The Hottest 2020 Jewelry Trends

The Hottest 2020 Jewelry Trends

A hearty welcome to 2020, finally a new decade to enjoy! I'm excited and you should be too because the 2020 jewelry trends are looking great. Before the ball dropped predictions were being made and most were right on point. The name of the game in shopping for the hottest 2020 jewelry trends is "playful". Fun statement pieces are already smoking hot, and we will give you the inside scoop on what to look for.

Sphere Me. Circles Are In!

What is more fun than a ball? I don't mean a gala, I'm talking about a literal sphere here. Such a simple shape can be the definition of fun and playful. A gold or silver polished orb can serve just fine as one of our 2020 jewelry trends, but if you really want to kick it up a notch I'd suggest tossing a gem in the mix. Don't break the bank, you can proudly rock these orb cage earrings with a stone inside for a price that can't be beat. The bigger the better when it comes to the size. Of course!

Don't do yourself the disservice of limiting yourself to spherical earrings either. They belong all over you for the 2020 jewelry trends. Snag a locket, charm, or pendant necklace. Replace one of the zippers on the back of a dress with a ball and make a statement whether you're coming or going. Engraved orbs might be passable, but 2020 jewelry trends seem to gravitate toward a more sleek and modern look which can be hard to accomplish when trying to incorporate etching or engraving.

Hoops are also included in this love of circles but have always been a long-time favorite. There is not much surprise in my saying that XL hoop earrings are popular in 2020. They are a solid staple in any collection, but I doubt that hoops will manage to attract any more interest than usual, but if you have a favorite pair feel free to parade them out!

2020 Jewelry Trends statement hoop earrings

Be The One. Lopsided Jewelry Is In!

All this talk about hoops and long-drop necklaces reminds me of a returning 2020 jewelry trend. Asymmetry can be beautiful, and a large portion of designers proved just that by exhibiting earrings worn on a single side. Mismatched earrings were also seen and as someone who can never keep my jewelry where I need it, this can be seen as quite a blessing.

My problems would be easily solved with a gorgeous marble jewelry tray to keep my earrings organized, but it seems like at least for this season I can pass my lack of organization off as another playful statement popularized by 2020 jewelry trends. If you'd like to mix and match out of choice instead of necessity, a jewelry tray is a very wise investment.

Long and Languid Looks Are Hot.

 Large spheres aren't the only thing going oversized in 2020 jewelry trends! The necklaces on display were all long and absolutely gorgeous. Some of these huge necklaces were long enough to be wrapped around the wrist and used as bracelets. A bold statement style that give off an extremely luxurious vibe.

Full-body jewelry pieces are making their appearance in 2020 jewelry trends and it is so exciting! The 2020 jewelry trends don't stop at necklaces long enough to be wrapped around the wrist. Step out in style with a bracelet that extends into a ring or a bellychain that creeps upward into a necklace. The possibilities are huge! Speaking of huge...

2020 jewelry trends large gold hoop earrings

Choked Up. Break That Choker Out Again!

Chokers have returned! Honestly some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, but while chokers from past seasons were fine and delicate they are quite the opposite this year. 2020 jewelry trends dictate that chokers should be statement pieces. Multiple oversized chain-link necklaces were on the runaway and they look absolutely fierce! Bigger is better when it comes to chokers this season.

When it comes to color, you should always go gold. As I said these are statement pieces and a prominent gold choker will ensure that you're catching every eye in the room, and really isn't that what we all secretly hope for? Gems aren't really required when choosing the perfect choker for 2020's jewelry trend, but if you have the budget for diamonds why not add a bit more bling?

All Natural Low-Cost Materials. Very Cool!

One of the most exciting developments to pop up during the 2020 jewelry trends is a focus on natural materials. I adore precious metals as most people do, but many designers this season were focusing on more humble materials. Natural pieces such as wooden brooches, shell parures, and raffia necklaces were out in force.

I think this is a fantastic statement to make in a more environmentally conscious world. Seemingly ignoble materials worked into fantastic works of art also make a heavy statement about the duality of human nature. This is great news for low-budget jewelry aficionados, and I'll certainly be on the lookout for a few pieces that caught my eyes this season.

2020 jewelry trends natural pearl earrings

Don't Forget the Feet!

The last of the 2020 jewelry trends I'd like to go over is regarding footwear. Anklets are definitely in this season. You can go large or small, just don't forget that your feet want to look fabulous as well! Perhaps you don't like to put your ankles on display? Maybe the outfit calls for socks that won't let you show off that amazing anklet?

That's no excuse to neglect your feet! Stick a brooch on your sock. They're not just for blouses anymore. Brooches are always fun because they have so much personality. What does your brooch say about you?

The incorporation of these 2020 jewelry trends will make you look like a star, and you'll definitely feel like one too! Don't forget to keep any precious metals or gems that you're wearing shining like a star with a gentle jewelry cleaning solution that won't diminish your glow.

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