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Simple Shine Shoe and Jewelry Care

Interpreting Cross-Shaped Jewelry: Types of Crosses and Their Meanings

What does Cross Shaped jewelry mean

One of the most popular jewelry pieces are necklaces with cross-shaped pendants. Some seem to differ and that got me thinking about what sort of difference these seemingly insignificant details can make in the meaning. If you've got a cross necklace you might be surprised to discover the actual meaning behind it.

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Can You Make A Living From Cutting Gemstones?

How to make money from making jewelry

Making a living doing what you love is a dream come true. If you tried beginner gemstone shaping and loved it, then you might start to consider if you can make a living cutting gemstones. Much like any other pursuit, it is completely possible. Getting there might take some legwork so let's break down the pursuit.

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Gemstone Care Guide For Every Kind Of Gem

How to care for the different types of gemstones

Our complete gemstone care guide is your comprehensive reference to all the nuances of every kind of gem that I could possibly think of. While plenty of gems will get a decent enough cleaning with a bit of warm water, a soft brush, and a bottle of gentle foaming cleanser there are still some variations to keep in mind.

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Learning To Cut Gemstones: A Beginner's Guide To Faceting

How to learn to cut Gemstones

Whether you've been a jewelry collector for ages or you just saw a piece that inspired you to try your hand at it, you can absolutely learn to cut gemstones as a beginner. It won't be easy, and you'll need to master plenty of different techniques but we can certainly show you how to start cutting gemstones.

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How Can I Sell My Gemstones? List Of Contacts and Methods!

What are the places you can sell gemstones and gems

Whether your gems are cut or uncut, estate gems, or freshly plucked from the Earth, it has never been easier to sell gemstones! We have a list of methods and contacts that you can use to sell any gems that you have quickly and easily. Just a few decades ago you'd need to make contacts. Well, that's no longer the case!

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