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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. This video will be for all my jewelry lovers out there. You know that I personally love jewelry; it's a huge part of me. I treasure all my pieces for what they were represent, what they mean to me, when I got them, from who I got them. That's what makes it so special to me, and it's really important to take care of your jewelry so it lasts as long as possible. If you can hear the heater in the background. I'm sorry for that. A long, long time ago, I uploaded a video on how I clean my jewelry. I usually use mild soap with lukewarm water or toothpaste for..... in the background. Toothpaste for a silver items; that does the trick. I was always very afraid to put any harsh chemicals or harsh jewelry cleaners on it just because I didn't trust them.

But this company reached out to me recently and asked me if I want to try one of their jewelry cleaning products, and I looked through their website. It seemed promising, so I said, sure, let's try it. They sent this complete jewelry care kit to me. The company's name is Simple Shine, by the way. Packaging looks like this, and it comes with instructions, the polishing cloth, the cleaning solution, and also a little brush. The polishing cloth comes with multiple layers. That inner layer is to remove tarnish from the jewelry, and then the outer more softer layer is to polish your jewelry piece and give it some shine back. The cleaner solution comes with a little tray so you can easily put your jewelry on it, put it in, let it sit for two minutes, and then easily take it out again. I'm going to demonstrate in a second. Then the brush is to easily access any ridges or whatever details your jewelry piece might have.

Gentle Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Picked out a few jewelry pieces of mine that we going to clean together now in this video and see how it works. Those are the jewelry pieces that I picked out. I have two silver rings that are a little bit thicker and slightly tarnished, not badly because I obviously take care of my jewelry pieces. Then we have this 10 carat yellow gold ring that also needs a cleaning. Sorry for my nails. My nails and hands are so dry and cracked from the winters. They're terrible. Then I have this 18 carat yellow gold ring with a sapphire. I just wanted to see how it would work on stones as well as this one. And then I have two 10 carat yellow gold earrings that got a little dark.

The solution I am using is the Simple Shine gentle jewelry cleaning solution. It is blue, doesn't smell bad. It is not too strong. It comes with this tray in here, as you can see, and this handle. So I'm going to just go right ahead, and honestly I'm just going to put it in there like this and wait two minutes. Two minutes have passed, and I'm going to take it by the handle and lift it up. I'm going to put it on here and take it over to the sink to rinse it with water because that's what it said in here. So I'm just going to follow the instructions.

This is how the rings look like straight out of the cleaning solution. Now I'm going to go ahead and use the inner cloth just to see if I can get a little bit more tarnish off and then polish them with the outer cloth and see if the shine increases. They're obviously scratched a bunch because I wear them a lot. So keep that in mind. Here is how the rings look like after the polish. They're very, very shiny. I hope the camera picks it up.

I thought I would give you a before shot of the gold jewelry. The only piece that really bothers me is this ring. This one will probably change the most because it is quite dark. I don't know if you can tell, and especially between the fingers it got dark, and I'm curious to see how it will turn out. So here we are again with our tray, and I'm just going to place it on here like this. There we go. I hope that works, and it's not too full. I'm going to dip it in here and let it sit for two minutes. I'm going to lift it out, put it on here, take it over to the sink and rinse it again.

This is how much jewelry pieces look now. You can definitely tell that they are so sparkly, so much shinier. They're reflecting the light so much nicer. Look at the ring, how shiny it is. It was so dark and matte, and now it's really sparkling. That makes me so happy. Here are all the jewelry pieces I cleaned. They're so shiny. I'm really, really impressed, especially because the product was really easy to use. It was really fast, and if you look on the back, it says made in USA, a 100% nontoxic. That's especially what I like.

Also quickly wanted to show you that this is not their only cleaning product. You can also purchase it individually. You don't have to get the kit, but I do recommend it because the polishing cloth is pretty handy to have. They have the silver cleanser too, as well as natural cleanser. All right guys, and that has been it. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to test the product out by yourself, I'm going to link the website as well as this care kit down in the description box, and I'm going to see you in my next one. Bye.


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