Simple Shine Shoe Care Kit Unbox and Test [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

So this is a quick little video of me reviewing the new product, Simple Shine. Sorry, got there. So, recently Simple Shine saw my videos on YouTube and contacted me and asked if they can send me a few products to try out and I gladly agreed. I also promised a quick video of me reviewing and testing out these products. So here it is.

So as you can see here, this pair of loafers have serious salt stain. Usually there is a method of removing these salt stain easily and quickly but let's try this kit here. Simple Shine premium shoe cleaning kit, removes dirt, grime, sweat and salt. So yeah. It has one cleaning brush, a cleaning solution and two microfiber cloths.

The cleaner. This is the kit here. So we won't need the cloth as of now, just leave it on the side. Cloth here and then the brush. Okay. So according to this, there are two methods, I can spray this directly on the shoes, let it soak in and brush it off. Or I can just mix it up with water. Well I kind of prefer the first method, it's quicker, easier.

Alright, let's try that. I'm going to use that microfiber cloth to wipe clean, see if it work. Let dry on its own, see if it works. While waiting, I'm going to do the second shoe.

Sorry, I'm in my home. Today is Saturday, weekend, so no suit, no tie, no jacket, no that, just a sweater. I'm going to do it twice, just to make sure.

Alright, wipe clean. Okay, so while we're waiting for these two to dry, I'm going to go over quickly what are the stuff that they sent me. So, shoe deodorizer, yeah. If you have stinky feet or you have sweaty feet that you keep wearing the shoes, this will come in handy. I don't have a need for this yet, so no words on it. Premium liquid mink oil. So mink oil is a really good conditioner, but this really oily, really really really oily. So this is great for stuff like work boots and boots that you plan to be in the weather, under the rain and all that. Stuff that you don't want to put that really good, shine on. And also, neutral cream. Let's check out the cream. I find that in order to test a brand out, check of their shoe cream, a shoe polish [inaudible 00:05:50].

Nice, there's absolutely no fragrance. Pretty thin viscosity. See about the mink oil, see if it's different from any other brand. I think this is a compound mink oil, has some wax, has some slight oil, different types of oil mixed with mink oil. Yeah, I think this is a compound. My mat here is a veg tan piece of leather. Yeah, it's soaking really well.

Nice. So upon a little bit of inspection, the salt stain on this side is gone, a little bit left on this side, but let's do another one, another quick scrub-scrub. Yeah, I think this works really well. And it smells, pleasantly smells like glass cleaner. This smells like glass cleaner. Yeah, it does remove the salt stain. I like that.

What about this shoe here? This here. Let's try this side here. And don't worry, this is just a synthetic bristle brush, it would not hurt or harm the leather, so don't worry about it. So yeah, that's a quick overview of Simple Shine shoe care product. Any question let me know.

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