Maintaining my Jewels [VIDEO]

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Hey guys, hope you're doing well. Today I have a jewelry video for you guys and it is basically showcasing my most worn jewelry, my favorite jewelry and how I keep them clean, which is huge. It makes such a difference to you wanting to wear them on a daily basis, enjoying them and just obviously if you've invested in these jewelry pieces, you want to take care of them. I will have links about that too.

I've kind of put all my favorite jewels on a little vintage tray that I found at a thrift store. It's super cute. I don't know if you're really going to be able to ... Nope. Maybe I'll show you when it's empty, but it's really, really cute. And I kind of just lay them all flat on here. It just makes things a lot easier. I can see everything. Oh, I have an imposter jewelry trying to get in.

I'll talk about my watch first, because it's what I wear every day. I had received this as a graduation present for medical school back in the day, and I still love it. It is amazing. It is the Lady-Datejust. it is very well loved, very, very dirty and just to show you how dirty it is and I hope it will come out. I don't know if you can see, I mean it is dirty. Like skin, sweat, all that lovely stuff is on there. And so it's not the brightest it could be.

I have a clip on how I clean this because it has very intricate chains as you can see, and it just looks brand spanking new when it's done. So here you'll be like, "Oh, that doesn't look too bad. It looks really kind of nice and shiny," but just wait, you'll see what it looks like when it's cleaned. I hope you can see here, for example, as soon as you rub it, you can see how foamy it gets and I just think the foam kind of expands into the little creases and crevices of the links. It really helps loosen everything up and you can just really wipe well with the wipes.

I just rinse it through with luke'ish warm water, and you can just tell even now, just look at the shine that comes through and also you can see the dirt that comes off as well. It's super foamy and super wet too so you can do this several times over. Rinse it and come back and use a different area of this wipe. A lot goes a long way or even move on to another material. I could use it for my cuff too, my cable cuff and really run my fingers and nails over the cable.

But just to quickly tell you what I do as well. I use the Simple Shine brand and you can get this off Amazon. There's a whole load of different things you can get but these are the three that really work for me for different circumstances and different jewelry. I do definitely recommend this one the most, it's the complete jewelry kit that works. This is the cleanser, brush and cloth. As you can see based on the color, it used to be a beautiful blue and how much there is now, I lovingly use this. It comes with a little scrubby brush and comes with its cloth and let me just show you, just to show you how much I use this.

What you do is you open this up and I think I demonstrate it in the clips anyway, but just as a brief summary, you have a little tray so you can put your jewelry in it, your earrings, your bracelet, your watch, and you immerse this in for a few minutes. Then when you bring it out, you can kind of scrub it with this little brush and this is what is really, really handy for little chain links and for little open areas of your jewelry items. Really gently remove them and then you leave them to dry and you can put them on this polishing cloth. Obviously there's sides for buffing and sides for cleaning.

It's just an all in one really handy dandy kit to have. That's what I do with the watch and my rings and my earrings. You can do sterling silver, you can do diamonds, you can do plated, all sorts. It's really, really good. I think even you can do pearl. Yeah, you can even use it for flatware, coins and antiques. Let's see, safe for silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.

Let's get back onto my little tray. Then I have these brushed [J'Adior 00:05:57] studs and they're really, really beautiful. I don't know if this will pick up, there we go. They're really, really pretty, I love the way they were brushed. I wear them every day as a little stud and they just kind of climb up your ear very slightly and it just gives an edgy look. I love that it's flat so it's not in your face. You just pick it up if you read it. And yeah, I really like them. They're just very simple and just very understated, really love those.

Obviously I have my rings that I wear on a daily basis and I have four rings that I wear and they all have special meanings so I'll go through those. I have my Cartier love band in rose gold. This is the thin band and I love this one because my mom and my sister, we both have these so it's like a little family thing that we have. And this is really good for the brush too, because as you can see, it has those screw indentations in there. So sometimes things can get in there, like creams and lotions and stuff so the little gentle brush removes that for me.

I have this [Annoushka 00:07:23] crown ring with sapphires. This is very pretty. My sister bought this for me a few years ago for helping her prepare for one of her medical licensing exams. She did really well and obviously it was nothing to do with her and completely to do with me. So she bought this ring for me, which I love. Oh, sorry, I'm still getting used to this camera. Don't know if I ... there we go. Not bad. So that's that.

Then I have this David Yurman ring, which is just so special. It's an oval ring and I thought this price point was amazing. I think it was like 295 or 250 or something back in the day, but they're crushed diamonds and they obviously have the cable knit around it. This is one that the cleaning solution really helps me because I don't know if you'll be able to tell, but can you see underneath how it's open? It's kind of weird that it's open because it's not like light can go through from underneath to make these diamonds shine. I wonder why they didn't close it off, but it's quite deep. So again, a lot of cream, hand sanitizer and all that can really get in there and dull that area, which then makes all these diamonds dull too. I can see here that a lot is needed. And again, I will have clips showing you how I clean everything and what a difference it makes.

Then I have my olive Paloma ring by Tiffany & Co. I love this ring. I just, I don't know, this has no real reason why I bought it apart from the fact that I just thought it was really beautiful. I really want to get the hoops for it too. I think it's just really stunning and dainty and I loved it. I absolutely loved it. They have studs too, which are really sweet, but I think I want to get some hoops. So yeah, those are my rings.

Then I have two gifts from my sweetie and he bought me these Fleur-de-Lys studs by an artist called Mignon Faget which is quite famous in Louisiana. I mean, these are really pretty. They're very unique because they're not like a typical Fleur-de-Lys, they're a little bit more edgy so I thought that was kind of cool. Really, really cute. But again, these have little holes and so you just got to make sure that they're cleaned properly. Sorry, is that okay? So yeah, they're really, really cute. I got these for Christmas. These were my Christmas gifts.

And then for Valentine's day, he got me these pearls, which are gorgeous. I love this color. It's a very pearlescent pink, only so cute. And I love how globular they are so they just look really, really sweet on the ears. I thought that was just such a cute Valentine's day gift. Again, I think a Mignon Faget comes with a really good price point too for what you get and they do sales too. You could definitely shop online. These are just very simple and sweet things to get. It's really, really special.

Then I have some gold hoops and these are Huggies and honestly I have no idea where I got these from, guys. I just don't know. And you know, the only place that I can think about where I would have got something like this is Amazon. Either Amazon or Etsy. That's kind of like the place, but they are super small so they just fit and truly hug you.

And I know Huggies, that's what they're supposed to do but when you have small ears like me, and my best friend, Gemma, she always talks about how my ears are like the tiniest she's ever seen. They're small but I know someone who has just the same size ears as me, so I don't feel as bad. But my lobes are super small and I pretty much need to wear baby earrings. So Huggies for me were basically like hoops. So this is what my lobe looks like so I needed really small ones and I have no idea how I figured this out, but I got these small Huggies and I know they're gold plated, so they are definitely special ones.

Then I have my David Yurman cuff and I have the baby version. This is with the citrine gemstone. It's beautiful. I just really liked the thinness of the baby one. They have smalls, medium and larges in adults and the small would fit me just fine, but I really like the baby and I would love to get another one. I'm not even really sure. I wouldn't even care what gemstone it is or if it was a pearl, it would look really pretty.

Obviously right now on my hand, I have my Fitbit, not a jewelry, but I do have my all over beaded bracelet by Tiffany. This one is amazing. I never take it off except for cleaning. It's really, really nice. If you have very tiny wrists like me, it fits fine. When I first wore it, I was really nervous because I was like, "Oh, it looks so big." Probably I just wasn't used to it and I was like, "Can I make this smaller?" And she was like, "You don't want this smaller, this looks fine on you." I was like, "Hmm." But as I started wearing it more and more, I realized like, "Oh, it's fine."

then I have like a matching double heart necklace too with the little Tiffany love necklace. So those are those. Then I have a Monica Vinader kite, I think it's a mini kite necklace with diamonds and I got it in the gold. Really, really dainty. Beautiful. I have these that do I know where I got them from. Well, I remember I was not impressed with the quality, but they were expensive, but they look cool. They're twisty and fun, but they're very empty inside. Again, I can't remember, this might've been an Instagram made me do it type of thing. They're really nice, but I don't think for the price point. Think I might've paid like $48 or $50 for them, but I do like them.

Another thing my sweetie got me for my birthday is this tennis necklace with rose gold and it's from [Saworski 00:15:03] and a lot of you do ask me about this one. I wear it in videos. It is really beautiful. I just love that it's rose gold too. Just because it matches my watch really nicely and it just sparkles and it looks gorgeous and it's a really great layering piece, really, really stunning.

I love that it's a tennis necklace, but I make it super casual because I just wear it with everything and anything so it just looks very understated. But if you were to wear it with a black cocktail dress, you would make it look so glamorous too so it's stunning. Then I have these by Miranda Frye and I love these. These are really fun. This is when I'm like edgy and kind of like, I want to say I'm in a gypsy mode. I don't really know what I mean by that myself, but I think it's just because of the charms, but I have these two beautiful charms that I added onto the chain and they just look so good together.

I hope you can see those. They look really good. These really work well with the wipes that I have, which I'll show you. They're really pretty. And finally I have this David Yurman vintage necklace and this one is a work in progress. Because it's vintage it was just not polished for years. And so it has taken a lot of elbow grease to get it to where it is now, but it still has a long way to go. And as much as the items from Simple Shine are gentle, they have removed a ton of stuff which you'll see in the clips, but this needs several rounds still.

But I love the cable chain. It's just very soft and smooth and obviously their little quatrefoil, really, really stunning and chunky and big. It looks again, really good layered. But as I said, I just have a lot of work to go because the cables are so deep that you really need to put a lot of elbow grease in it, but it's definitely worth it. When you see what it looked like before, you will know how much I've worked on this.

So this is the before and mind my nails, I was eating crawfish so my polish is coming off and my hands are really dry. But you can see here what it looks like. It's a bit tarnished and dirty that I'm going to use the solution and show the after. As you can see, and you can actually see here, the solution ... there's my finger there, there's some tarnished bits from before. They've all seeped to the bottom, you can see it floating around. It has this little basket tray so you place it in there and then just immerse it in the solution. So that's what I'm going to do now.

I just put the lid on loosely. I don't know if I mentioned it, but it comes with a cleanser and the brush and a little card here that tells you how to use it. Only supposed to be in there for two minutes. It has no ammonia or harsh chemicals. It cleans gold, palladium, platinum, silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, CZ, pearls, beads, porous stones, soft stones, enamel, treated gemstones and more. That's just fantastic because I just don't have to think about anything and it cleans so beautifully. They even have the materials made from recycled materials, so their containers and things to help with reducing waste. So they're really a caring and loving brand and it truly works. It's fantastic.

Once it's there for two minutes, I'm going to remove it and blot dry it. Then you can use the cloth on top just to really polish it, especially with David Yurman brands where they're quite intricate and I know they have lots of nooks and crannies. So yeah, I really like it. You can already tell it's looking so much better. Now, this is a vintage one. It has its general marks and stuff like that on there, but cleanliness wise it's going to be good as new.

So yeah, those are my jewels and this is the plate. Look how pretty that is. I had a set of four. It was so pretty. Oh, I have two more things that I have to show you, hold on. I have a few more things to show you. I have this Tiffany box, which you're going to die when you find out the story. I was in a thrift store and I was like, "Oh, this looks so nice. It's like sellotaped." I picked it up and I was like, "Darn, it's really, really heavy." And I looked at the bottom and it was like Tiffany & Co, made in Germany. Then it said the Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, Grande Lakes. I don't know if you can see that. And how much was it? I think $3.99, something crazy.

I was like, "Who the heck did it?" Then I realized why it was $3.99. I don't know if you can tell, but there's a chunk of crystal or glass out of it. But I just was like, I don't know. It's not sharp, thank God. But I couldn't give it up. I know it's quite damaged, but I just couldn't give it up. So that's that story. This is the Mignon Faget little pouch that my earrings came in. I have some Monica Vinader in here too that are super special.

I was really into stacking these and I don't know if I just chose the wrong colors or what, but I was ... I love them for sure, but I don't reach for them all the time. I got this green one because when I went to Tulane, I thought it was quite fitting. Then I put good luck and a Chinese character on here. Then here, it just says [inaudible 00:22:42] and it has a four leaf clover with a star. I'm not even going to try and attempt to show you that, but that's that one.

Me and my best friend when we turned 30, we got this multicolored one, which is so us. Oh no, 33. We turned 33. The reason why I know that is because, thank God for the toggle, it says A and then it says 33. Then we wrote sparkle on it with hearts and stars because that is us. We are airy fairies.

And then finally I got this nude'ish taupe band one and I have nothing engraved on this. I'm still waiting and these threads do represent something but for the life of me, I can't remember. I have this Saworski cuff, which I think I just bought on sale once at Saworski but I just loved ... look how sparkly that is ... I just love the way it reflected and it was a beautiful cuff and it was just really, really elegant. So I have that.

I have this necklace [byClyde 00:23:55] and this one's really great. It was expensive, but worth it because it doesn't tarnish at all. It just needs to be cleaned a little bit, but it's really, really sparkly. It's like choker style and it reflects really, really well. So I like that. That is by Polina Beregova here on YouTube.

Then I have two more Tiffany stuff. I do. I'm a Tiffany girl. I do love Tiffany's. I have the Paloma open heart necklace. This was my maid of honor gift from my best friend for her wedding last year. I love it. It is so beautiful. They have studs as well, which would be nice to match one day. But I love wearing this. I kind of go between these two, wearing them all the time.

I have this one too, which I love, which I have matching earrings with. I love how I'm mentioning the matching earrings because I've never been matchy-matchy, but with these Tiffany ones, I don't know. I just think it's kind of nice to have a little set. This one again is one of those things where the Simple Shine pen really came in handy. This one says wish and I definitely wanted this one. This one I got as a gift for graduating from Tulane, from my family and I love this one because that is what [Arezo 00:25:30] means, my name. It means to desire or to wish for. So I love anything that says desire or wish or anything like that and that is completely me. I am such a hopeful, wishing person, no matter the circumstance. I really resonated with this necklace. It's just me.

I have those and I kind of push them ... I should really keep them in their pouches, but I interchange them every few months. And so I've just kept them in that little Tiffany crystal box and put the Mignon Faget little pouch on top of it. I mean, it doesn't stop the silver from tarnishing but it's there on my vanity.

You use this one, which is the gentle cleanser, brush and bosket and polishing cloth. This one is so handy. It's the silver cleaning wipes and it's just what you think, they're little moistened wipes. They really help with just touching up. I like to use this one when I'm doing a deep clean, when I just need like an every two week kind of polish and revamp of my jewels, I use the wipes because I can really get in there with my nails and my hands and it just needs a once over. I really, really love these. These two are my favorite.

Then the Simple Shine stick has actually become quite handy too, only if you have like very intricate pieces. So if you have silver antique that you really need to get in there, this helps. And then, like I said, I have the David Yurman, which is open so I really push the stick in there and loosen everything up and kind of flick it up with the pen. And it really, really helps buff and shine and they just look so new and it just looks so nice on your hands. I wear them afterwards and I'm like, "Wow, they were so dull before. How did I not know?" So I would definitely check these three out. These are my favorite ones. I think these will be of most use to all of you.

I hope you enjoyed this video. I'm sorry it was very splotchy with the clips, but they definitely do show you what the process was like and how they kind of got rid of all the buildup and stuff. So yeah. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in my next video. Take care guys. Bye.

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