Should I Replace A Diamond That Falls Out Of It's Setting?

Replacing diamonds and gemstones that have fallen out of ring or necklace setting

Have you ever experienced the abject terror of looking down to discover that your ring is now missing a stone? Diamonds can fall out of their setting from time to time, but who should take the blame? Should you replace a diamond that falls out of its setting? Finally, how can you prevent this from happening in the future? We're going to touch on all these topics because although it might seem like a rare occurrence, it does happen more often to some people that for others.

Why Do Diamonds Fall Out Of Their Setting?

There are multiple reasons that could cause a diamond to fall out of its setting, and each of these reasons tends to place blame on a different party. There are generally three parties involved, those being the wearer, the jeweler, and of course the manufacturer. We'll start with the birth of the ring itself and talk about mistakes that could've been made by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Mistakes

The first error that might have been made in manufacturing is for the diamond to have never been set properly. This is a relatively small portion of why diamonds might fall from their settings, as any manufacturer worth their salt will take utmost care to ensure that this situation never arises. If you're buying jewelry from a less recognized manufacturer then the odds of this happening are increased significantly.

Should I Replace A Diamond That Falls Out Of It's Setting? fallen gem

There is also a manufacturer problem that doesn't quite count as a mistake, and that would be using less metal when making a setting. While it can keep costs down, it also makes the setting much easier to bend. You'll need to be particularly wary if you are purchasing a very soft metal such as gold. Even a degree or two of difference can be enough to cause a diamond to fall from its setting, and this possibility is made much more real when manufacturers cheap out on raw materials.

Residue and Debris

Microscopic particles can end up causing a large problem when it comes to manufacturing jewelry, and there is plenty of opportunity for imperceptible debris to find its way into a setting and compromise the integrity of your jewelry if proper precautions aren't taken. The gem and setting should be thoroughly cleaned before being set as the processes of drilling, burring, filing, etc. will inevitably leave particles behind.

These particles will create a space between the ring and setting which causes the gem to come loose and eventually fall out. If you're looking to give your jewelry the best clean possible, Simple Shine has got you covered. Our ultrasonic jewelry cleaner packs jewelry-standard cleaning into an easy and convenient portable package. If you need something even more portable our shine stick diamond cleaner can fit easily in a purse or pocket to give your diamonds a quick pick-me-up to help your diamonds look their best on demand!

Should I Replace A Diamond That Falls Out Of It's Setting? gold ring

Improper Treatment or Storage

Now we come to issues that are the fault of the jeweler. When jewelry is improperly stored or treated in a rough fashion then a diamond can easily slip its setting. You'd be shocked at the amount of jewelers I almost made the mistake of working with that treat their merchandise terribly. Diamond rings rolled around on a table or storage box in a giant pile? That's bad news all around. Gold rings aren't as much of a concern, but if you're dealing with sterling silver then a bit of tarnish can cause further problems for an improperly set ring. Always deal with a reputable jewelry dealer. Checking reviews online is never a bad idea.

Wear and Tear

Who else would be responsible for wear and tear but the actual wearer? This side of things is significantly more unpredictable simply because people have vastly different jobs, activities, and pastimes. There are people that are heavier on their rings than others, and that's just fine... Don't give up something you love in order to preserve a piece of jewelry, but do try to recognize some of these things that cause more significant wear and tear than the average wearer might experience.

If a gemstone ring is knocked or bumped often it can cause a bit of metal to be worn away or even just loosen enough for the diamond to start moving in its setting. This is especially common when the prongs are extra thin (in which case the wearer and manufacturer share the burden of fault). From then on, it's just a matter of time before that gem makes its escape. If you lead a more active lifestyle and are looking for an alternative to softer metals like silver and gold you should check out our article comparing Tungsten vs. Titanium wedding bands.

Should I Replace A Diamond That Falls Out Of It's Setting? large gem

Should You Replace A Diamond?

If you can find the diamond then I would 100% suggest getting it put back into place. The problem is that most diamonds which fall out are the smaller accent gems, so it might just be lost forever. If you can find a replacement gem then it's probably worth getting it set in that lost gem's place... Just ensure that you aren't paying through the nose for it! So, should you replace a diamond that falls out of it's setting?

Yes! Absolutely! But with the caveat that the issue that caused it to fall out in the first place has been totally resolved. It won't do much good to get the diamond reset only to take it home and find that it's given you the slip once again. A diamond falling from it's setting is the symptom, not the problem. If you can run through this checklist with your jeweler and resolve the problem then you won't need to worry about the gem escaping from it's setting ever again!

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