My Capsule Jewelry Collection and How I Clean Jewelry at Home [VIDEO]

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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. In today's video, we're going to be talking all about jewelry. I think jewelry is such an important part to any look. It can really change the feel of your outfit. I think it's really important to build a good foundation for your jewelry pieces and to invest in pieces that will go with a wide range of outfits. So I think I've built up a pretty good collection over the past couple of years, and so, I wanted to share that with you guys today. And I also wanted to share with you guys how it is that I clean and maintain my jewelry, because believe it or not, jewelry does need to be cleaned.

Before we get started, I did just want to mention that this video is in collaboration with a company called Simple Shine, and they have a wide variety of different jewelry-cleaning products, one of which I'm going to show today in this video. I absolutely love this item. I just want to let you guys know that, yes, they did send me the products that I'm showing in this video, but I'm at no obligation to give any false opinions here. So everything in this video is truly my own opinions, and I would never talk about or recommend something that I didn't truly think was a really good product.

So with that, let's get started. A word about my jewelry style, is that I really like dainty pieces, so I'm not really into a lot of fashion statement jewelry. I like things that have meaning and that are just really feminine and classic. So, I'm going to show you my like primary, core couple of items I wear and rotate on a daily basis. This isn't my entire jewelry collection. This is just the pieces that I really, really love, and that if I had to get rid of everything and start from scratch, these are the things that I would re-buy again.

So the first thing, are actually the earrings I have on. And these are pearl stud earrings. I don't know what the size of the pearls are, but they're fairly big. You can see that they hang past my ear lobe and I actually really like that, because they're a little bit bigger. And so, they're just a little bit more noticeable, but they're not quite as flashy as if they would be if they were a big diamond or a big cubic zirconia. So yeah, I love the pearl. I think that even though it's a little bit bigger than a normal diamond stud, it still looks really classy, really feminine. And pearls go with everything. So, I've been wearing these a lot recently.

Now, I do also have these pearl studs in a black pearl. Like I said, I love pearls, and I picked up a black pair just because I like the white ones so much. Aside from the pearl earrings, the only other earrings that I would consider as as part of my staple jewelry earrings, are just basic diamonds studs. I would say they're around 0.3 carats, I want to say. But I've had these for many, many years. They're really pretty. When they get dirty, they're not quite as pretty. But that's why I'm going to show you guys how to clean and maintain your jewelry. But definitely, if you have a small jewelry collection or if you want to keep your jewelry collection small, the two earrings I would recommend you have are diamonds studs and pearl studs. And if you really want to add something extra, then I would say gold hoops.

Now in terms of necklaces, I also have a few necklaces that I wear. This one right here, I'm going to scoot up so you guys can see. This one is a diamond solitaire necklace. I don't know what size the diamond is. Maybe it's 0.15 carats. It's not that big either. But this one I absolutely love, a definitely everyday piece. I wear this no matter what outfit I wear. I wear it for special occasions, just for everything. It seriously never comes off. And the reason is, because it's so easy to pair with everything. And even if you don't wear anything else with it, even if it's just this necklace, it just looks so dainty, and it just goes with everything. But it adds a little bit of sparkle to your look. So I really love this piece, and if you need a good layering necklace or if you just want one necklace, a diamond solitaire is definitely the way to go.

In addition to my diamond necklace, I also have this one, which I picked up recently. It's from a company called Gldn, G-L-D-N. I don't know if you guys can see it, but there's a little constellation on there. And I thought these were so cute. These are part of their astrology disc necklaces, so these two I pretty much wear on a daily basis.

And then another necklace that I have, is this one, which I actually did a video on a while ago. And then, I took the video down because I had given a good review of the necklace in the video, but I, since then, changed my feelings about the necklace. But it's a name necklace and I have my son's name on this necklace. And now, primarily, I just wear this necklace once in awhile. I don't wear it all the time and the reason is, because the first time that I got this necklace, the necklace broke. This first letter J, it fell apart. So then I sent it back to the company, they fixed it. But that was a very difficult process to even get them to fix it. And it broke within 30 days of me having purchased it. So, I wasn't too ecstatic about the customer service.

This necklace, in case you're wondering, it is from the company called by By Sherry or By Cherry. I'm not sure what the exact pronunciation is, but it's all over Instagram. I will say, it is very cute and I do love the way it looks, but I just feel like for $300, the quality is really terrible. So I would not recommend this necklace, but I do still really like it, and I do have it in my collection that I rotate out with this diamond one, once in awhile.

I do have one other necklace that I also really love. I don't wear this one quite as much anymore just because I like these other ones more. But this one is an initial necklace and the reason why I'm showing this to you guys, is because a really good alternative to disc necklaces, are initial necklaces. They're just really cute, also very dainty. It's just like a small charm a round over here. And like I mentioned earlier, I love jewelry pieces that have a little bit of meaning behind them. So love, love, love, anything initial.

That's pretty much it for my everyday jewelry items that I'll switch out once in a while. It's not a very large collection, but I don't like to have a lot of stuff on. The only other jewelry item that I wear on a daily basis is, of course, my engagement ring and my wedding rings. I feel like with the ring and then the earrings and a couple of layered necklaces, it's quite a lot already. But yeah, I think they all work pretty well and nothing's super overwhelming.

All right, guys, so this is what I use to clean my jewelry. This is the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner by the company Simple Shine. And you can buy this either on Amazon, and also, I think you can get it on their site. When you buy it, it comes with the ultrasonic cleaner. It also comes with a ring holder, a watch holder, a small basket, and then, a bottle of the Simple Shine concentrates.

The way that this works is, before you plug this machine in, you want to fill the inside with cold water. And on the inside, you'll see that there's a ... I'm not sure if you guys are going to be able to see this, but there is a little max line there. You want to fill this up with cold water up until the max line point. After you fill the water up to the max line, we're going to add the Simple Shine concentrate. You don't have to worry about running out of the solution because they do sell bigger bottles of this concentrate on their website.

First, you want to shake the concentrate and then you're going to add five capfuls for every one cup of water. Now, I didn't really follow the directions exactly, but I typically will just add about two to three capsules of this, just depending on how dirty my jewelry is. So right now, I'm going to add two capfuls because I just cleaned my jewelry recently.

Then the next thing that you want to do is, you want to add your jewelry to this basket. Now, I don't have any watches to clean. But if you did, you could just hook your watch around this little watch holder and then put it into the basket like this. The jewelry that I'm going to be cleaning today, are my wedding ring, which is platinum with diamonds on it, as well as my engagement ring, which is, again, platinum with diamonds. And then, my diamond studs and my rose gold diamond necklace.

You can use this ultrasonic cleaner for a couple of different things. You can use it for jewelry, waterproof watches, eyeglasses, toothbrushes, dentures, retainers, antique coins, and shaver heads. So, quite a wide range of products. And then, you can also use the ultrasonic cleaner on silver, gold, brass, copper, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, diamonds, glass and plastic. I'm not cleaning my pearl studs today with this because it's not recommended for use with pearls. So, I'm just going to be cleaning my gold and platinum diamond jewelry.

I'm going to put these into the basket, and I'll usually put the earrings here in the middle because if you put it around this outer edge, you can see the holes are kind of big, so they tend to fall out. Now with my rings, I'm going to put it on this little ring holder that this cleaner comes with. You just take the top off and then you slip the rings on like so. And then you just put this cap back on. And then what I like to do is, I just put this into the basket itself so it doesn't really go anywhere.

And then once you've put all your jewelry into the basket, then you just put the basket into the water. Now once you have your jewelry in the cleaner, you need to select how long you want the cleaner to run for. The options are 90 seconds, 180 seconds, 300 seconds, 480 seconds, and 600 seconds. For fragile items like eyeglasses, you want to select a short amount of time, like 90 seconds. But if your jewelry is really dirty or if you have multiple items in the basket, then you want to select a longer amount of time.

The display here at the front, this does display in seconds. And then, the start button is to start the cleaning cycle. The set button, you can push to determine how many seconds you want the cleaner to run for. And then the stop button, is to manually stop the cleaning cycle. My pieces are not that dirty. I just cleaned them a couple of weeks ago, so what I'm going to do is, I'm going to set it for 180 seconds and then you just press start.

Now once you hit start, you can see that there is a blue light on the inside. And I'm just going to open this up for you guys so you guys can get a clearer view. But normally, you want to keep the lid shut. Now the way that this ultrasonic cleaner works, is that it uses millions of tiny bubbles to gently break up and lift away the dirt and grime that's on your jewelry. And can hear the bubbles in the water, so it's kind of cool. It really makes you feel like it's doing a good job cleaning all the dirt off. I'm just going to shut the lid, and we're just going to wait for the time to run.

All right, guys. This just finished cleaning, and I'm going to show you guys what the jewelry looks like. So let me take everything out first. And then when you take these things out, it does recommend that you rinse everything under cold running water. And I think that's just to make sure that you get all of the dirt off.

All right, guys. So I just ran everything under water, and I wanted to show you how sparkly and clean all this jewelry looks. Here is my engagement ring, and it is so shiny. My camera's not really focusing, but look how shiny and pretty it looks. If you look under the ring here, you can see in between the settings. So this part, the diamond part right there, that used to be completely opaque. You could not see through there at all. That's how grimy and dirty my ring was. It's completely clear now, and my ring is super, super shiny. So, I think the cleaner really did do a really good job.

And then as for my earrings, these earrings get really grimy very fast as well. You can actually see through the base of the earring now, right there where there's a little opening. You actually could not see through there before. It was completely filled with just soap grime and dirt. So yeah, I think the cleaner did a really good job, and you can see that my earring is super, super sparkly now.

All-in-all, I would say that the ultrasonic cleaner is really, really good. If you need a good way to clean any of your jewelry or watches, I would highly recommend the Simple Shine ultrasonic cleaner.

All right, guys. So, that's it for this video. Thank you so much for watching ,and I hope you enjoyed it. And if you did like this video, please make sure to give it a thumbs up. If you haven't subscribed already, I would love it if you would subscribe, only if you want to. I post videos every single week about fashion, life, and luxury. So if you don't want to miss out, hit the subscribe button.

I will have links to all the items that I mentioned in this video down in the description box below, and I will also link my blog and my Instagram. So if you want to see what I'm doing when I'm not on YouTube, then go and check out my log and my Instagram. All right guys, thank you again so much for watching, and I'll see you guys next week. Bye.

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