6 Most Popular Metals for Mens Engagement Rings


The first question that people usually ask me when I mention men's engagement rings is along the line of "Do men even need engagement rings??". After a befuddled look, I respond with the only correct answer. Indubitably, yes, absolutely, of course! Engagement rings demonstrate loyalty and fidelity. There is no reason to wait for the wedding to start! Men's engagement rings are absolutely necessary in my book.

Follow up questions might include "Should men's engagement ring match their wife's engagement ring?" but the answer to that is far more nebulous. It all depends on your sense of style and your personal relationship. Obviously I don't recommend men to get a huge pear-cut diamond ring, but if that's what you're into then by all means go for it! Don't let anyone else tell you what does or doesn't work for you.

6 Most Popular Metals for Mens Engagement Rings wedding

I'm definitely not going to try to dispense any sort of fashion advice, because it would likely be terrible information considering my own personal sense of style. No, the point of this article is simply to talk about the most popular materials used in men's engagement rings and some of the pros and cons of each.

The style that you end up choosing is completely up to you, but it should be representative of your personality, lifestyle, and relationship as a whole. Without much further adieu, let's jump into this and check out some of the most popular metals used in men's engagement rings in no particular order.

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Unequivocally the most popular material for any engagement ring, gold is a classic metal that is universally loved. If you are set on this classic metal, there are a few points that should be mentioned. First is that there are many different kinds of gold: you might choose classic yellow gold, stylish white gold, or inexpensive and durable rose gold. We should probably discuss these a bit individually.

Yellow gold is a great choice for men with darker complexions, it looks absolutely striking. White gold is a more contemporary look that goes particularly well with fairer skin. Rose gold has a pinkish hue due to being combined with copper. Rose gold is actually the most durable and inexpensive of these three options.

White and yellow gold are much more prone to scratching and bending, depending on the karats. We will go over karats another time. For now I will just note that while it is a classic choice it might not be the ideal choice for men who work with their hands, as wear and tear can appear quite quickly.

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Silver is the most inexpensive metal for men's engagement rings, but it looks fairly similar to white gold so it might not be a terrible option for those on a tight budget. Silver is a fairly high-maintenance metal though, and it will require some amount of upkeep to keep it in top form. If you don't mind a bit of servicing, silver is a great choice.

Polish your silver and keep it from tarnishing, and it will serve as a symbol of your love for many decades to come. Try Simple Shine's complete silver cleaning kit! Silver is harder than gold but not by much, so if your hands are getting knocked around daily you might want to pick one of the sturdier options from our list to keep your men's engagement ring looking its best.

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A pure platinum men's engagement ring can be quite an investment, but I mean that in the best sense of the word. Platinum bands are absolutely built to last. You can wear them daily and put them through hell without needing to worry about dings and scratches like some of the other metals on our list.

In addition, a platinum men's engagement ring won't lose its color over time and requires almost no upkeep. If you can afford it platinum is one of the best choices one can make for a men's engagement ring, especially if that man is a manual laborer. Of course, the cost can be quite prohibitive, but don't fret! We have 3 more metals for men's engagement rings that you can choose from!

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With durability similar to steel and a much lighter weight, titanium men's engagement rings are ideal for men who lead extremely active lifestyles. Titanium men's engagement rings usually come in that cool and modern silver-white metallic color, but you can certainly find a black titanium ring if that's more your style.

The cost of titanium is certainly more than silver, but not as exorbitant as platinum. Not to mention, titanium men's engagement rings often feature plenty of unique inlays and etchings so you can find the one that is just right to show off your personality and style.

6 Most Popular Metals for Mens Engagement Rings titanium coat


Highly resistant to scratches, guaranteed to never tarnish, available in many colors and often designed with creative engravings and inlays? Tungsten is absolutely an ideal men's engagement ring metal for the low maintenance guy. You can find it in white, grey, or my favorite black and it looks equally good in any color!

Harder than titanium and easily found at the cheaper end of the pricing spectrum, I'd suggest tungsten for a huge variety of couples hunting for men's engagement rings. Check out some great priced tungsten men's engagement rings right here! The only thing that should be noted is that tungsten rings cannot be resized, so please ensure that your man's engagement ring is the right size!

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Probably my first choice for men's engagement rings is palladium for one reason, it is one of the few hypoallergenic metals out there! If you are allergic to nickel, you won't need to worry about discomfort, itching, and irritation when wearing a palladium men's engagement ring. Light and comfortable, palladium is a winner! It still might need some cleaning, so don't hesitate to try out Simple Shine's gentle jewelry cleaner concentrate.

While it isn't as durable as platinum it is quite a bit cheaper. We all want to give our partner the best men's engagement ring possible, but we have to work with what we have. The right partner will understand that and not begrudge you even if you were to tie a piece of string on their finger instead of an engagement ring.

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