wipes really did a great job of removing bad tarnish.

Look at it already. Don't pull too hard, you know. You don't want to break anything, that goes with the cloths, too. Like, some people can sometimes be too rough. How dirty it is. It said do it in little buffing motions, which it's so hard to do.

Things that I would want to restore to a nice shiny finish are, number one, things I'm going to keep. I don't care if they have the patina or if I take it off because it's mine. If you're a collector and you're not reselling or planning on reselling or giving away, it's your jewelry, you do what you want. Don't let people tell you what to do because I have seen that sometimes, too. No bullying.

Also things, if I would sell something on Poshmark, which Poshmark you can sell anything, vintage, new, anything. However, since I prefer selling on Etsy, I usually only use Posh for newer items. Basically, kind of the rule that I live by for cleaning silver is, if I would sell something on Etsy, I just kind of lightly do something like a microfiber cloth that's clean. If I would sell something on Poshmark, I'm going to clean it completely, make it nice and sparkly like something Pandora or Brighton, any of that stuff.

Now this was like a mega tarnish. And I know it doesn't look like it, but these cloths are actually really nice and moist, which are great. All right, so it looks pretty nice already. I'm going to put it in the water and see what it looks like because when you rinse the thing, sometimes it's a little cleaner. This looks about a thousand times better already. It doesn't take very long to do it. I'm probably going to do a little bit more. I know people think I'm crazy, but silver does have a smell and I don't like it.

Some of the things that I'm going to wear a lot, I don't prefer to have a lot of tarnish. You can see how dirty the water is underneath. I do get a lot of nice compliments when I wear my dichroic glass jewelry. People do like things like this, and I like it to look nice. This is something I would love to wear to work but I would not have worn it, as it's kind of gross and dingy as that was, personally. Also, it's different colors so it's not just tarnish either.

Also, by the way, silver cleaner smells awful. This stuff smells nice. These cloths actually smell pleasant. They don't smell chemically at all. They're very nice. The other stuff also smelled really nice. Look at how pretty it is. It's really nice.

Now, I'm going to let that dry and probably take a little bit of silver cloth with it as well. Speaking of, I made such a mess. Let me move over a little bit and we'll do something with the cloth.

Let's do this guy with the cloth. I don't know if that's oxidation that's supposed to be there or not. It's weirdly like this orange color. But for the cloths, you really just rub it. Look at how pretty that looks. The nice thing about cloths is if you want that little oxidation to stay, which I think is a part of the design, honestly, it's hard to tell, but I think it is, the cloths just get the high points, which is nice. If this were oxidation at all, you would not wear it away. But it doesn't look grimy. Looks really pretty and nice.

It's a really easy way. I use the cloths all the time. I do like these ones, they're not stiff. I have another one that is really stiff, like this other one that I have. This one's nice, like an actual cloth and it's just easier to use. I'm not just saying that because they gave it to me for free. It's much easier to use. Again, that's something I would like to use that for. Like, if you really wanted to do the high points on this, you could, the high points of any of that stuff you could, I just don't like to.

All right. Let's see this guy with the polishing cloth. Those two things work so nicely in tandem, the polishing cloth with those tarnish wipes. Look at how much prettier this looks. A lot of the tarnish is gone. Did not take that long. I mean, I've been filming for a little while but I've also been talking a lot. This was incredibly tarnished. So for it to look like this, I think that's a win. I also love this necklace, by the way. I think that's awesome.

Again, this is something that we cleaned. Looks great, right? I think. This is comparison for the cloths. This one just sparkles so much. Looks great. Even this beautiful gold-filled charm and made that gemstone sparkle. My beautiful rings, look at how sparkly they are. I don't have to worry about putting my fingers in and out. I don't have to worry about how terrible it smells. My fingers, I think, did get a little bit from the cloth. I think the cloth is a little bit harsher than the other stuff, so if you wanted to, you can wear gloves. If you were worried about anything at all, you can wear rubber gloves, if you can, to clean any of this stuff. But I do really like them.

Like I said this, so the wipes were definitely my favorite. I like these a lot. I was so surprised how much they did and how easy it was to work. I think probably the bad thing is, I would imagine, eventually just like the Clorox wipes, they'll probably not be as moist, but with the amount of jewelry that I have, I don't see that being a problem. These wipes are nice. I go through a ton of them. They are kind of on the smaller side, but they do give you a few of them in the package, so I think three of them in the package. They even have like an ultrasonic cleaner that you can get. I really am intrigued by the foam cleanser. I don't think they sent me that. I'll have to double check.

I just wanted to outline these three products right now because I have tried them, I like them. US-based company, non-toxic. They do sell on Amazon. I will put the link that they gave me down below to their Amazon shop. I am not an Amazon affiliate. I will not get any commission or anything for selling anything. This is completely just my own opinion. And if you guys want a little bit more examples of things I would clean, something like this I would clean, it's just a ball chain, it's super tarnished. This guy is something I would also sell on Poshmark, this I would clean. I would also clean this. This one, I would clean in the Simple Shine solution, I would not use the silver cleaning wipes. I would probably use the silver cleaning wipes for this guy and this guy, and possibly the liquid as well, depending, because I think it will make these sparkle. You can definitely use products together, alone, however you want to use it.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. Again, I know, I get a lot of questions from you guys on how to clean different things. Sorry about the mess over there, it's gross. Dirty silver is kind of gross. These products will take that out of your life, hopefully. If you have any questions for me, please leave them down below. Otherwise, comment, subscribe and I hope to see you guys in my next video. Bye guys.


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