MARCH FAVORITES 2020 Lifestyle, Beauty and Random Stuff [VIDEO]

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My next fav is a couple of products. I have them in a zip lock baggy so I can keep them together. But here we are. Hold on, I'm going to take it all out of here. Okay, so first I have, it's from at the brand, A Simple Shine and this is just a gentle jewelry cleaner. Basically you open it up and it's just a cleaner and then it has this little, hold on. It has this little brush in it so you can like get into the crevices of your jewelry so that you can really like clean it really well. And then it also has this thing. Hold on, this little brush is in the way. It also has this thing in here, which I think is, oh, if I can get it out. Okay. So when you do put your jewelry in here, it falls onto this so that way you can like actually get it out. You're supposed to let it soak in here for two minutes a day. And I recently just decided to clean all my jewelry because it was disgusting.

I didn't realize how gross my jewelry was until I started wiping it clean. So first I soaked it in this for two minutes and then I also have their cleaning cloth. And let me just show you how much tarnishing I got off of all of my jewelry. Like this one is from a necklace. I was holding the necklace and I ran it through a bunch of times. There was so much tarnishing on my necklace and then this is from my different rings. So you're supposed to use this side to clean it and then this side to buff it out. So I put it in here for the two minutes and then I left it sitting in here and seriously like this is from my engagement ring. Like there was so much stuff on it because I wear them in the shower and I wear them to bed and I wear them literally everywhere, which is not good for my jewelry.

But I put it on and it seriously made my jewelry so clean and made it so shiny and sparkly and it just looks so much cleaner now because it doesn't have the dark tarnishing on it. And then they also sent me along with those things, it's compact jewelry cleaning solution and applicator brush. So it's supposed to be like a diamond brush cleaner I guess. So you just clean it like this. It's just got a brush, and to get more product out, you just twist this thing and it goes into the brush so that way you can keep it all nice and shiny and it's so nice that I can care for my jewelry without having to worry about it getting gross again because I have something to clean it with.

So I did want to mention that they did send me these products, but I picked out which ones I wanted and I'm seriously so obsessed with these products and they have a bunch of different jewelry cleaning things. This piece of paper tells me what it is. It's got the gentle cleanser and then it's just got a silver cleanser and a natural cleanser. Then you could get a small pack of cleansing clots, cleaning wipes, the shine stick, which is this, they've got a whole set with a bunch of different stuff in it for gentle silver and natural. Then I've got just like cleaning concentrate, anti-tarnish bags, anti-tarnish cloth bags, little brush set for it, and an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. So I think that's really awesome. They're not paying me to say any of this stuff by the way. They just sent me their products to try out, but I really, really do love it. And like I said, the website is so I will leave a link down below for them, if you guys want to clean your jewelry, have shiny diamonds, then highly highly recommend.

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