10 Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women!

 10 Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Friend

Showing up with amazing gifts isn't a requirement in engagement party etiquette, but of course it is always a welcome and lovely gesture. Generally the gift shouldn't be too extravagant, you can save that for the wedding. Just pick something small and meaningful.

No matter how small, a gift can be your way of demonstrating that you are completely behind her decision and cheering her on! Show your newly engaged bestie, sister, aunt, grandma, whatever that you fully support her with these 10 great gifts for newly engaged women!

His/Hers Mugs

While his and her towels are a common suggestion, it's pretty passé at this point. I'd suggest snagging a set of couple's mugs. If your friend or her beau don't do coffee they're still a decent gift. You can fit any other liquid into it. That's science!

There are some relatively edgy ones out there but unless you know your friend and her partner extremely well, I'd keep to the straight and narrow. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right are the ones my partner and I use and it is a great way to start the day off right!

Grab your set of his and hers coffee mugs!

Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women hearts

Shine Stick Diamond Cleaner

Bring the bling or at least the next best thing! Shine Stick is another of our amazing gifts for newly engaged women because it will keep that precious engagement ring shining like the day she got it!

With no ammonia Shine Stick diamond cleaner is safe to be used on almost any piece of jewelry imaginable. From diamonds to pearls to polished gemstones, and even the gold or silver it sits in. Portable and perfect for a quick clean.

Pick up your Shine Stick diamond cleaner!

Monogrammed Luggage Tags/Passport Cover

If the happy couple is leaving the country for their honeymoon they'll certainly be traveling in style with a monogrammed passport and luggage tag set. Choose your color, customize those brand new initials, and prepare for adventure!

The newly engaged will highly appreciate these personalized monogrammed passport cover and luggage tags!

Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women love tiles

Playful Lingerie

Alright, alright... This probably should've made it into the top 3 of this list. Some sexy lingerie is sure to please both sides of the newly engaged couple. It can be as revealing or modest as you please, but it is guaranteed to be a fantastic gesture for more reasons than one.

The price of sexy lingerie nighties can't be beat!

Workout Bags

Just because you tied the knot doesn't mean physical fitness goes out the window... In fact, it's probably more important than ever! One of the the most fantastic gifts for newly engaged women is empowerment. Get out there, pump some blood and some endorphins!

Pump up some motivation with this Wonder Woman drawstring workout bag.

Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women marriage

Marble Jewelry Dish Tray

A gorgeous ceramic marble with is sure to make a striking addition to the entryway or nightstand of any newlywed's home. The one at my house is used for rings, and I remember the aunt that gave it to us anytime I take off my jewelry!

Add this marble jewelry dish tray to your cart.

Wall Art

Similar to the above jewelry tray, wall art can truly transform a house into a home. I really like those multi-piece sets that can either be placed together or spread around your living space to pull everything together. We received a set for our wedding and were so grateful because it made decorating such a breeze!

Adorn her home with multi piece canvas wall art!

Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women star night


Obviously the wedding will be quite an event, so get the newly engaged prepared for action with a wedding scrapbook. Her and future-hubby will surely enjoy chronicling their relationship, and if kids are in the plans then they will cherish it as well! The gift that keeps on giving, for sure.

Add to cart a his and her wedding scrapbook.

Polaroid Camera

I know what you're thinking: We live in a digital age and Polaroid cameras are past their prime. Is that really the truth though? We are surrounded by photos, sure... But they're all digital. How is that scrapbook going to get filled? What do you just stick your phone inside? You need physical pictures and Polaroid is here to save the day!

In addition to being used for the wedding party and honeymoon, it can also be used to take some discrete photos that you don't need to worry about getting developed or hacked online. On top of all that, it's just good fun. Everyone loves the novelty of a physical picture developed in seconds!

Bestow a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and get the party started!

Great Gifts For Newly Engaged Women flower ring

Wedding Ring Holder

A wedding ring holder is the last of our great gifts for newly engaged women, but it can also count as a fun gift for the newly engaged guy as well. Ideally, the ring will spend more time on the couple's fingers but feel free to fill it with bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or anything else. There are no limits!

Our wedding ring holder is a great gift for newly engaged women because it is durable, stylish, and will absolutely get a laugh out of everyone that spots it. There are other wedding ring holders out there, but try beating the price of this one!

Snag one of our wedding ring holder dishes!

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