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 Hi guys, and welcome back to my channel. So, I haven't posted a video in a long while. I did post one a couple of weeks back, like a, Hey, I'm back video, but I realized the audio on that video was terrible, so I just went ahead and took it down so it wasn't really worth living up.

Today I am back with a new video about cleaning jewelry, and this video is not sponsored but it is basically reviewing a product that a company sent me. So, the company that sent me the jewelry cleaning supplies is called, Simple Shine. You can buy their products on Amazon, and I will have links down in the description in case you are interested in purchasing their products. These are their silver cleaning wipes, and I have actually tested these already, whenever I first got them in mail and I was impressed with them so far.

But I will do a demo for you guys so you can see exactly how they work. So, what the back of the product says is "Our Simple Shine Premium Silver Wipes keep your silver goods looking fantastic by removing unsightly tarnish and leaving a long-lasting lustrous shine. Our extra thick cloths are made of 100% cotton and are pre-moistened with a gentle yet effective formula that removes and resists tarnish." So, that is really cool. Not only does it clean your jewelry, but it also helps it resist tarnishing in the future. So, you can use this for polishing silver. You can use it for polishing brass, which is primarily the type of jewelry that I make. I work with brass for the most part. So, that's what I'll be showing you guys on today. It's safe for silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.

So, if you do have jewelry that has gemstones in it, this is perfectly safe for that, which is awesome. This is a small family owned business, which is really cool. I love being able to support smaller businesses like that. And to use these, they're like the little anti bacterial wipes that you can buy at the store. They have a little roll inside and you can pull them out, they separate right here. Here is one piece right there. Then close it back up to make sure that you keep the wipes moistened. You want to remove a cloth, wipe the metal using a circular motion, rinse the item with warm water and then pat dry with a clean cloth. To restore shine and luster finish by buffing with a soft cloth and repeat as often as necessary. And of course you want to avoid contact with your eyes. It's probably has stuff in it that's not great for your eyes.

So, I have with me... And those of you who don't know, maybe this is your first time. I do make jewelry. I sell at Etsy, a couple other places, I sell in person, do shows and stuff, and I primarily, like I said, work with brass jewelry. So, I have a lot of really dirty brass. And brass is one of those metals that I feel like tarnishes really, really quickly and really easily. Any time that you're exposing a metal that can oxidize to either oxygen, or the oils on your skin, or by touching them or anything like that, they are susceptible to tarnishing. And so, if you want to keep your jewelry clean, it's important to clean them regularly. And we're going to do that right now. Actually, I'm going to zoom you guys in so you can watch and see what's going on.

So, here are a pair of earrings that are very, very badly tarnished. I oftentimes like to let my brass jewelry oxidize because I think it adds a really cool antique look to the jewelry. So, a lot of times it doesn't bother me if it oxidizes. However, for the sake of this video, we will be cleaning this pair of earrings. So, here's a circular motion, on these smaller pieces it might be a little bit more difficult to do a circular motion. But if you can see already, the black spot on cloth that it is cleaning this brass. And you can see that already this sucker was really, really, really dirty. It might actually take a little while to clean it because it's had two years to build up a tarnish. But I will say that these wipes really did impress me quite a bit whenever I first got them in the mail.

I use them on my wedding ring, engagement ring, and I haven't cleaned those in forever. I don't really think about cleaning them too much. But I was surprised at how dirty they were and then just how amazing it looked afterwards. But anyways, I'm going to speed up this process because it might take me a little while, and I will let you guys see the finished results when I'm done. Okay guys, so as you can see, this is the after, that is so much nicer, so much cleaner, so much more shiny. It looks like it's practically new. The cleaning process did take a little while because I haven't cleaned these earrings in about two years. So, and this is of course the before, you can see there's a lot of tarnish build-up on it. It looks a lot more like antique brass. Then a nice new raw brass. And this is the after. I think these wipes definitely did a great job. As you can see the cloth is really quite disgusting looking.

It took all of that nastiness off of this earring. So, anyways guys, that is it for the wipes. They are really effective. They work quite well. If you do want to keep your jewelry shiny, I would definitely recommend cleaning them more often than two years like I did with these earrings. Now, the other product that the Simple Shine sent to me to review is the, Anti-tarnish Bags. Unfortunately I was not able to test out these bags properly. The problem was, whenever I received these in the mail, I thought, okay, I'm going to set some pieces aside, one outside of the bag and one inside the bag, and I will check on them in a couple of weeks, to see if there's a big difference between the one that was kept inside the bag and the one that wasn't. So, I cleaned two pieces and put one inside the bag and one outside, and then I checked on them a couple weeks later, and these are the two pieces.

As you can see, they look pretty much exactly the same. And I think the reason for that is because I actually cleaned them with the silver wipes before sticking them in the bag. And these silver wipes, as it says on the label, that I didn't end up reading totally all the way through before I started cleaning them, was that they are supposed to keep them shiny for longer. Not only do they clean them, but they keep them nice for longer than they would normally. And so, I think that's probably why these still look really, really nice and you can't tell a difference. I think also a lot of times jewelry will oxidize because it is exposed to the oils on our fingers, and oxygen, and all that stuff combined. And so, with these just sitting on the shelf and not really getting touched or anything, it didn't have as much of a chance to oxidize. So, the experiment didn't really go exactly the way it should have.

But these bags are, they are anti-tarnish bags, and this package comes with five, four by fours, five, six by sixes and 20, one by one anti-tarnish bags. The back says, Our Simple Shine Premium Tarnish Protection Pack contains everything you need to prevent tarnish from forming on your fine and fashion goods, to keep them looking better, longer. Use to prevent tarnish on silver, gold, copper, bronze, tin, brass, magnesium, iron and steel. Our bags and tabs are made in the USA using premium quality materials. They utilize advanced anti-tarnish technology, and do not leave behind deposits, are non-abrasive, will not scratch or harm metals or gemstones." So, you can use this on pretty much almost any kind of jewelry which is nice. This is what the larger bags look like. They, I think, have some coating on the inside of them. Then there are the medium size bags. Here are the smaller bags. If you do want to have something to store your jewelry in, to keep it looking nice. I think these are definitely a cool option to check out. I've never heard of them before. And if they work really well, then I think that's awesome.

So, really sorry about that. I don't really have a review to give for these. But yeah, thank you to Simple Shine for sending these to me, and letting me check them out and share with you guys. If you are interested in purchasing, I will leave links down in the description for you to check them out. Other than that, just caring for your jewelry is pretty simple and straightforward. If you have pieces that you really like, they're more fine jewelry pieces. I would definitely recommend only wearing them for the time that you have planned to wear them. Like if you're going to a special event, then only wear them for the event and don't wear them before or after too much longer. Don't wear them while you're showering, or you're swimming, you're cooking or playing sports. Obviously, that will definitely keep your jewelry looking nice for longer.

But of course, jewelry is meant to be worn. So, I have a lot of pieces that I just wear, and if it gets dinged up, it gets dinged up. Because they're jewelry and it's meant to be enjoyed. And I can't keep them looking pristine for forever. But I do have some pieces that are more nice and expensive, and those I am a lot more selective of when I choose to wear them. But yeah, jewelry care is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is just clean them every once in a while, and make sure you're not too rough with them. Thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will see you guys soon. Bye-bye.


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